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2018-07-30 11:56:58

Summer camps in Miami for foreign students

Summer camps in Miami for foreign students

Study and rest is the perfect motto for a summer camp with learning English in Miami. Children's language camps in Miami allow students to significantly improve the level of the language, get wonderful memories of the holidays and get to know peers from around the world.

Miami - one of the largest megacities in the south of the US, which closely intertwined tourist attractions and international companies. Miami is a beautiful city with a good climate. A large number of beaches and proximity to the ocean will allow students to have a wonderful rest in one of the most famous cities of America. A large number of attractions and museums will make the rest really interesting.

Holiday programs in Miami are held under the auspices of leading educational institutions and offer a wide range of programs for students of all ages who differ in the number of hours of English, the intensity of the program and the list of leisure activities. Children's camps in Miami have high reviews from parents and students.

Educational Benefits

Linguistic camps in Miami allow the child to get a unique experience of communication in a multicultural environment. The advantages of studying in sunny Miami include:

  • High safety - the student is always under supervision. Workers of the camp are always ready to help children with any difficulties.
  • Aiming at the result and the ability to think - during education, students learn to set goals and achieve them. A feature of learning in the US is its focus on developing thinking skills and finding information from students.
  • The national composition of the camp participants with a small number of children from one country. Despite the fact that the student feels more confident with peers from his country, it is worth choosing a camp where there are few students from the same country, as this will help to overcome the language barrier more quickly. So the student will be able to practice the language constantly during games and socializing with friends.
  • Excellent infrastructure and the latest equipment, as the education takes place on the basis of elite universities, the best colleges and leading schools.
  • Modern educational programs and highly qualified teachers-native speakers.

Studying programs

Education in the summer camp in Miami provides a wide variety of vacation programs for students - from traditional to adventure:

  • General / intensive English + rest is ideal for children with poor language knowledge. During the education the child will master the spoken language, get acquainted with the basic grammatical rules and significantly expand the vocabulary. The main advantage of education in the United States is that the child will receive excellent practice and confidence in their abilities. Excursions and extra-curricular activities will allow students to get wonderful memories and find a common language with peers from different countries.
  • Academic English + rest allows you to study school or university subjects in English. During this course, students will also get acquainted with the basic rules and requirements for learning in America, and unforgettable and enjoyable holidays will make a variety of excursions and trips.
  • English language + sport - this course is suitable for students who are interested in achieving high results in sports. Most summer camps for children have an excellent resource base and the latest sports equipment.
  • English + art - students will not only improve the basic skills of the language, but also develop their creative abilities in acting, music, dancing, drawing, etc.
  • English + science is a program for real researchers. It can include robotics, programming, and more.
  • Individual programs.


In most cases, students are offered several options for accommodation to choose from:

  • Residence / hotel - cozy rooms for 1-2 people (some camps offer accommodation in rooms for 3-4 people) and a wide variety of activities after lunch. Also, such a variant of residence provides an opportunity for constant communication with students from other countries. Meals are usually provided on the basis of a full board.
  • Living with a host family gives an opportunity to get to know the everyday life of an American family. It is also an excellent practice of English during breakfast or dinner.
  • Full-time education, during which students attend all classes, however they live with their family. This option is ideal for students residing in America or traveling with their relatives.

Leisure activities

Extra-curricular and excursion activities acquire special significance in summer camps abroad, because it is various excursions that enable students to get acquainted with the culture of the country and visit the main sights.

Summer camps in Miami have a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, including sports (football, basketball, rugby, volleyball and much more) and creativity (music, drawing, etc.). Some children's camps in Miami offer interesting educational programs for surfing under the supervision of experienced instructors.

A huge number of world-famous attractions have become the main beautiful and diverse excursion program. Usually it includes:

  • City tour
  • A trip to the amusement park "Adventure Island"
  • Visit Universal Studio
  • Disney World
  • A variety of water parks and beaches
  • Travel to world famous museums and parks.

Camp Ranking

Most vacation programs in Miami have an excellent ranking all over the world and are included in the top USA rankings. Summer camps are held on the basis of prestigious universities, leading colleges and elite schools.

The best summer camps in Miami:

1. University of Miami Summer Camp is a unique children's camp in which a student can independently form their own schedule in accordance with their interests and preferences. A wide selection of disciplines and experienced teachers will make the learning process interesting and exciting. A variety of sightseeing trips will allow you to get to know the culture of the USA.

2. Rennert International Miami is an online English language school that offers a variety of vacation programs for students. All educational programs are based on the connection of theoretical knowledge and practical activities, which will allow students to constantly improve and not be bored during the lessons.

3. OHLA Miami Summer School is an online English language school that tries to make learning interesting and cognitive for every student.

Of particular interest is the summer vacation program "English and the Academy of Cinema" from the New York Film Academy South Beach Miami. This course gives students the opportunity to feel like a real director or actor and develop the skills they need in one of these areas.

Tuition fees

The price of education in most Miami camps starts from 1,000-1,200 $ per week. The cost of education depends on the chosen program and its duration. The price usually includes studying for the chosen course, study materials, a test of English, a certificate of passing the program, leisure activities and sightseeing trips.

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