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TOP-30 prestigious language schools, camps and colleges in Italy where foreign students can study effective English courses all year round

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Nowadays, Italy is one of the most popular country among foreign students wishing to get excellent education abroad. SMAPSE offers you TOP-30 language schools, camps and colleges in Italy where foreign students can study effective English courses. SMAPSE experts have collected for you 30 best language schools, camps and colleges that allow to combine effective English courses with exciting experience of studying abroad: you can make the right choice due to program descriptions, tuition fees and student feedback. If necessary, SMAPSE specialists will answer all your questions.

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Studying in Italy for foreign students: features and advantages

  • One of the advantages of studying in Italy is reasonable prices: a wide price range will allow you to find a program that you like and afford
  • You can learn English in Italy by combining language lessons with the development of any field of activity - for example, the course “English + Italian cuisine” will help you to especially get into the country. No less curious are fashion, art or sports courses, football, tennis and horse riding
  • Italy is an amazing country! One of the advantages of studying here is to live in an amazing atmosphere of celebration and good nature among hospitable Italians, snow-capped peaks of the Alps, coniferous forest, orange groves, volcanoes, lakes, beaches and much more.

English courses in Italy for foreign students

In order for the English language courses in Italy to bring maximum benefits for children, schoolchildren and students, it is necessary to choose an appropriate school and a course. English courses in Italy differ in character and approach to learning, and most importantly - in goals. There are four main points that are worth considering:

  • Why do you study English?
  • What level of difficulty is suitable for you?
  • To what studying intensity are you prepared for?
  • What is your age?

Consider the features of the main types of English courses in language schools in Italy.

  • General English and Elementary course. Such programs involve learning English from scratch - thanks to this approach, anyone can start studying and enter English courses in Italy at a convenient time. Classes are built according to classical schemes, all the necessary language skills are mastered. In Italy, they take a communicative approach to learning - already in the first lessons you will begin to speak English, mastering everyday vocabulary.
  • Intensive and super-intensive English courses in Italy are designed for those students who need to learn the language as soon as possible. These courses are distinguished by a concise program and require a lot of hard work by students.
  • Home Language International , or a teacher's family education program, is another option for learning English effectively. Students are accommodated in the family of the teacher, lessons are also held here. A huge plus of these courses is the most natural language immersion. The student will receive maximum language practice by communicating with the teacher’s family members and spending all his time with them. Classes are built in an individual way. A teacher is a qualified and experienced expert that will draw up an effective curriculum according to personality of the student. In addition, there is a wide variety of accommodation and studying options: you can choose luxury living conditions, transfers, meeting and seeing off at the airport and much more.
  • Business English program allows students to learn business vocabulary and work hard on a communication skills. Here they will be trained to confidently express their opinions, to defend their point of view reasonably, they will talk about business ethics, features of business correspondence and negotiations
  • Professional English is a course that is perfect for those who plan to apply professional skills abroad and who simply need to have a special English terminology. For example, English for teachers, accountants, managers, etc.
  • Preparatory courses for exams have their own characteristics: there are no lessons on the basic development of language skills. The main purpose is the analysis of test tasks. 

Course name

Hours per week

Required Language Proficiency

Cost, €

General English


For students at any level (Beginner level)

From 120

Elementary level

20  From 120

Intensive English


From 200

Super Intensive English Course


From 300

English for passing the exam IELTS / TOEFL / PET, etc.

Elementary level

From 250

English for professionals


Upper-intermediate level

From 170

Intermediate level

From 400

English for Business


From 300

English +50



From 230

Individual courses

Make a reservation individually

From 40 euros per lesson

Home Language International

For students at any level

From 1200

English + hobbies


Elementary level

From 1000

Courses for teachers


From 230

Studying English in language schools in Italy

English courses in Italy come in two forms: short-term and long-term. At first, you will be able to master or improve your communication skill, expand your vocabulary. Long-term courses require in-depth study of the language, the development of special vocabulary, grammar and phraseology.

At the beginning of language classes, students are tested to identify the level of English proficiency, then they are divided in equal groups. Students take weekly mini-tests that depict their progress. The number of classes depends on the intensity of the course - in the remaining time, students of the courses spend on trips to cities in Italy, sightseeing, devote free time to shopping and entertainment.

Statistics of English courses in Italy

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week
Standard courses 20 8-10 Beginner €140+
Intensive courses 25-30 5-10 Beginner €250+
Super-Intensive courses 30-35 5-10 Beginner €340+
Exam Preparation 30-35 5-10 Elementary €280+
Specialization Courses 20-25 8-10 Upper-Intermediate €190+
Professional Courses 25-30 8-10 Intermediate €430+
Italian for Business 20-30 8-10 Intermediate €430+
Senior 50+ 20-25 8-10 Beginner €340+
Italian course + 20 8-10 Beginner €230+
One-to-one tuition individual 1 Beginner €40+ - lesson

Students Accommodation Options in Italy

Accomondation Meals Number of people per room Cost per week/min Cost per week/max
Homestay full Board or half Board 1-2 €204 €276
Hotel optional 1-2 €50/day €100/day
Appartment funded by a student 1-3 €144 €250

Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs Min., € Average €
Consular fee of the embassy €0 €50
Embassy Service Fee €29,50 €29,50
Flight (Moscow - Rome - Moscow) €430 €540
Medical insurance €25 €35
Study material €15 €25
Delivery of invitations by express mail €45 €75
Transfer/Escort €45 €100
Additional payment for accommodation per week, during the high season €20 €35
Additional payment for tuition per week, during the high season €25 €35
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