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TOP-15 prestigious universities and colleges in the Czech Republic where international students can get high-quality higer education

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Today, the Czech Republic is the leading country among best destinations for educational tourism according to foreign students. The Czech Republic attracts international students with high-quality educational services, a wide range of schools and colleges, exciting cultural programs. SMAPSE offers TOP-15 prestigious Czech universities and colleges where international students can get high-quality and balanced higher education that will open wide career opportunitites. 

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TOP-15 prestigious universities and colleges in the Czech Republic where international students can get high-quality higer education

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Higher education in the Czech Republic for foreign students

  • High level of education for children, schoolchildren and students

The Czech educational system develops the best academic and language programs: the Czech teaching methodology is based on the ideas of communicative and integrative approaches that have proven their effectiveness. The emphasis at universities in the Czech Republic is put on practice-oriented specialties, using innovative technology, electronic resources and online platforms

  • Prestigious and sought after diplomas in the labour market

Czech diplomas are recognized by all European countries: foreign students with a Czech diploma are not required to undergo nostrification of a diploma in order to start working in the European Union

  • Reasonable prices for academic programs

The Czech Republic belongs to the European countries where you can get an affordable education: there are many discounts and benefits for foreign students, not to mention the fact that studying in Czech at a state university in the Czech Republic is free. Higher education in the Czech Republic is available to almost everyone!

  • High living standards 

Living in the Czech Republic is very comfortable - the local population is quite hospitable and welcoming, the cities have well-developed infrastructure. In this country there are many attractions, interesting events and festivals are held. In addition, convenient location of the Czech Republic will allow to go around popular European countries during your studies at the university.

  • Good career prospects after graduation

According to the laws of the country, foreign students have the same rights as the local population, can apply for jobs and enter the public service. Foreign students who graduated in the Czech Republic stay to live and quickly find a good job

  • All conditions for foreign students are created

Students live in comfortable residences, which have everything you need for a full stay. Czech universities have language laboratories, multimedia centers, computer labs and laboratory, digital libraries and innovative classes

  • Excellent conditions for studying one or more foreign languages

The Czech Republic has a large number of language courses: the proximity of other European countries and a large number of foreigners provide excellent opportunities to studying foreign languages - Czech, English, German, French, Spanish or Chinese

  • Teaching support at the adaptation stage

In the early years, while studying, the student is assigned a curator who provides the necessary assistance and support in adapting to the new academic environment.

Studying at leading universities of the Czech Republic

Education at the University of the Czech Republic is represented by state and private universities, where you can get an education in relevant specialties - the most popular are medicine, economics, management and biomedical engineering. Foreign students often give preference to economic specialties. Czech universities offer several unique highly specialized areas that are perfect for students with a formed circle of interest. So, at Charles University you can find such original programs as e-culture and semiotics, social and cultural ecology.

Today, about 2900 foreign students study at state-funded places at Czech universities. Many applicants go through a year of language preparation course and then enter academic programs. Duration of undergraduate studies is 3-4 years, Master's programs - 2 years. Czech universities take a more informed approach to student learning: students who choose higher education in the Czech Republic are endowed with greater freedom of choice and can choose priority disciplines. The academic load is quite large, there is not much free time.

Admission to the University of the Czech Republic: what do you need to know?

The Czech Republic is one of the few European countries where students can immediately go to college after school. The vast majority of universities accept applications in January-February. Applicants can apply to an unlimited number of universities, but you will need to pay a fee to each university, in addition, you will need to prepare a certificate of medical examination. Nostrification of a certificate is a mandatory procedure for confirming (equating) a foreign certificate: in this way, state authorities officially confirm educational certificate's validity. To confirm High School diploma, it is necessary to apply to the Department of Education. Students with incomplete higher or higher education - to the university administration. After solving all formal issues, in May the entrance exam procedure starts. Each Czech university itself sets the number of tests and interviews.

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