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Top 5 Best Law Schools on the Planet

Top 5 Best Law Schools on the Planet

After completing a higher education course, many students are going to pursue an academic career. Especially for them, we have made a small guide that will allow you to choose a law school "for yourself", taking into account personal requests, skills and competencies.

Before proceeding to the review, a number of points should be discussed.

  • In different countries, schools of law use different terminology. Most often, the first degree is called BA, LLB or JD – this abbreviation is used in the United States and Canada. Such programs have a duration of 3-4 years and serve as a qualification, a condition for admission to the labor market as a lawyer;
  • A number of schools assume that applicants will be bachelors with work experience, whether it is an NGO or a law corporation, state internships or work as an assistant professor of law;
  • After completing the bachelor's course, you can also get a master's degree. You will have to study for a year;
  • Those who are not satisfied with what has been achieved should consider a philosophical doctorate in the field of law — S.J.D., J.S.D.

Harvard Law School

Harvard, as a law school, has the world's largest academic law library. And what else do you need to study law?

In addition, in the ranking of higher education institutions QS, this school ranks first in the legal profile, not to mention the fact that it is the oldest university in North America, the most influential, prestigious and sprouted with connections from heaven to hell.

There are several programs that allow you to acquire a lawyer's degree:

  • J.D. is a three-year program that provides a sum of basic legal knowledge in various fields; after completion, students can focus on something that is especially important and interesting to them;
  • LL.M. – a shorter educatioanl program lasting an academic year; designed for those with legal skills and practice;
  • S.J.D. is an advanced degree for those wishing to pursue a career in law.

University of Oxford, Faculty of Law

Occupying a worthy place at the top of a wide variety of ratings, this educational institution can offer its pets the largest and most powerful doctoral program in English.

Along with student courses, a wide range of master's program options are offered - from criminology and taxes to human rights protection and many other areas; they are intended for those whose first education was not related to law.

Oxford also offers several degree options:

  • Bachelor of Laws equivalent to Bachelor of Laws. The most ordinary course of three years, the usual format with pairs, essays and exams;
  • Four-year undergraduate course, where one year takes place abroad, in Italian, French, German, Spanish universities (implying the study of national law) or in the Netherlands (in this case, the subject of the student's interest will be European or international law);
  • Undergraduate senior is an abbreviated course for holders of at least one higher education;
  • BCL – a course of education for masters of general law, which is called a bachelor's degree;
  • Magister Juris or MJur is an analogue of the previous one for those who specialize in civilistics;
  • Finally, the highest level here is occupied by the legal doctorate; this is a research program, according to the results of which it is necessary to write and defend a dissertation.

Yale Law School

When it comes to this university, epithets of superlative and comparative degree may not be enough. It is one of the coolest law schools on the planet with an extraordinary atmosphere, countless different activities and huge opportunities to study law.

It offers an incredibly wide range of experience in the academic field. The master's program here is available both for legal scholars and for those who are not lawyers, but would like to acquire the appropriate ideas, skills and way of thinking.

  • J.D. is a three-year degree offering a set of foundation courses with an extensive internship program. Students write court reports, prepare witnesses, consider cases, engage in arbitration and mediation, gaining invaluable practical experience;
  • LL.M. – in just a year you can become a teaching lawyer;
  • J.S.D. is a doctoral program for a select few – those who graduated from the previous program at Yale;
  • Ph.D. is a doctoral educational  program where JDs prepare for an academic career.

University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

One of the oldest and most venerable universities in England. He has been educating lawyers since the XIII century. At that time, the main disciplines were Roman law and canon law of the Catholic Church. Since then, England has gone through the Reformation, but the fame of one of the best faculties of ecclesiastical law for Cambridge has been preserved.

Along with the usual set, it also offers an MCL master's program: it educates corporate law specialists, forges personnel for transnational corporations and the country's largest taxpayers.

Stanford Law School

Stanford Law School offers its pets countless chances to pull out a lucky ticket. Among them are independent and extremely accurate adjustment of joint degrees, individual courses and studies at the intersection of law and other disciplines of academic knowledge.

Research in experimental fields, new solutions in the field of business, an excellent library and unquestioned authority - these are the reasons why applicants choose this university for themselves.

In addition to legal programs, it offers to obtain a Master of Laws degree MLS - it is not professional and is intended for those who do not have preliminary education in the field of jurisprudence.

Along with traditional solutions, Stanford Law School offers three types of related degrees:

  • JD-master's degree, both for future practitioners and theorists;
  • JD/MD for those who would like to combine law with medical sciences or biology;
  • JD/Ph.D. – in a whole range of more than 20 disciplines.

In addition, there are solutions such as LLM – specialized degrees that can be granted to applicants with initial legal education received outside the United States, and SPILS – Stanford's international studies program, which is formed with an eye to foreign applicants who would like to develop in the field of teaching, work in public administration or non-profit organizations.

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