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29 best universities in Czech Republic for international students: rankings, tuition fees, reviews

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Today, more and more foreign students choose studying in the Czech Republic as it allows to get deep knowledge that will help in the future career. SMAPSE offers more than 10 best universities in the Czech Republic where international students can get high-quality higher education. Higher education received in the Czech Republic allows to become in-demand expert that has great chances to get well paid job in the international labour market. Due to the list of TOP-10 prestigious universities in the Czech Republic, you will definitely find the most appropriate option. Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

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TOP Czech universities for foreign students

The Czech Republic is a country of modern affordable education and ancient universities, attracting the best specialists and teachers to teach humanitarian, technical, medical specialties. Czech universities offer students programs in Czech / English, pre-university preparation, postgraduate education. For several years they have been in TOP popular student destinations. 

What are the advantages of studying at a university in the Czech Republic?

  • Higher education abroad for foreign students is an opportunity to get an international diploma and the right to work in any country in the world. The performance is evaluated by the European System of Transfer and Accumulation of Points (ECTS), therefore diplomas of Czech universities are recognized by all European countries, as well as Canada, the USA, Australia, etc.
  • Free education for everyone. The only condition is command of Czech at the academic level.
  • Studying in Czech universities allows to practice in your chosen specialty in Europe and the USA, travel around the EU countries.
  • The geographic location of the country makes it attractive for foreign students
  • Low prices for accommodation and meals, a decent standard of living, European safety standards allow you to include higher education in the Czech Republic in the list of best offers.
  • Foreign students have an opportunity to immerse in the language environment, plunge into the traditions and customs of an old European country, get acquainted with its sights.

5 best universities in the Czech Republic for foreign students

In the Czech Republic there is a large number of universities and educational areas. TOP-5 leading universities in the country are:

  • Charles University
  • University of Economics of Prague
  • Masaryk University
  • University of Chemical Technology in Prague
  • Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design

Free higher education in the Czech Republic in Czech

All students have a right to get education in the Czech universities for free. Nevertheless, international students must have academic level of Czech proficiency. For the development of subjects in Czech, there are special programs of pre-university language preparation. 

There are special language centers in the country that offer semester or one-year Czech language programs developed by qualified teachers. Future applicants master Czech in the amount of 27-30 academic hours per week and are engaged in specialized subjects, and at the end of the course, the student passes testing and receives a level B2 certificate. The percentage of those, who go to state universities to budget places, among those, who have completed language courses in Czech language schools, is very high - more than 90%. The cost of language courses depends on the duration, place of study (Prague, Brno, etc.), as well as the number of academic hours and varies from 1950 € to 4400 €.

Educational programs for foreign students in Czech universities

The choice of a university in the Czech Republic is determined by the desired specialty and the degree to which the applicant applies. The standard programs for the European educational system are available to foreign students:

  • Baccalaureate (3-4 years) - focused on the development of pedagogical specialties and preparation for Master's programs;
  • Master's program (1-3 years on the basis of undergraduate studies and 4-6 years after school) - mastering theoretical knowledge and developing creative work skills
  • Doctoral studies (3-4 years) are aimed at the formation of scientific thinking and research skills.

The most popular among students are technical, medical, economic and humanitarian specialties - the first two options give good chances for further employment in the Czech Republic.

Czech universities: scholarships and grants for international students

In addition to free education, scholarships are available to students of Czech universities. What categories of students can qualify for it?

  • if you entered the budget on a general basis and show brilliant results in studying
  • if you come under the international exchange program
  • if you study in Czech undergraduate and graduate programs in a number of specialties
  • if you are studying in English for a Master or Doctor.

Czech universities also provide grants to pay for graduate studies in a number of technical and natural sciences for 1-2 semesters.

Universities of the Czech Republic: types, features

Czech state universities have a strong reputation, traditions, invite leading experts in their fields, have high-quality equipment and resources for scientific work, and, most importantly, only state educational institutions do not charge fees for taking a course in Czech (there are 26 of them in the country).

Private universities offer training in the most popular areas and programs, but only on a commercial basis. However, studying in the Czech Republic, even on a fee basis, remains accessible to many foreign students, given that a diploma of such a university is recognized in Europe, the USA, Canada and other regions.

Package of documents for entering best universities in the Czech Republic

Short list of main documents:

  • application for admission
  • nostrification (confirmation of compliance with Czech state educational standards) of a school certificate / diploma of the university: this procedure takes about 1 month and takes place without problems, provided that you studied at an educational institution that has passed state accreditation in your country
  • confirmation of payment of the application for admission (each application to the university costs 15-20 €, the number of applications is not limited)
  • documents at the request of a specific educational institution: letter of motivation, portfolio, test results for English proficiency, etc.

Requirements for submitting documents:

  • State universities, as a rule, accept applications by the end of February / March (specify the specific dates in the information departments of the chosen institution)
  • All documents are submitted in Czech and must be notarized.

Tuition fees at Czech universities for international students

If you select English as the language of the program, the course at the university will be paid. The cost of studying at a university is 2700-15000 € per year. Education at private universities and institutes is paid regardless of the chosen teaching language.

Top 50 universities in the USA

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2 Stanford University
3 Harvard University
4 California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
5 University of Chicago
6 Princeton University
7 Cornell University
8 University of Pennsylvania
9 Yale University
10 Columbia University
11 Johns Hopkins University
12 Duke University
13 Northwestern University
14 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
15 New York University
16 Carnegie Mellon University
17 University of Wisconsin-Madison
18 Brown University
19 University of Washington
20 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
21 Rice University
22 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
23 Boston University
24 University of California, Davis
25 Washington University in St. Louis
26 Purdue University
27 University of Southern California
28 University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
29 University of Maryland, College Park
30 University of Pittsburgh
31 Michigan State University
32 Emory University
33 University of Minnesota
34 University of Florida
35 University of Rochester
36 Case Western Reserve University
37 Texas A&M University
38 University of Virginia
39 Vanderbilt University
40 University of Colorado Boulder
41 Dartmouth College
42 University of Notre Dame
43 Arizona State University
44 University of California, Irvine
45 Georgetown University
46 Tufts University
47    University of Miami
48 North Carolina State University
49 University of Massachusetts Amherst

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Cost of living in Czech Republic

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 144 195
Food 127 215
Transportation 18 79
Communications and utilities 58 89
Clothing 20 76
Sports and leisure 17 59
Total 384 713


Accommodation in Czech Republic

Shared room outside of centre 145
Shared room in city centre 197
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 273
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 365


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