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TOP-10 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Portugal where international students can get high-quality primary, secondary and higer education

Education information

Every year, studies in Portugal, especially university studies, are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to intensive development of the national education system, strengthening of foreign policy ties, and, importantly, affordable cost of education for foreign students.

The structure of education in Portugal

Studying in secondary school takes 9 years - not every student receives higher education in the country, because right after school there is an opportunity to start working.

Higher education institutions are represented by universities and polytechnic institutes. The structure fully corresponds to the well-known Bologna system:

  • 3-4 years - obtaining a degree of a licentiate (the term can be increased by 1-2 years depending on the chosen specialty)
  • 1,5-2 years - Master's degree (Mestrado)
  • 1 year - Doctoral studies (Doutoramento) and writing a dissertation (the period of study at this level is unlimited)
  • Special higher education degree of Agregação (gives an opportunity to conduct active research, scientific activity, teach in its field).

It's worth noting that universities cooperate with each other, and it allows foreign students to easily transfer from one university to another, making the studying process more versatile, comprehensive and diverse.

Among the most popular and developed areas are the following:

  • Fine Arts
  • Medicine
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Business and Management.

In addition, while studying foreign students can work: no more than 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time on vacation. 

How to enter one of TOP-10 schools, colleges and universities in Portugal?

Admission to Portuguese universities for foreign students is conducted on a competitive basis: students take exams that determine their level of preparation - Concurso nacional in public institutions and Concurso local in private. It will require a high level of the Portuguese language, as all studies, examinations, testing are carried out in the official language of the country. Many universities organize intensive language courses of Portuguese for foreign students in order to significantly increase the language level in a short time.

What are the advantages of studying in Portugal?

Many foreign students are attracted by the fact that the state universities of the country provide a great opportunity to study Bachelor's programme for free - only an annual registration fee of 570-920 euros is paid. In general, studying in private universities will cost a little more - up to 1500 euros per year. Master's programs are paid at any university: the cost is 920-8000 euros per year, strongly depends on the chosen educational institution, as well as academic direction and specialty.

At the same time, Portugal is a very inexpensive country for living. For example, you can rent a good apartment for 300-500 euros a month, transport and travel will take about 100 euros, and food expenses will take 200 euros per month. Compared with studying in the USA, the UK and many European countries (for example, Austria or Switzerland), these prices are very low, which makes studying in Portugal even more attractive for foreign students.

TOP-10 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Portugal where international students can get high-quality primary, secondary and higer education

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