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TOP-10 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Malaysia where international students can get high-quality primary, secondary and higer education

Education information

Studying in Malaysia is becoming more and more popular every year: many international prestigious language schools open their branches here. Education in the country is highly valued around the world, as it meets high international standards. And if you add a favorable climate, the natural beauty of the country and the benevolence, friendliness and openness of local residents, the popularity of the state among foreign students becomes obvious. Separate plus - cost of courses: most often they are significantly lower than in some European countries, and the level of academic preparation from this does not diminish. Also, the cost of living is not high, regardless of the type of accommodation chosen.

Inhabitants of the country mostly speak English: the student will be able to practice the received knowledge constantly, and not only in the classrooms, but in any situation. Studying in Malaysia is chosen by students from all over the world, which provides a multicultural environment in any educational institution: due to this, the language and emotional barriers are quickly overcome, communicative skills develop, students quickly make friends. 

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Structure of education in Malaysia

Similar to the British, the educational system in Malaysia includes the middle and upper levels. Students in Malaysia receive education from 7 to 18 years. In the initial classes, the emphasis is on the development of social, cognitive skills of the child, schoolchildren instill a love for knowledge, and children improve the skills of interaction in society.

The academic block of primary secondary education is represented by a standard set of subjects, including language (grammar, spelling), reading, mathematics, geography, history. In public schools and institutions with partial budget funding, studies are conducted in Malay, Mandarin Chinese and English.

Private schools are not academically different from public ones, they offer identical programs. The difference of educational institutions lies in the social field: boarding schools provide their students with a lot of opportunities for sports, creative development.

In secondary schools natural science and humanities disciplines are added to the study. When moving to the last school level, each child chooses a profile - this can be an academic, religious, vocational or technical direction. At the end of the 5th grade of high school, students take the SPM exam, equivalent to the A-level in Britain. The next stage is preparation for admission to the university (+ 2 years of school preparation or a 1-2-year course at the university).

Most university programs are joint, that is, the accredited courses of British, American, French, New Zealand, Australian, German educational institutions are offered in the universities of the country. Studying in Malaysia allows you to obtain a sought-after specialty with less financial costs than in European countries, the Southern Hemisphere, the United States.

Language centers and schools are a separate structure in the system of Malaysian education, in which foreign students are offered various programs and courses. Learn English, like the national language, will not be difficult. In the language schools of the country, foreign students can study at the courses:

  • general English;
  • academic profile;
  • pre-examination training (IELTS, TOEFL);
  • business direction;
  • pre-university (with emphasis on English vocabulary, grammar, development of oral speech).

Programs usually have a duration of 2-4 weeks, but students can also study on a one-year course with an academic bias. In addition to academic preparation in language centers and schools, an extensive extracurricular programme is offered, including creativity, leisure, sports and a rich excursion.

Programs and courses in TOP-10 schools, colleges and universities in Malaysia

Universities provide a large number of courses and programs of different focus, so students can easily choose the most suitable programme individually. In addition, there are a large number of language schools and colleges in which classical language courses are held (especially popular vacation programs), Business English courses. Many language courses are available all the year round, students of different ages are accepted for training - both teenagers and adults.

Also, studies enable you to prepare for the language examinations internationally (for example, the generally accepted TOEFL and IELTS), thus the student can continue studies at any university in the world.

In addition, you can continue to receive higher education, go on to graduate school or get a professional qualification with subsequent internship. Since studying in Malaysia is becoming more prestigious due to the high level of academic preparation, many European and international companies very much appreciate the graduates of the Malaysian institutions, provide opportunities for internships and employment.

Great opportunities for partner education

Modern Malaysia is a country that guarantees foreign students the high quality of professional education at affordable prices. Studying here allows to acquire the experience of communication in a multicultural environment, develop the academic and practical skills necessary for the implementation of professional activities.

There are many opportunities for a student in the country: study is now available in the school, university, specialized language centers. The country is a former British colony, it inherited the English education system with its specifics, traditionally high quality of academic preparation and a rating in the world.

Today, in the country advanced methods of teaching are used. Most university programs are practical-oriented, which allows graduates of higher education institutions to feel confident in a competitive environment in the world labor market.

Partnership with European universities and student transfer programs are also common. This gives an opportunity to obtain a diploma in two countries and universities, which increases the level of knowledge and skills, gives the opportunity to gain more experience and special skills. Also, the twinning programme is quite popular: it gives an opportunity to study in Malaysia and receive a diploma of education (Bachelor's degree) in the selected Western university.

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