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Top 7 courses of English language in Sweden. List of schools for teenagers, children, students. Cost of studying

Education information

We have combined a list of 7 best institutions Sweden to learn English language, and also their rankings for international children and teenagers, as well as foreign students adn adults. For your convenience pease read detailed descriptions of the schools and programs, specified prices and students testimonials. Our specialists will help you to choose the ideal course. FREE services provided when enrolling in partner institutions, the number of places is limited.
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Features of English courses in Sweden for international students

You can choose English courses in Sweden at universities or in private institutions for schoolchildren and students. The former offer in-depth classes for the summer, lasting up to 3 months. You can also study Swedish, which gives advantages in the further selection of specialties if you plan to enter a higher educational institution in this northern country.

Swedish schools have programs lasting from 1 week: they are suitable for students who need to tighten their skills, practice in a foreign environment. There are programs for children with zero knowledge of the language - for 4 or more weeks in the best educational institutions you can immerse yourself in the language environment and master the basic skills of vocabulary and grammar, allowing you to communicate abroad on different topics and solve problems: ask for directions, make an appointment with a doctor, order lunch home from the restaurant.

After classes, you can pass exams and receive a certificate confirming the level of language proficiency: for English - TOEFL or IELTS, for Swedish - TISUS or Swedex. Certificates will help to enter universities in Sweden and other countries. True, having met with the hospitable and sympathetic people of this country, many people do not plan to get education in other countries - the diploma of Swedish universities is valued on a par with French, Austrian, English and Swiss.

Vacation programs in Sweden for the study of English or Swedish are aimed at the same time to get acquainted with the traditions and history of the people. Some schools are located far from large cities, in picturesque places of the country: classes are held in classrooms and in nature, teachers arrange picnics or hiking along tourist routes, during which students communicate in a foreign language - the learning process is effective and fun.

Advantages and bonuses of studying at summer children language camps in Sweden

Choosing English courses in Sweden, students manage to gain essential knowledge and skills. This is a wealth of experience necessary for those children and adults who intend to receive education abroad and build a career as a successful person. Many elite international companies have specialists who have graduated from Swedish educational institutions in their team - often these companies select guys in advance, offering jobs in prestigious posts with high salaries.

The main advantages of studying foreign languages in Sweden:

  • The Swedes speak English and Swedish: students are immersed in the Swedish environment - a salesman, passers-by communicate in foreign languages, which allows to practice around the clock.
  • The educational system is aimed at captivating the learning process: there is no fatigue from the lessons - students are happy to come for knowledge that is held in an interesting setting.
  • Teachers assemble groups in such a way that there are practically no students from one country in them - this is important for communicating in a foreign language during study and leisure (depending on which language is studied).
  • Groups in most schools consist of 5-10 students, which allows you to pay attention to each student and answer all his questions.
  • Communicating with representatives of different nations, people learn the habits and traditions of others - this is interesting and useful, often comes in handy in future careers in international companies or in working with partners from another country.
  • In your free time there is an opportunity to visit the natural and historical monuments of Sweden. If study lasts all summer, on weekends you can get acquainted with cities and other European countries.

The disadvantages of the courses are their high cost and the high cost of living - it is not included in the tuition fee (with the exception of courses at universities with residences). If the issue of price is in second place, and in the first place is the quality and quantity of knowledge, Sweden is a popular choice for many children and adults. This country, which gave the world scientists in the field of social life, technology, design, agriculture, doing business.

Language schools in Sweden for international students

To enter English courses in Sweden, you have enough desire and confidence in the decision - no exams or entrance tests are conducted. One test is taken at the time of application, which determines the level of knowledge, after which the student is recorded in the desired group. It is better to start collecting documents in 3-4 months.

If studying lasts more than 90 days, you need to take care of a residence permit in Sweden, for courses lasting less than this period, it is enough to have a student visa. As for the cost of study, we have compiled a visual table:

One-time expenses for textbooks, consular and service fees.

From 115 $

The cost of a week of study in schools in Sweden

From $ 280


From 900 $

Dorm room or apartment

From 200 $

Other expenses (meals, insurance, travel by public transport)

300-400 $

A popular way to reduce costs is to find a partner for a rented apartment. The cost of studying in Sweden pays off many times: it is a reliable investment in your future or in the future of children, and even if you do not plan to get higher education abroad, knowledge of a foreign language will help in business and everyday life.

Cost of living in Sweden

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 246 359
Food 227 442
Transportation 67 194
Communications and utilities 51 57
Clothing 29 109
Sports and leisure 26 113
Total 646 1,274


Accommodation in Sweden

Shared room outside of centre 248
Shared room in city centre 363
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 447
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 654


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