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2018-07-30 11:57:09

Study in Barcelona for foreign students: the cost, reviews

Study in Barcelona for foreign students: the cost, reviews

Barcelona is the capital of the popular autonomous region of Catalonia, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea among numerous rivers and mountains. The old part of the city reflects the imprints of the history of the ancient Romans. This city has absorbed various styles and trends in art and is a real city of contrasts, where amazing creations of Gaudi find an unusual combination with Gothic architecture. In Barcelona, there are 3 official languages: Catalan, Spanish and Aran. In addition to great popularity as a tourist route, Barcelona has an impeccable reputation for high educational standards.

The main advantages of education for students from abroad

  • Traditions in terms of education. For 500 years the city has been an educational center for students of Spain and other countries - the educational system of Barcelona reflects the centuries-old pedagogical traditions;
  • Comfortable lodging. An excellent mild climate will make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, and relaxing on the clean beaches of the Mediterranean Sea - bright and high-quality;
  • Developed infrastructure. This city will be remembered by a wide variety of gastronomic dishes, cultural and historical places;
  • High positions in the rankings. The capital of Catalonia is not by chance entered the TOP-20 student cities according to the version of the influential ranking ranking QS Best Student Cities;
  • The best educational institutions. Here are the most top-ranked universities in Spain, high-quality business schools, which guarantee the strongest educational programs. Barcelona schools are preparing for admission to the best universities in Spain and Europe in general;
  • A variety of programs. A student can choose the optimal direction from multiple courses, and also can choose in which language the study will be conducted - English , Spanish or Catalan.


The education system in Spain: the characteristics of education and upbringing


Educational level


Features of teaching and education

Examples of educational institutions


Up to 6 years

Does not apply to the compulsory: children spend time either with their mother and father, or go to a kindergarten.

Agora International School Barcelona is a prestigious private school with quality programs.

compulsory secondary school education (educación secundaria obligatoria)

12-16 years old

In elementary and middle school students study free of charge, this education is compulsory. Purpose: active mastering of basic reading, writing and writing skills, as well as socialization and adaptation to the school environment. Much attention is paid to sports development. This stage is completed by passing the exams and obtaining a certificate título de Graduado en ESO.

School with the educational system of Britain The British School of Barcelona invites students to the programs A-Level, GCSE.


16-18 years old

This school educational level is not mandatory. The program assumes in-depth study of several subjects in the specialty and is necessary for young people who decided to enter the university. Examinations in Bachillerato are equated to the entrance to the university.

Boarding School Barcelona is a private boarding school , where an international, comfortable environment for foreign students reigns. The school invites you to IB courses and Spanish Bachillerato.

University education

18-22 years old

For admission to higher education, students pass the state examination of the PAAU (Pruebas de Aptitud para Acceso a la Universidad) or Selectividad. Education in Spanish universities is paid, but relatively affordable.

EU Business School Barcelona is waiting for those wishing to enroll in the leading Spanish university for bachelor's and master's programs.


Admission to the leading universities in Barcelona

In Barcelona are the oldest top universities in the country - for example, Universitat de Barcelona was founded in 1450. Today it is one of the most influential scientific and academic centers of Spain and the world. In Barcelona universities you can get an education on the main educational university programs:

  • bachelor's degree (duration is from 3 to 6 years);
  • Master's program (usually one year of study);
  • doctoral studies (duration from 3 years);
  • In addition, there are postgraduate programs and the Lifelong learning program.

The education takes place in English, Catalan and Spanish. A student can learn Spanish and Catalan in special courses.

The requirements for applicants vary depending on the chosen program, the language of instruction, citizenship, age, place of receipt of the previous education, what was the basic education. In order to enroll in a bachelor's degree, you must:

  • translated, legalized and equated to the Spanish passport;
  • may have to pass a single state exam Selectividad;
  • for foreign students should also specify the way to enter the university in the framework of special quotas, which are established by the board of trustees of universities.

Topical information for foreign students

  • Work while studying. Students from abroad can earn additionally 4 hours a day, however it is difficult to find a part-time job with a flexible schedule, because many students are engaged in freelancing
  • Scholarships and grants. It is quite difficult for foreign students to receive a scholarship: firstly, this is due to a small number of scholarships for foreign students, and secondly, with great competition. Third, Spain has more advantages for students from countries with which the country has a special plan for international relations.
  • Privileges. Foreign students have discounts for travel on public transport, to visit museums, galleries and cinemas
  • Confirmation of the certificate. There are 2 ways of equating the certificate with the Spanish one: the homologation of the certificate, which is conducted by the special organizations of Spain, and the "Credencial de Acceso" - a special permit for admission to university education.


What are the programs and prices

  • Study and rest in summer language schools. Tuition fees average: 700 € per week
  • Language learning in the language school (220 € per week)
  • Secondary school (16,000 € per year)
  • Pre-university preparation (for a year about 10,000 €)
  • Bachelor's (12,000 € per year)
  • Master (4,000 €)
  • MBA (36,000 €)
  • Doctoral studies (3,300 €).
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