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Study in Marbella. 8 top schools, colleges, universities and kids camps in Marbella for students from all over the world. List of schools, study fees, rankings

Education information

Study in Marbella in 8 best educational institutions for children, pupils, students: you will find program descriptions, prices and reviews for every course. Our consultans will help you choose the right program of studies. Free admission services without intermediaries to our partner schools, colleges and universities in Marbella. Official representatives. Discounts on the official prices are available for international students, places are limited.
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Leading private boarding schools in Marbella - features of secondary education

In sunny Marbella, excellent pre-school, primary and secondary boarding schools of an elite level are waiting for foreign students. The main nuances of the education system at this level are as follows:

1. General information

All school institutions are under the strict control of the Ministry and other authorities. More than half of the schools control the Catholic Church, provide financial support and choose teachers (but educational institutions do not become strictly religious from this), and public schools are completely free. Private schools in Spain are considered more suitable for foreign students: they have an opportunity to choose a program, language, it is easy to solve the issue with placement and comprehensive development. Marbella international schools, which have quality programs and reasonable prices, deserve special consideration.

2. Educational steps

Pre-school education is intended for children 3-6 years old, primary - 6-12, secondary - 12-16. Children over 16 years old can enroll in the Spanish Bachilerato program in Spanish or the international International Baccalaureate in English. In addition, many educational institutions in Marbella have British educational programs, in the walls of which you can get secondary education in the British courses GCSE and A-Level.

3. Pre-school education

Foreign students receive intellectual, physical and social development. Language courses help develop reading, writing, counting skills, as well as creative abilities.

4. Elementary classes

A distinctive feature of local schools is the constant monitoring of academic performance + at the end of each course, parents receive a detailed report on the results achieved and skills acquired. For 5 years, one teacher conducts all school disciplines. Emphasis is put according to specifics of the school of Spain, but, as a rule, the priority subjects are as follows - mathematics, language, literature, natural history and music. The duration of the academic year is September 15 to June 15. The stage ends with passing exams.

5. Middle classes

Here you can receive a prestigious secondary education, acquire useful skills, undergo effective studying before a university and solve the problem of career guidance. At the end of high school, students pass the exam, and already on the basis of the Middle school certificate competition, leading universities in Marbella will accept students.

Prestigious universities in Marbella - higher education in Spain for foreign students

Here are TOP universities in Spain multidisciplinary and with a narrow specialization. Higher educational institutions that are engaged in education in the fields of business administration and finance are very popular.

1. Diplomas

The result of successful studies will be obtaining a Spanish diploma of a local university plus an international document with a national qualification graduation - recognized throughout Europe. So, Arguitecto Tecnico is the qualification of an architect, Ingeniero Tecnico is an engineer and so on.

2. Pre-university programs

Preparatory programs significantly increase the chances for foreign students to enter the best universities, so they are highly recommended. Duration of directions - from a year to two.

3. Undergraduate and graduate courses

The system of scientific degrees corresponds to the gradation of the Bologna agreement: the Bachelor's degree lasts 3-4 years, and the Master's program lasts 2-3 years. Please note that since 2014, the requirements for applicants from abroad have changed, and now foreign students do not need to pass a national exam on the exam type (Selectividad). You will need to prepare a package of documents, a school certificate (translated and notarized) and pass exams in the following disciplines: Spanish, philosophy and history of Spain, a foreign language, as well as an exam on the subject of specialization.

4. Opportunities for international students

Foreign students are allowed to earn extra money, but no more than 4 hours a day. Students have privileges on transport, visiting museums, cinemas. There are several accommodation options - hostels, hotels and student apartment rental (the latter is the most popular option). After receiving a diploma, foreign students can stay in the country subject to the extension of a residence permit.

Language courses in Marbella for children and adults from abroad

Spanish is one of the most popular and widespread languages: it is spoken by about 400 million people; therefore, knowledge of this language is a significant advantage in finding employment in large international companies, wherever you are in the world. Consider the main areas for foreign students:

  • Language courses for various purposes

A wide range of programs has been developed for students here: courses for business, for work, academic goals, prepare for high school or just have a great time abroad. Prices and intensity can be very different, but it will always be very interesting and effective. 

What kind of child does not like a vacation in a sunny Spanish town with studies at the most interesting academic programs? You can be sure that you won’t be bored here: Marbella linguistic centers prepare special programs, taking into account age-specific features that have nothing to do with monotonous school lessons. A variety of interactive is used, children visit various attractions, work in groups, get acquainted with representatives of different countries, attend various master classes, go in for sports, etc.

General information about Marbella

Region Southern Europe
Country Spain
Language Spanish, Basque
Currency Euro
Population 134,623
Region Andalusia
Time Zone Europe/Madrid
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