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30 best schools, colleges and universities in Barcelona, Spain where international students can get high-quality education

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Today, Spain attracts a wide range of foreign students from all over the world with high-quality educational services and interesting culture. Many international students choose studying in Barcelona as it's a great opportunity to combine effective courses with exciting rest. SMAPSE offers TOP-30 prestigious schools, colleges and universities located in Barcelona where international students can get high-quality and balanced primary, secondary and higher education.

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TOP educational institutions in Spain for international students

Studying in Barcelona for foreign students in famous schools, prestigious colleges or elite universities has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • High ranking of educational institutions in the international arena
  • Highly qualified teachers and the latest equipment
  • Modern campus and school campus infrastructure
  • Great location by the sea
  • Warm climate
  • A huge number of historical attractions
  • Numerous events (concerts, exhibitions, festivals, etc.)
  • Positive feedback from students and their parents
  • Value for money is one of the best in Europe
  • Rich language practice (which may include both Spanish and English)
  • Professional orientation (a large number of practical classes)
  • Experience living in a multinational setting and much more.

Elite educational institutions in Spain: academic programs for foreign students

Educational programs remain one of the decisive factors when choosing a school, college or institute. In Barcelona, a wide range of English and Spanish language courses is presented for international students, differing in topic, duration and required entry level.

Nowadays, language courses have become one of the most popular options for children, adolescents. The traditional direction of the work of language schools is vacation programs for schoolchildren. Students get acquainted with the culture of the country, and also study the chosen language together with native speakers. Education in Barcelona for schoolchildren, teenagers and students is usually conducted during summer, autumn, spring or winter holidays. In such camps, considerable attention is paid to the entertainment component, which is represented by numerous circles and sections, a variety of sightseeing trips, creative and sporting events (for example, Talent Show, Movie Night, Barbecue Parties and more). Students with insufficient level of the language proficiency will be able to enter language camps in Spain. International language schools in Spain conduct a huge number of specialized programs for children just starting to learn a foreign language.

As for modern leading language schools, one can also highlight several more main areas of language courses for foreign students:

  • Thematic courses. They are created for schoolchildren, students and adults. The emphasis is not only put on learning a foreign language, but also acquaintance with the selected industry under the supervision of leading world-class specialists - business courses, robotics courses, English courses for companies and much more.
  • Creative, allowing you to reveal all the facets of the talent of a child and a teenager - they include a wide range of areas: music, acting, design, cinema, etc.
  • Preparatory, which help to master the skills and knowledge necessary for entering prestigious universities and popular colleges, for passing international tests of knowledge of a foreign language. They allow children and adolescents to get used to living abroad, to get acquainted with peculiarities of the educational process and requirements for students.
  • Sports, which become a real discovery for young athletes from around the world. Students will be able to improve their language proficiency and undergo workouts under the guidance of world-class coaches in the field of football, tennis, etc.

The second option to study abroad for children and adolescents is to enter the leading schools in Spain. School programs are usually presented depending on the age of the children and are divided into lower, middle and senior classes. Education in Spain will be the first step towards admission to ranking universities in Europe. No less interesting for foreign students are the undergraduate and graduate programs in Barcelona, which are led by the best colleges and universities in the country. Please note that when choosing an educational institution, it is worth paying attention not only to its rating and reviews, but also to the description of educational programs and subjects studied.


Admission requirements and costs for foreign students in Barcelona

The cost of annual programs differs depending on the prestige of the institution and the chosen direction. The average cost of education in Barcelona per student per year:


Middle classes

High school

University Preparation




13000 € -18000 €

15,000 € -20,000 €

5500 € -7500 €

7500 € -12500 €

8000 € -14000 €

General statistics on education in Barcelona

General information about Barcelona

Country Spain
Region Catalonia 
Region 2 Província de Barcelona 
Region 3 Barcelona 
Population 1,621,537
Visitors 5,500,000/year
Time Zone Europe/Madrid


The cost of living in Barcelona

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 186 256
Food 152 310
Transportation 40 124
Communications and utilities 80 94
Clothing 23 86
Sports and leisure 23 82
Total 589 953

Accommodation options in Barcelona

Shared room outside of centre 188
Shared room in city centre 259
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 355
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 474
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