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TOP-30 prestigious language schools and colleges in Spain where foreign students can get high-quality preparation courses for language exams and tests

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Nowadays, everyone who plans further education or work in Spain can pass essential language exams and tests. In addition, studying in Spanish language schools allows to improve command of foreign languages that will help in the international business environment. DELE exam alows to test your command of Spanish. It includes several levels and each level has a number of features.

Due to the list of TOP-30 Spanish schools and colleges, you will find the most appropriate option. 

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Everything about DELE exam

DELE is the official exam approved by the Ministry of Education of Spain. The certificate obtained by its results confirms the knowledge of the language at a certain level. The availability of this document determines the opportunity to work, study on the territory of the country. Also the certificate is accepted by employers and educational institutions of all Spanish-speaking countries in the world, it is recognized in 48 countries. It has an unlimited validity period, no periodic confirmation is required.

It is not easy to pass exams without preliminary preparation, the test has a number of features. It provides the opportunity to confirm the knowledge of the language at different levels. The Ministry of Education of Spain provides the following types of DELE tests:

  • CIE - initial or low level;
  • DBE - medium level;
  • DSE - high level.

In order to enter and study in Spanish university, regardless of his specialization, status, or rankings, the entrant must submit a certificate of at least DBE level. For some specialties, ownership is required at a higher level.

Preparation programs for language exams in TOP-30 Spainish schools and colleges

Modern programs and courses, like tests themselves, are classified by levels. They provide essential topics needed for exams, as well as help to develop specific skills important to perform test tasks. Duration of studying can be different. SMAPSE catalogue includes courses that take mainly 4 - 8 weeks.

All preparation courses in TOP-10 Spanish schools include following blocks:

  • grammar and vocabulary (assignments for the selection of necessary phrases, words);
  • communication (development of colloquial speech, pronunciation, training of conversation skills);
  • reading (perception of written texts, ability to work with the material provided: analysis of information, choice of answers to questions, etc.);
  • writing (essays, review of the text) ;
  • listening (listening to audio materials, performing exercises based on the information received).

Also, the preparation programs provide trial testing. The last is carried out taking into account the time allotted for the exercises on the official exam.

Make the right choice with SMAPSE experts

In this catalogue SMAPSE experts have collected the most famous and rating educational institutions, all schools and centers were checked by the company's specialists. They offer effective courses for students over 15 years old.

You can choose an educational institution by using the simple search form. On the left panel of this page you can filter out information on the location of the school (city in Spain), type of programme, type of educational institution. In the general list, the data is sorted by the name of the language center.

If there are any difficulties, SMAPSE experts can help you individually. For consultation, please, contact us using any of the methods listed on the website.

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