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Schools abroad with admission in January, April, June

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Schools abroad with admission in January, April, June

Secondary education abroad, in Europe is attractive for foreign students. In European countries there are many prestigious and ranking institutions known to the whole world, where education of exceptionally high quality is provided. Schools try to make the process of admission as comfortable and comfortable as possible, so they give the opportunity to start education in winter, spring, summer - from January, April or June.

Several integrates in the school year help to smooth differences in the education systems of different countries, allow you to not lose valuable time, adjusting to an academic calendar, consisting, as a rule, of several semesters:

  • Autumn: September to December
  • Winter: January to April
  • Spring: May to June-July.

For admission, you must meet a number of requirements:

  • High level of language proficiency
  • Report card (with marks for the past 2 years)
  • Recommendations from teachers
  • Interview of a school staff member with a student / parents
  • Portfolio
  • It is possible to pass tests on the level of ownership.

Examples of schools abroad with admission in January, April, June

France :

  • Ecole des Roches . Prestigious international school, which is included in the TOP-20 institutions in terms of final examinations. It was opened in 1899, and examples for its founders were classical British institutions of the 19th century. Now it is a fairly large educational center with primary (Ecole Primaire) and secondary (Collège) classes, as well as a specialized center for adults.
  • Ecole de Tersac. 100% of graduates of Ecole de Tersac successfully pass the most difficult examinations at the rate of FB (French Baccalaureate). The institution has an impeccable reputation, representatives of more than 30 nationalities live and study here. There are professional sports: martial arts, team games, golf, fencing, tennis, track and field, kayaking and canoeing.

Spain :

  • Agora International School Barcelona. Agora is part of the NACE network, which unites 21 establishments in 6 countries of the world. There are 4 departments: kindergarten, primary, secondary and Bachillerato or IB - senior classes (Spanish and international). A great advantage is the presence of a music department and the possibility of obtaining an official diploma of a music school, a diploma awarded by the Conservatory of Barcelona.

Austria :

  • St Gilgen International School. One of the best bilingual educational centers in the country ( German and English ) has an impeccable reputation and offers high-quality courses, including IB. There is a comprehensive system of development - academic, sporting, creative, personal; Leadership qualities and skills develop.
  • Amadeus International School Vienna. The prestigious institution has been operating in Vienna since 2012, the guesthouse is part of the Nobel Education network. There are primary and secondary classes, IB and a combined program, including a music academy. Activities are supplemented by sports and active rest.

Czech Republic:

  • Townshend International School. Townshend has been operating for over 20 years. The system is aimed at full disclosure of the potential of each student - in academic, social, sporting, creative terms and spiritual and moral development. Public and social activism, active life position, participation in volunteer groups are encouraged.

Canada :

  • Bodwell High School is controlled by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Classes 8 through 12 operate here, and the curriculum includes a whole range of subjects: English, mathematics and algebra, biology, chemistry, physics, technology, social sciences, creativity, economics, geography.
  • Fulford Academy is listed in the top lists of international institutions: there are only 60 students at a time, which allows them to receive consultations on any topic. Foreign students receive unique knowledge on the adaptation, history and culture of Canada and North America, and there is an extensive branch of career guidance.

United Kingdom :

  • Abbotsholme School. An independent institution of joint education for students from 2 to 18 years was founded in 1889 and characterized by the application of the most advanced techniques and technologies in the teaching process. Abbotsholme regularly receives grades from "good" to "great", awarded by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) commission. Today, 300 people receive prestigious education, 40% of them are foreign students.
  • King's School Rochester. The unique institution starts its history from the year 604 (!) And is never outside the top 150 best institutions in the country. Graduates GCSE and A-level receive high marks every year on exams, they easily enter the best universities of the country and the world. The campus is very picturesque and is only 50 kilometers from London.


  • Lake Mary Preparatory School. With his mission, Lake Mary School believes that helping a student discover all his talents and abilities. Teachers teach students to be responsible for their actions, to have a sense of respect and empathy, and to be able to set goals and achieve them. A distinctive feature is the availability of 13 professional sports programs.
  • CATS Academy Boston. One of the branches of the British network CATS, differs structured and pragmatic system, combining the best achievements of American and English systems. A large number of unique courses are held, it is possible to receive a certificate of distinction in the global business. Students listen to lectures and online lectures of famous universities.

Switzerland :

  • Ecole Chantemerle is designed in French, specializes in primary and secondary education, is distinguished by a special quality course French Baccalaureate. Out of 60 inmates, 45 are on campus all the time, great attention is paid to independent work and research. Ecole Chantemerle students can be found among the students of the best universities in the world.
  • Institut Monte Rosa. The Monte Rosa Institute is considered one of the five best family-type pensions and has a truly fundamental base - here there are 3 national standards and more than 6 types of courses, all this diversity for 65 students! Curricula are adjusted in accordance with the needs of children and contribute to increasing interest in scientific and creative activities.

Germany :

  • St. George's School Duisburg / Dusseldorf. A prestigious English institution full cycle - here there is a kindergarten, primary and secondary classes (foreign students can live on board from 10 years old). There is a large number of groups and sections: information technology, theater, dance, chorus and music, debates, media, subject clubs, chess.


  • Knightsbridge Schools International KSI Montenegro. KSI Montenegro is one of the centers of the network, the flagship institution of which is located in London. It provides education for students aged 3 to 19 years, teachers take into account local national traditions and enrich them with international experience. Here experts and psychologists who speak several foreign languages ​​work. The campus is located in Kotor Bay - one of the most beautiful fjords of the Adriatic Sea and the whole world, there is a national park and development of the tourist zone.
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