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TOP-10 prestigious language schools, camps and colleges in Singapore where foreign students can study effective English courses all year round

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Nowadays, Singapore is one of the most popular country among foreign students wishing to get excellent education abroad. SMAPSE offers you TOP-10 language schools, camps and colleges in Singapore where foreign students can study effective English courses. SMAPSE experts have collected for you 10 best language schools, camps and colleges that allow to combine effective English courses with exciting experience of studying abroad: you can make the right choice due to program descriptions, tuition fees and student feedback. If necessary, SMAPSE specialists will answer all your questions.

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Studying English courses in Singapore: cost, programs and studying conditions

Today, Singapore language schools, language camps offer a wide range of educational programs for different purposes and tasks. Foreign students will be able to prepare for studying at prestigious English-language schools, colleges and universities abroad, or improve command of English.

At the same time, there are enough language programs for all ages - children, schoolchildren and adults. The situation is similar with the starting level of language proficiency: it is possible to start as a beginner and an advanced speaker. On the day of arrival, foreign students are tested to determine the level of a foreign language proficiency, then students are divided into groups, so English is taught in a comfortable international environment. Starting skills are determined on the first day of studying at a language school using a special test.

English courses in Singapore are not boring lessons with mechanical memorization of vocabulary - teachers actively use a creative approach to education, so academic classes are combined with informal communication, creative projects and cultural events. Singapore vacation programs allow you to choose courses that combine studying English with sports or creativity.

The academic load on a standard English course in Singapore is 20-25 English lessons per week, despite the fact that classes are held only from Monday to Friday, and Saturday and Sunday are allocated for relaxation, hobbies, excursions and communication with classmates. If necessary, you can choose a higher academic load with an intensity of up to 25-30 hours. The duration of the course can be from 1 to 25 weeks. So, in the summer months, foreign students often choose vacation programs from 2 to 4 weeks. But when preparing for international exams, it is better to rely on your own pace of assimilation of the material, and not on popular options.

As for the prices for studying English in Singapore, the prices here are not the highest: for a 4-week program a foreign student will need from 1,500 to 2,000$. The formation of the final cost is influenced by several factors: the chosen course and its duration, the option of food and accommodation (for foreign students this is a residence, and sometimes the host family), the saturation of the extra-curriculum (excursions, social events, sections and circles) and some others.

The choice of language schools and language camps in Singapore is quite large, so to identify the ideal option, we first recommend to select 3-4 educational institutions with suitable parameters. Also, let's not forget about additional points of financial expenses: pocket money for the period of study, the purchase of air tickets on both sides, as well as the preparation of documentation necessary for traveling abroad (student visa, insurance).

Paperwork for teaching English courses in Singapore

There is a large flow of foreign students studying English courses in Singapore due to the fact that the preparation of necessary documents is quite easy and does not take much time.

If your chosen academic program at a language school in Singapore lasts 4 weeks or more, you will need to apply for a student visa. In order to get a standard student visa, an applicant must personally contact the university or language school where the English language course will be held. The educational institution, in turn, must send you an official confirmation of admission to the course, which must be attached to the package of documents provided to the consulate. In addition to a letter from a linguistic school, the consulate requires a copy of the passport, a photograph and a certificate of education of the applicant, as well as information about the position and salary of his parents, a bank statement and confirmation of placement in Singapore during the course. The cost of a student visa is $ 25, however, upon approval of your application, it will be necessary to apply for a standard tourist visa in Singapore, so that upon arrival in the country to solve all the formalities related to paperwork.

Students attending English courses in Singapore with a student visa can study only at the educational institution indicated in the visa application form when applying to the consulate, and also do not have the right to get a job during the entire duration of the visa. If you change your place of study, you will have to apply for a student visa again.

Cost of living in Singapore

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 635 1,126
Food 211 371
Transportation 57 98
Communications and utilities 65 80
Clothing 23 88
Sports and leisure 43 115
Total 1,035 1,879


Accommodation in Singapore

Shared room outside of centre 641
Shared room in city centre 1,137
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 1,123
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 1,710


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