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TOP-4 holiday camps in Singapore for children on holidays

Education information

Nowadays, many foreign students choose Singapore as the best city for studying abroad. Famous Asian city provides excellent studying conditions and comfortable climate all year round. Students from all over the world can take interesting and advanced studying programs and courses combined with exciting entertainment options. In Singapore students have an opportunity to learn foreign languages through active and real-life communication with peers and qualified teachers. Free studying atmosphere at language camps allows to overcome language barriers, become more open in communication with native-speakers and get essential experience of studying abroad.

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Advantages of holiday courses at best camps in Singapore

  • A wide range of programs due to the bilingual policy
  • Prestigious educational institutions - educational centers of Singapore have established themselves as one of the best and high-quality, they value their reputation very much. Many institutions are included in the world TOPs as the best options for learning a language in an English-speaking country.
  • Lower prices than in Europe (about 30-40%)
  • Studying centers are equipped with the latest technology - these are the most modern sites with excellent conditions for study.
  • Exciting leisure programs and an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the country - each language school seeks to create a rich entertaining and cultural
  • Comfortable accommodation conditions during studying - the organizers guarantee safety and control over the child, all conditions for a good rest are created for students: comfortable rooms for 2-4 people, spacious dining rooms, libraries, sports grounds and much more
  • Schools are located near the city center, close to urban infrastructure, shops, cafes and restaurants.

Features of studying at holiday camps in Singapore

Accommodation options

The host family is a common and fairly budget option. Schools conduct a careful selection of families; children in them are always under supervision. In addition, this is an interesting experience - the student will be able to communicate with the carrier in a natural environment and learn about the life and traditions of local residents. Usually family meals are assumed (breakfast, dinner).

Living in a student residence on the school grounds is a fairly popular option, which has significant advantages: safety, comfortable conditions, living with peers. Boarding meals are provided.

Apartment, suites and hotel: children traveling with parents can choose a day camp. Accommodation in this case is not included in the price: children live with their parents.

Course Types

Duration of courses and their complexity can be different. Popular language programs:

  • Exam preparation
  • English + outdoor activities
  • English + hobbies
  • Summer chinese
  • Immersion in the language environment
  • University level courses.

Studying Description

A language course for children in the summer is a direction of intensive study of the English language combined with excursion programs and extracurricular activities. In the classic version, it is supposed to live on the school campus  for a complete immersion. After lessons and on weekends, children get acquainted with the culture of the country and its traditions, make new friends and discover new abilities in various activities - creativity, sports.


Each summer camp in Singapore seeks to create a unique program that meets the needs of the younger generation. Prestigious language summer schools in Singapore offer classes in mnemonics - teaching speed reading and super memory will help to significantly optimize learning a foreign language, children are taught to quickly grasp information and memorize a large volume of words quickly and for a long time. Another popular area is the school of young leaders and businessmen, where adolescents will learn the structure and business model of successful international companies and gain valuable skills: verbal improvisation, time management, public speaking, building communication and learning strategies for dealing with conflicts.


Students are provided with a lot of new impressions of the sights and entertainment in Singapore - more than 20 trips await children. The most favourite among students are: Universal Studio amusement park, Adventure Cove water park, a visit to Singapore Zoo, Economic Wonder (visiting leading startups), Singapore National University and a trip to Santos Island.

Sport program

Students in summer camps can attend sports sections: mini-golf, yoga, team games (basketball and football), gymnastics, shooting, rock climbing, swimming. A scout club has been opened in some camps, where children learn to survive in extreme conditions.

Schedule at camps in Singapore during holidays

  1. Sunday: arrival in Singapore, the children are met by the school representative, transfer. Acquaintance with the group curator, introduction to the program.
  2. Monday - Friday: English classes in the morning (three to five lessons). In the afternoons and evenings: school activities of a sporting, creative, and entertaining nature.
  3. Friday: classes + evening tour (optional) “Night Safari”.
  4. Saturday: Full-day excursion to the Universal Studio theme park.
  5. Sunday: Full day excursion - Adventure Cove Waterpark.

The cost of programs includes:

  • Meeting and seeing off by the school representative
  • Accompanying counselors
  • Accommodation with amenities for 2-4 people
  • Board meals
  • Sightseeing tours (basic package)
  • Academic English classes (15-30 lessons)
  • Optional excursions are paid extra.
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