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TOP-40 prestigious schools, colleges, holiday camps and universities in Japan where international students can get high-quality primary, secondary and higher education

Education information

Modern Japan is a combination of ancient traditions and advanced technologies, a mixture of West and East in social life and culture. In particular, the country's education system is considered one of the most competently built, organized and effective in the world. Education is recognized at the state level as one of the main means of ensuring economic growth in the country and a high standard of living.

Studying in Japan has a number of features, one of the main ones is the accustoming to competition. In the kindergarten, young children get acquainted with the system of relations in the commercial world, in the labor market. From the junior school students begin to pass exams: the more prestigious the institution and the older the child, the more complex academic tests he will have to pass.

Due to the list of TOP-40 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Japan, you will definitely find the most appropriate option. 

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Educational system in Japan

Foreign students in Japan can study in pre-school, junior, middle, high school. Studying in the school lasts 12 years, the academic year is divided into trimesters and begins on April 1.

Foreign students are accepted by boarding and private schools in Japan. The quality of teaching in schools is controlled by the state. In most institutions, a five-day period is adopted. Private schools differ from municipal conditions of stay, studying - in particular, classes in them take place in small classes (15 - 20 people against 40).

94% of local residents and foreigners finish high school and get full secondary education. It is not easy to study in grades 10 to 12: students are expected to take profiled exams every six months, high academic load, but the result is appropriate.

After high school, foreign students can enroll in one of the universities. Bachelor's degree lasts 4 years, it takes 2 more years to obtain a Master's degree.

Everyone, wishing to obtain a professional diploma in the Land of the Rising Sun, must master its state language. Japanese is most conveniently taught at specialized courses, they are offered by the universities of the country and by private specialized schools,language centers. Language courses are held throughout the year, the minimum duration of study is 2 weeks. Short-term courses can choose who want to spend a vacation in the country, long-term (up to 2 years) will suit those who study the language for academic purposes.

Advantages of studying in Japan

  • Japan is a developed country with a high life expectancy and its quality
  • Excellent conditions for getting education at all levels are created
  • Studying in Japan opens up many opportunities for students to further professional development. Priority areas are research, biomedicine, technology, robotics

  • High-quality education. It corresponds to international standards and is rightly recognized as one of the best in the world
  • The national diploma is quoted in any country of the world
  • Many Nobel laureates received education in Japan: mathematics, chemistry, physics, medical sciences are taught at the highest level
  • Study in the country is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the unique oriental culture
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