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TOP-50 language schools, camps, colleges and language centers in Spain where international students can study advanced language courses

Education information

Every year Spain attracts a great deal of international students due to warm climate and high-quality educational services. SMAPSE offers more than 50 best language schools, camps, colleges and language centers in Spain where international students can study advanced English, Spanish courses. Language courses in Spain provide a great opportunity to get deep knowledge, improve command of foreign languages and get essential skills for future studying abroad. Due to descriprions of schools, tuition fees and students' reviews, you will find the most appropriate option. 

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5 reasons to study in Spain for international students

1. Positions in the world ranking

Ranking is a special assessment of educational institutions, which involves various indicators, including the successful employment of graduates, the number of internships abroad, the level of student satisfaction, the involvement of foreign teachers and much more. Being included in world rankings such as Times Higher Education indicates the high quality of the services provided - we advise you to study the internal rating on our website, compiled by SMAPSE specialists based on extensive experience in working with foreign educational institutions. Schools, colleges, universities in Spain, English courses in Spain are constant applicants for the highest positions in TOPs thanks to excellent pedagogical traditions and large investments of public and private companies.

2. High level of education + affordable tuition fees 

With regard to studying costs, Spain belongs to the countries of the category "Premium" and is considered a country with a relatively affordable education (in comparison with the countries of the educational categories "Lux" and "Standard"). The price range for tuition is quite wide: from the most budgetary options in public institutions to elite private boarding schools with best studying conditions. 

3. Positive emotions from education 

Foreign students leave positive feedback when choosing English courses in Spain: it is a pleasure to study here - both in the walls of the training centers and outside, positive emotions await the children. Teachers strive to create a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom, expect self-expression from students and do not require excessive formality, assessment is a secondary, purely personal matter. The local population is quite friendly and gladly makes new acquaintances.

4. Sources for development

For the purpose of cultural and historical enrichment, students go on trips around the country, visit the sights of the times of the Roman Empire and get acquainted with world architectural masterpieces, as well as go to restaurants and bars to taste Mediterranean delicacies and enjoy shopping. For a pleasant pastime and acquaintances, foreigners significantly enrich their inner world and expand the boundaries of their horizons.

5. An opportunity to enjoy a vacation in the Mediterranean

In addition to fruitful studies, students will enjoy an amazing vacation and acquaintance with the most beautiful places in Europe: paradise beaches in Ibiza, the Canary Islands, ski resorts and the oldest cities.

English courses in Spain for foreign students

English courses in Spain for foreign students differ in the following parameters:

  • Age features - programs are developed according to age and demands of foreign students in order to make studying effective and available
  • Intensity - usually the difficulty level is set based on the test performed, the intensity can vary (15-20-25 lessons per week)
  • The goal of courses - if students need a vacation and a common language development, in this case there are combined programs that focus on the leisure part. For other students, studying in Spain is a preparation for long-term education abroad. So the program is aimed at academically saturated direction. In addition, many children prefer combining lessons with sport or creativity. For example, in Spain, famous for its football victories, the direction “Football + Foreign languages” is in demand.
  • Duration / time of year - holiday English courses in Spain for children are very popular. During this period, children will be able to plunge into another culture, have a wonderful rest with benefits. In language schools in Spain there are year-round programs - both purely linguistic, preparatory and pre-university.



Prices (in Euros, €)


Language in the field of international business in the summer


3 weeks

From 2500

Future business professionals will be able to gain and deepen their knowledge + in addition, various excursions and tours are waiting for them

Summer school for young designers


7 days minimum

From 600

This format is perfect for those who wish to improve their skills and qualifications in areas such as fashion design, style, advertising, architecture and much more.

Activities + attractions, sports


From 175

Combined programs will help to spend summer vacations for the benefit of the mind and body - here no one will get bored and will find something to their liking

Football academy


From 1170

Lessons are developed in an exciting interactive way: much attention is paid to the development of physical fitness and endurance, the emphasis is put on moral education




From 6000

At the end of the direction, students receive a prestigious diploma, which gives additional benefits when entering universities

Studying foreign languages for academic purposes



From 3800

Over the course of 12 weeks, students will be able to improve their basic skills and master academic English, adapt to study abroad


Studying at linguage centers has several features:

  • First of all, the conditions for natural language immersion are created - the intercultural environment, native teachers also impose their own specifics on the entire educational process
  • Usually, there are no requirements for applicants, with the exception of those programs that require a high level of English proficiency (for example, business and professional areas)
  • Teachers adhere to methods recognized around the world - a communicative approach, interactive, individual teaching principle
  • Students are constantly involved, they are required to concentrate and be ready to practice (practice starts from the first lesson, even for students with zero knowledge), and at the end of each week they do a little testing to track linguistic progress
  • At the end of their studies, students receive a prestigious certificate.

Foreign students are usually offered a choice of several accommodation options, the most budgetary is staying in a host family or a dormitory. Alternatively, you can rent apartments or live in a hotel. It’s possible to have a day camp, when the student spends all day in the walls of the summer camp, and lives with his parents in a hotel or apartment.

Statistics - Universities

Universities in top 200 3
Universities in top 500 12
Universities in top 1000 25
Universities in top 5000 81

Statistics of English courses in Spain

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week
General Spanish 20 8-12 Beginner €165+
Intensive Spanish 25-30 8-12 Beginner €180+
Super Intensive Course 30-35 8-12 Beginner €335+
DELEPreparation 30 8-10 Elementary €220+
Spanish for Business 25 8-10 Upper Intermediate €210+
Spanish on the move 22 4-8 Beginner €225+
Teacher training 20 5-10 Upper Intermediate €250+
Spanish+ 20+ 6-10 Beginner €250+
One to one 5-20 1-2 Beginner €200+
Preparation for university 15-20 8-15 Beginner €250+

Students Accommodation Options in Spain

Accomondation Meals Number of people per room Cost per week/min Cost per week/max
Homestay full Board or half Board 1-2 €160 €230+
School residence optional 1-2 €180 €270+
Appartment organized by student 1-4 €130 €475+
Hotel optional 1-2 €35/day €300+/day

Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs Min., € Average €
Consular fee of the embassy €35 €60
Flight (Moscow - Madrid - Moscow) €165 €315
Medical insurance €8/week €15/week
Study material €10 €15
Delivery of invitations by express mail €65 €85
Transfer/Escort €55 €65
Additional payment for accommodation per week, during the high season €20 €35
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