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56 best language schools in Spain for children and students. List of top language schools in Spain, description, ranking, prices

Education information

Top 56 language school in Spain. Our company has put together a number of accredited and prestigious institutions for children, pupils, teenagers, international students. You can read a more detailed information about language schools in Spain, ranking and fees by clicking on the photo or title. The detailed info on the prices and description of programs is accessible by pressing on the program. FREE services for enrolling in partner institutions, the number of places is limited.
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Language schools in Spain: characteristics and features of instruction

The best language schools in Spain include an extensive list of institutions, each of which has a fairly high rating and offers a variety of language courses and programs for children, schoolchildren and students from around the world. In schools, you can study not only Spanish , but also English, students themselves can choose the duration of study, type of course, date of study. In most cases, the host takes care of the issues of accommodation and meals, especially for younger age groups. Advantages and features of language schools:

  • Study Spanish / English from the scratch
  • Variety of courses
  • Best Teaching Techniques
  • Teachers are native speakers
  • High level of organization
  • Full language immersion
  • TOP rated prestigious establishments
  • Organization of accommodation and meals (residence, boarding house, host family, hotel)
  • Courses are available all year round, the most popular season is summer.
  • The included cultural and entertainment program, sports and creativity.

Language schools are available almost throughout the country, which helps to choose the best region and city:

  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Malaga
  • Marbella
  • Alicante
  • Salamanca
  • Valencia
  • Mallorca
  • Estepona
  • Granada
  • Seville
  • Segovia
  • Cadiz
  • Pamplona
  • San sebastian
  • Tenerife

Language schools in Spain: types of courses for international students

The best language schools in Spain offer a wide variety of Spanish and English courses for children, schoolchildren and students - you can choose a course that meets your goals:

Type of course

Available languages


Tuition fees (in Euros)

General course (standard, intensive, individual lessons, combined)

Spanish english

Education for all ages and any level includes work on the sections of linguistics, the development of speaking skills. The course can be combined, add additional / individual lessons.

From 119 / week

Vacation programs for children and adolescents

Spanish english

One of the most popular types of programs consists of study and active extracurricular activities. Sports, creativity, travel, excursions, professional development programs (for example, “Football Academy”) are available. Most of the camps operate in the summer season, but there are winter and spring. Children are accommodated in a safe and comfortable environment.

From 200 / week

Preparation for language tests / exams


Courses for international students to prepare for the DELE exam, which results are recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and is an official document confirming the level of language proficiency. This document is provided upon admission to the university or the employment process in Spanish companies.

From 145 / week

Language for Academic Purposes


Development of academic language skills, research / analytical skills for teaching at the university level. The standard course duration is 12-20 weeks.

From 2700/20 weeks

Preparation for passing the exam and entering universities (Selectividad )


Preparation for the successful passing of the state exam, which gives the right to enter Spanish universities. Selectividad is a kind of Unified State Exam. The standard course is 1 semester.

From 2000 / semester

Professional courses, business courses


Thematic classes related to the development of professional language in certain areas — business language, language of business communication, language for teachers.

Calculated individually

Top 20 best language schools in Spain 2021

1 IH Madrid
2 Enforex Barcelona
3 don Quijote Madrid
4 Home Language International
5 Enforex Malaga
6 don Quijote Valencia
7 IH Lacunza San Sebastian
8 Enforex Barcelona
9 Enforex Madrid
10 CEIAM Valencia Language School
11 IH Barcelona
12 Enforex Marbella
13 Enforex Alicante
14    CLIC IH Seville
15 EUREKA School of Spanish
16 Enforex Sevilla
17 IH Palma Mallorca
18 Escuela de español Hispania Valencia
19 don Quijote Granada
20 don Quijote Tenerife

Top 30 best language schools in USA 2021

Top 40 best language schools in the UK 2021

1 OISE London
2 EC London Covent Garden
3 OISE Oxford
4 London School of English
5 OISE Cambridge
6 UIC Oxford International
7 Kaplan International English London Covent Garden
8 Regents University London
9 LAL London Summer School
10 Home Language International
11 Oxford International Study Centre
12 Regent Oxford School
13 Stafford House School of English London
14 EC London Euston
15 Living Learning English
16 The Language Gallery
17 Skola London English Summer School in London
18 Harrow House International College
19 Brighton Language College BLC
20 Kaplan International English London Leicester Square
21 Frances King School of English London Kensington
22 Regent Scanbrit Bournemouth
23 Stafford House School of English Canterbury
24 Malvern House London
25 Wimbledon School of English
26 UIC English London Greenwich
27 Studio Cambridge
28 Alpadia Keele
29 EC Cambridge
30 Cavendish School of English
31 EC Brighton
32 EC Manchester
33 Oxford International UIC Brighton
34 EC Bristol
35      EC Oxford
36 St. Giles International London Central
37 Twin Group
38 Burlington School of English
39 Hampstead School of English London
40 St. Giles London Highgate

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Top 9 best language schools in Switzerland 2021

Top 15 best language schools in Ireland 2021

Statistics - Universities

Universities in top 200 3
Universities in top 500 12
Universities in top 1000 25
Universities in top 5000 81

Statistics of English courses in Spain

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week
General Spanish 20 8-12 Beginner €165+
Intensive Spanish 25-30 8-12 Beginner €180+
Super Intensive Course 30-35 8-12 Beginner €335+
DELEPreparation 30 8-10 Elementary €220+
Spanish for Business 25 8-10 Upper Intermediate €210+
Spanish on the move 22 4-8 Beginner €225+
Teacher training 20 5-10 Upper Intermediate €250+
Spanish+ 20+ 6-10 Beginner €250+
One to one 5-20 1-2 Beginner €200+
Preparation for university 15-20 8-15 Beginner €250+

Students Accommodation Options in Spain

Accomondation Meals Number of people per room Cost per week/min Cost per week/max
Homestay full Board or half Board 1-2 €160 €230+
School residence optional 1-2 €180 €270+
Appartment organized by student 1-4 €130 €475+
Hotel optional 1-2 €35/day €300+/day

Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs Min., € Average €
Consular fee of the embassy €35 €60
Flight (Moscow - Madrid - Moscow) €165 €315
Medical insurance €8/week €15/week
Study material €10 €15
Delivery of invitations by express mail €65 €85
Transfer/Escort €55 €65
Additional payment for accommodation per week, during the high season €20 €35
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