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Study in Paris for foreign students: the cost, reviews

Study in Paris for foreign students: the cost, reviews

France offers excellent conditions for foreign students to receive high-quality education, a prestigious international diploma and an unforgettable student experience. Here one of the highest educational standards and the most popular sights. Paris takes the first place in the ranking of the best student cities in the world - thanks to a high standard of living, a variety of leisure and a huge cultural heritage, tourists from all over the world come here.

The advantages of educational institutions in Paris

  • The Paris top schools have an advantageous location: within walking distance are cultural attractions and entertainment infrastructure, thanks to which all students live in a unique colorful environment
  • Education in a multinational city is a wonderful language environment with a friendly population where one can practice a foreign language and bring it to a new level
  • Accommodation in Paris combines study with a rich excursion program, within which students can get acquainted with the unique culture and history of the city
  • Educational institutions follow the most advanced methods in the field of pedagogy, and diplomas received in Paris are accepted all over the world and are highly appreciated
  • Higher education is positioned as free - students only have to pay an administrative fee
  • Independence and freedom of thinking of students are cultivated in every possible way: there are no lectures in their classical understanding - the lessons taught by the Paris teachers are rather reminiscent of the form of light discussions in which students take an active part
  • According to the French legislation, a graduate of a university has excellent prospects of obtaining a residence permit
  • In the universities of France, about 800 academic programs in English, preparing for specialties in the fields of science, engineering, management and business. To learn in the humanities, literature and design, you need knowledge of French.


The educational system: the basic educational levels and academic programs, the features of teaching and upbringing

The first educational stage is primary school, designed for 5 years: here children study the language and get acquainted with school subjects, master basic skills (reading, writing, counting). Secondary education is the next step, after which students receive Diplôme National du Brevet.

Along with the state educational institutions of secondary education in France, a large number of private institutions are open. The contract schools adhere to the national educational plan, and pupils of this type of school can choose the type of certificate: French BAC or international OBI. Free, or independent, schools offer education in their own programs focused on the English or American model: GCSE, A-level, IB. For those who wish to study at a French university, the international baccalaureate program is most suitable.

In the international school Notre Dame International High School, you can enter the program of senior classes: the graduates of this school have a high passing point when entering universities.

In Paris, the preparatory courses for enrolled in universities are distributed - some of the best offers Ermitage School.

Higher educational institutions: system and methods of teaching

Students from abroad can give preference to the so-called short learning paths (les filières courtes). For 2-3 years of education, you can get DUT (Diplôme universitaire de technologie) or BTS (Brevet de technicien supérieur) diplomas for working in the industrial and service industries. This is a great way to go to Paris and find work within France, an ideal option for those who want to live in France and work in these areas.

A long trajectory of education is built on the grading system of the Bologna process and is of an international nature. Bachelor's programs last 3 years, magistracy - 2 years, doctoral studies - 3 years.

In France, the 2 main types of higher education institutions are higher schools and universities. In high schools difficult entrance examinations are surrendered, universities, according to the law, accept all comers and almost free of charge (but often because of this the groups are overcrowded). Higher schools prepare students for a serious academic career, because studying here is extremely difficult. Education in universities is distinguished by a high ranking of deductions, which is related to the lack of entrance examinations and a strict system of monitoring progress.

French teachers are very pedantic in their studies: all written work must be done strictly on samples, any deviation from the rules is considered a sign of lack of knowledge and misunderstanding that it was required to do.

Paris - the source of world fashion - invites everyone to connect their lives with art in high-class institutions. For example, Istituto Marangoni Paris invites students to undergraduate programs to study fashion and acquire a topical specialty.


Opportunities for foreign students

  • Work while studying. Students can work 20 hours a week - it is usually easy to find a part-time job in the restaurant service and retail, you can contact the student council and find work in public organizations and on the campus of the university. Other types of work are the work of a nanny, a nurse or a tutor. Students of master's programs can get a job as an assistant teacher, and on doctoral programs you can get a job automatically.
  • The Paris hostels are overcrowded, because only fellows of special programs get there. One of the most important points of study here will be the timely search for a private student residence. Due to high demand, you may have to pay for half a year ahead - the cost of housing will be about 2,000-4,000 €.
  • After graduation, the student has the right to stay in the country and ask for the extension of the student visa for a period of one year. If a student gets a job, he will have every reason to stay in the country after obtaining a residence permit.


What are the programs for foreign students?


Age Range

Language Requirements

Average cost per year, €

Summer courses in the language camp


Eléméntaire (A1)

600 € per week

Study in language schools


300 € per week

Secondary education programs

Indépéndant (B1)

10,000 €

Preparing for the university

+ 16

6,000 €

Bachelor's program

+ 17

Intermédiaire (B2)

3,500 €

Master's program

+ 20

Expérimenté (C1)

MBA, Business School

10,000 €

Doctoral studies

5,000 €

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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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