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TOP-70 prestigious schools and universities in France where international students can get high-quality and balanced higher education

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Today, France is the leading country among best destinations for educational tourism. France attracts international students with high-quality educational services, a wide range of schools and colleges, exciting cultural programs. SMAPSE offers TOP-70 prestigious schools and universities in France where international students can get advanced and in=demand higher education. French schools and universities provide a wide range of Bachelor's and Master's programs that will help build successful international career. 

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TOP-70 prestigious schools and universities in France where international students can get high-quality and balanced higher education

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Advantages of studying at universities in France for international students

  • Quality educational programs

France is famous for its centuries-old traditions in education: universities have qualified teachers who create conditions for upbringing and development of harmonious young people, responsible and decent, able to think critically. Regardless of the location of the university - in the famous capital or province - you will find equally good courses. Cities like Paris, Nice, Bordeaux and Cannes are popular among foreign students.

  • Simplified admission system

Students usually do not need to take entrance exams and can enter after graduating from high school. In addition, diplomas of foreign universities are recognized iin France, which greatly simplifies admission to postgraduate programs

  • Wide price range

You can get higher education in France in public and private universities. State universities are positioned as free, as in other countries with similar policies, students only pay an annual fee near 300 euros. Studying in private universities will cost more: they create more comfortable conditions, students are studying in small groups, all universities are technically well equipped - in this regard, the cost of studying in private universities is quite high

  • Modern teaching approaches 

Studying at universities in France has several features. Lectures at French universities are held in the form of discussions, an exchange of views between the teacher and students. Teachers expect active participation, expression of students' opinion and questions on the topic

  • A wide range of opportunities after graduation

University graduates have excellent prospects: university diplomas, higher education in France is highly valued by European companies, many students stay here after successful employment or continue their studies at graduate programs. Demanded directions: fashion, design, cooking, tourism and management.

Higher Education in France for foreign students

  • The system of scientific degrees

Higher education in France at leading universities is divided into several levels, corresponding to the gradation of the degrees of the Bologna system, but it has national names: License (Bachelor's degree), Master (Master's degree), Doctorat (Doctoral degree)

  • English programs

To get higher education in France in English is quite possible: there are about 800 academic programs (mainly in the areas of engineering, science, management and business), where foreign students can study fully in English. Least of all chances to find English-language programs for the humanities, most of the areas of art, design and literature courses also usually take place in French .

Studying in France for foreign students

For foreign applicants, getting a Bachelor's degree in France is an attractive alternative to other European countries. Higher education in France costs less than top-level educational institutions in the UK, Switzerland and Germany. At the same time, academic programs correspond to high educational standards in Europe. Bachelor's degree, or License, lasts 3 years - during this period, students master general and applied knowledge. Experienced professors conduct lectures. 

According to statistics, France is the state with one of the highest percentage of deductions: only 23% of students graduate from the university the first time. This is largely due to the high requirements for students and a rigid system of knowledge control.

Students have the right to earn extra money while studying, but no more than 20 hours a week, subject to good academic performance, they can apply for a scholarship program. Among university graduates, 87% find work in the first year after receiving a diploma - the youngest are the brightest chances for young people with diplomas of medical faculties, followed by graduates of exact and natural areas.

Master's degree in France for international students

Master's programs are no less, and perhaps more popular among foreign students. A similar trend is due to the following factors:

  • While undergraduate courses students receive a theoretical basis and the last two years have just begun to master applied issues, then the Master's program is devoted to practical issues - as a result, students have more skills and more chances to get a job
  • Local students perceive master courses not as an additional stage of education, but as a next stage, therefore they are in great demand
  • Here you will find a large number of programs conducted in English.

Magistracy is divided into research and applied areas: the former are intended for those who are going to connect their lives with science, and the latter are intended for those who are planning further employment. The duration of Master's degrees in both types will be two years. The main load is the student’s independent work and lecture attendance. Students must provide 60-100 pages thesis at the end of each year, which is a structured research text on a chosen topic.

Preparation for entering universities in France

Admission to universities in France is a simple procedure. 

  • Students can enter French universities immediately after high school graduation
  • There are no entrance tests
  • An opportunity to receive a scholarship 
  • The Ministry of Education sets strict admission rules for all universities, thanks to this, foreign students minimize the number of errors in collecting documents.
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