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TOP-20 Spanish secondary schools for foreign students after grade 7, 8, 9, 10

Education information

Nowadays, education in Spain is really popular among foreign students due to excellent climatic conditions, opportunity to continue studying at prestigious universities of the world. Moreover, Spanish secondary schools provide inexpensive and high-quality courses.

SMAPSE offers 20 best secondary schools in Spain available for foreign students. Due to descriprions of programs and courses at schools, tuition fees and student feedback, it's reallly easy to make the right choice.

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Main features of studying at secondary schools in Spain as an international student

Studying at modern Spanish schools has following structure:

  • Initial stage (6 - 12 years);
  • Compulsory level (up to 16 years);
  • Full secondary level (Bachillerato).

Students after 16 years old also continue studying practical disciplines and prepare for getting profession under the Formacion Profesional. The school education lasts up to 18 years.

The main distinctive feature of education in Spain is the presence of schools that were founded by the church (colegios concertados). Such educational institutions allow pupils to pass both general subjects and religious disciplines. At the same time, studies are conducted according to the secular type. Much attention is paid on learning languages.

Besides, foreign students can enter private schools that provide British educational system or American-Spanish model. These are international institutions that meet all international quality standards of education. Such schools provide students with International Baccalaureate or A-Level diplomas.

After taking the compulsory courses foreign students can either choose a professional programme or pass special tests and apply for Bachillerato. The programme Bachillerato meets the level of secondary education in America, grades 10-11. It rovides 3 years of in-depth study of core subjects.

International students wishing to enter Spanish high school can choose from:

  • Local system - Spanish Bachilerato
  • International European or American system

Each of the programs lasts 2 years. After taking the course, students receive graduation certificates and can enter universities all over the world.

Private schools in Spain

Tuition fees for studying at secondary schools in Spain

Today, foreign students choose international institutions in Spain that provide English educational system. At such schools Spanish is studied like a foreign language, while all studies are conducted in English.

In Spain it's possible to get both bachelor's and master's degrees. Despite the low cost of studying at national universities, diplomas of private and state higher institutions are recognized all over the world. There are 47 state universities and 10 private universities in Spain, therefore foreign applicants have a wide range to choose from.

The cost for studying at private schools depends on the rankings, exams results, prestige and history of the chosen school. The average cost per year varies 20 000 - 35 000 EUR with accommodation.

Entering a private school in Spain

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