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Year of study in Monaco: information for foreign students

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Year of study in Monaco: information for foreign students

A year of study in Monaco will allow you to immerse yourself in the unique environment of Monegasque culture, feel yourself in a special privileged society and adopt good manners and ability to behave in high society. A rich principality, a high standard of living, and a large percentage of elite representatives (30% of the population) affect the cost of studying at schools and universities in Monaco for foreign students, but studying here will give a special experience that you will not find anywhere else.

The Principality of Monaco is a dwarf state located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, where the medieval appearance of cities is preserved, which creates an atmosphere of special elegance and charm. Choosing Monaco for study and living, you choose a popular and prestigious place among aristocrats. The main attractions are the princely palace complex, the Oceanographic Museum and the Cathedral, events such as Formula 1 and the Yacht Show are also held here. A high standard of living, a powerful financial component and elite types of entertainment are what the state is famous for the whole world. In a small area in Monaco, there are 44 banks and 30 investment companies.

Year of study in Monaco for foreign students: bachelor and master

In the principality, great attention is paid to maintaining a high level of education - among adults, the percentage of literate people is 99 percent. There is only one university in the country - the International University of Monaco, which is in the TOP-15 European universities. The university itself is small and cozy, in which they study in small groups (up to 30 people). Here, students will be able to closely communicate with teachers during classes.

It is noteworthy that in the principality there are such rare and promising programs that you can hardly find anywhere else: money management, financial engineering, and management of luxury goods and services. Are in great demand areas of business, business administration, hospitality, plastic arts.

At the bachelor's programs, which last three years, the guys have enough time to get acquainted with a unique country and learn another foreign language (the language of instruction is English). Studying in Monaco is quite expensive, the prices here are slightly higher than other European countries. Tuition starts from 8,000  per academic year.

Tuition at the school of Monaco for foreign students

Public and private educational institutions are registered as French educational centers abroad - the whole Monaco educational system is essentially no different from French, and the language of instruction is also. Differences from secondary education in France are in the second cycle programs, which are more consistent with the local market. Given long-term residence, there is a high possibility of mastering several foreign languages: due to its geographical position, large groups of expats live in the state, who speak several languages at once.

As part of pre-school education, some schools in Monaco, (The Regency School of languages, Home Language International) offer academic classes to English and French children over three years of age. Especially these programs will be relevant for students with poor language skills.

For many years, a language children's camp in Monaco has been organized on the territory of schools for students over 5 years old from all over the world. Such programs allow you to combine leisure and study and achieve great success in learning a foreign language. French or English courses in combination with a rich program of rest and excursions will cost 1,900 per week (meals and accommodation are included).


Monaco's Foreign Language Year for international students

For travelers and students of any age, there is a suitable course in Monaco that will help bring the language to a new level. In a short time you will be able to master a communication skill and learn a large layer of vocabulary and grammar thanks to immersion in the language environment and qualified teachers, native speakers. Monaco schools have a choice of standard Chinese / Italian / French / Spanish and English courses. Both group and individual lessons are popular, while students will be able to choose several options: a classic foreign study program, a corporate option, or a business one (ideal for people associated with a certain field of business). You can study foreign language as part of the summer course for young people aged 13-21: standard language lessons are combined with a rich program of excursions, entertainment and leisure. For those who want to completely immerse themselves in the language environment, education is offered in the teacher's family: the student lives, eats and spends free time in the teacher's family, classes are also held here. The cost varies from the specifics of the course and starts from 500 per week.


Examples of study programs in Monaco for foreign students

  • The Regency School of languages - a language school in Monte Carlo, founded in 1985, has become a unique center of culture and art. The school has a wide range of linguistic programs for students. Education takes place in a group of up to 6 people. As for adults, the school has developed special courses known for their effectiveness: many world corporations send their employees to this language center (Lufthansa, Luis Vuitton, Canon, Bacardi, Fiat, American Express and many others). Tuition starts from 555 per week.
  • Monaco International University is an independent educational institution in Monte Carlo. American and British forms and teaching methods are combined here, and the university itself was created with the aim of creating a platform for high-quality education in management. Education here takes place in English. The university is known for its pragmatic and balanced approach to technology and business. The cost of studying in programs starts from 20,000 .
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