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TOP-10 online English schools

TOP-10 online English schools

Online language learning schools at a comfortable pace. In addition to saving time on the road (the online format allows you to study at home or in the office, in any other convenient place), you can choose the teacher. you. If you want to learn English, the offer in any city is enough, but if you want to learn a rarer language, online courses can sometimes be available.

You can try all the possible options for online learning and choose the one you want. Skype lessons with the development of specific topics. To choose the best path for you, try a few trial exercises of different formats and make the best combination!

People learn English for different purposes: to successfully pass TOEFL, IELTS or other English exams. Counselors from the best schools teach you to wish and choose the right course.


Top 10 online English language schools

The online education segment. SMAPSE and the top 10 best online English courses, compiled from SMAPSE's own experience and feedback from real customers.


  • Trial lesson: free of charge. Language proficiency determination.
  • Courses: General English, English for Beginners, Business English, English for Travel, Conversational Practice.
  • Cost: from $ 10 / lesson.

Englex English Online School has been working since 2011 and combines extensive experience of teaching and in-depth online skills. School teachers are people with experience in education, sales and technical field, who know English well and live in other language-speaking countries. He takes into account all factors that ensure effective employment: the training is on an individual basis, the student says 70% of the time, the work with the staff takes into account the needs of the student, the teacher pays special attention to the workers. Teachers explain grammar in simple language, assign interesting homework, students watch videos, listen to songs, translate chapters from their favorite books and learn to understand the language of modern blogs easily, but most importantly - speak VERY much English.

The composition of the program depends on the course you choose. For example, a general online conversation course includes:

  • Duration - 6-9 months at each stage
  • Intensity - 2-3 times a week.
  • Lessons - 45-60 minutes.

Englex Benefits:

  • Modern British textbooks adapted to the Skype format
  • Working hours: anytime, flexible schedule.
  • Teachers - native speakers
  • Conversation Clubs
  • Practical communication with carriers, teachers, school pupils
  • Internet classroom
  • Own platform
  • Full set of materials
  • Pay from 5 lessons
  • Discounts of up to 35% on package payment
  • Free class transfer
  • Freeze your balance for any period
  • Refunds for remaining classes
  • Multiple payment methods.


  • Sample lesson: free.
  • Courses: Dex the dino, watch, turn on, breakthrough, private lessons, courses for children, teenagers, adults.
  • Cost: from $6/lesson.

The YES! language school unites rich experience and traditions of the best language schools of Europe with an innovative approach to solving many problems that arise in the process of language teaching.

Benefits of YES!:

  • Free online testing
  • One-to-One lessons
  • Innovative online platform.

You work individually with a teacher in a virtual classroom, consolidate your knowledge on your own, log in to your personal account using a computer, tablet or other device and complete an assignment.


Education includes several blocks:

  • Speaking - you provide guidance on the use of certain grammatical structures, lexical units, individual settings
  • Reading text, completing assignments to understand it
  • Writing - Writing assignments
  • Listening - Watching videos and doing assignments
  • Grammar - Learning rules, doing grammar exercises
  • Vocabulary - defining meanings of new words from the context, exercises to use them
  • Pronunciation - listening to examples of pronunciation, intonation, pronunciation, phrasing.


  • Trial lesson: free of charge, includes language level determination, introduction to the digital textbook, selection of the right course.
  • Courses: English via Skype.
  • Cost: with a native speaker - from $ 20 / lesson.

EnglishDom - a school of English of the next generation, one of the leaders in Eastern Europe. The peculiarity of the English language is to learn English. The school combines one-on-one tutoring via Skype, online courses, online simulation, mobile apps and conversation clubs.

How do EnglishDom classes work?

  • 1-on-1 classes with a teacher.
  • Duration: 50 minutes.
  • Recommended intensity: 2-3 times a week.
  • Native speaking teachers
  • Guaranteed results with a responsible attitude.

School teachers:

  • Have a teaching background and years of experience working with students.
  • They go through a multistage selection process (separately - a psychological test on the willingness of the students to learn)
  • They are individually selected for each student.
  • They undergo regular training and refresher courses.

Advantages of EnglishDom:

  • Conversation Clubs.
  • Practice of speaking, overcoming the language barrier
  • Meeting new people
  • Choice of topics and teachers
  • English Immersion
  • Learning words, extra lessons via mobile app
  • Grammar practice in an online simulator
  • Learning how to listen in the "Video Practice".
  • Personal liaison supervisor 24/7, ready to address all learning issues, monitor progress, can quickly adjust the program, reschedule or lesson upon request.

Digital Textbook:

  • Digital textbook learning lessons, with video communication, teacher
  • Learning new words, listening, writing, grammar in a game format
  • Homework assignments are always available.


  • Free trial lesson.
  • Courses: English for children, teenagers, adults.
  • Cost: from $ 27 / lesson 

The school has been operating since August 2012, and since 2014 Skyeng launched its own learning platform Vimbox, thanks to which English is taught in a virtual classroom, and the process has become effective and validated. Teachers regulate progress, track results, adjust education, and send a report after each lesson. Accepting interactive assignments tailored to your interests: watching videos, listening to and translating songs, analyzing articles in English.

The advantages of Skyeng:

  • Teachers are professionals who can find an approach to each student.
  • Skyeng is Europe's largest online school
  • Students have completed almost six million lessons
  • Classes lasts 50 minutes
  • Classes lasts 24 hours a day
  • 41% of students bring their friends and acquaintances to school
  • 87% of people who apply for a test lesson start a regular class

Internet Class

  • Trial lesson: free of charge, goals specified, teacher/native speaker, program selected.
  • Courses: English from scratch, conversational English, English for business, English for students, English for exams, English with a native speaker.
  • Cost: from $ 27 / lesson 

Mel Rogers is a native English speaker, founder and investor. A few years ago, moved from Wales.

The strengths of the Internet Class:

  • Professional English teachers, native speakers, working on an innovative online learning platform
  • Available in 3 class packages for groups of 2-3 people, individual English classes
  • You can purchase a class.
  • The course program depends on the student's goals.
  • Corporate English Courses
  • SpeakEasy - English conversation club with native speakers on weekends.
  • Classes are scheduled by students; there is a possibility of transferring classes. One class lasts 60 minutes.


  • Trial lesson: free of charge, includes level and goal clarification
  • Courses: beginners' course, conversational English, Upper-Intermediate, English for programmers, English with a native speaker, marathon
  • Cost: from $240.

Benefits of SkyLCclub:

  • Individual lessons with a teacher
  • All necessary materials for lessons and homework
  • Extra tips for individual work
  • Homework, discussing mistakes with the teacher
  • Development of speaking skills, overcoming the language barrier
  • Support manager for the entire course.

Puzzle English

  • Trial lesson: free
  • Courses: English for beginners, conversational English, grammar, online exercises and games for language learning.
  • Cost: starting at $ 12 / month.

Puzzle English is a resource that allows you to learn English online for students of any level and for any purpose. It is an online platform (website and mobile apps) for self-study

Benefits of Puzzle English:

  • You can use any language depending on your eligibility (the free service will be valid for 7 days)
  • All English lessons online at Puzzle English are ranked by difficulty: choose yours in the settings
  • Free access to content (1 lesson, 20 phrases, and 1 word per day)
  • Simplified learning for all purposes and interests: TV shows, video clips, TV shows, and other engaging content - a guarantee of fast learning
  • Content on a variety of topics: Logical English teachers regularly add content with lessons on topics ranging from slang expressions to open vocabulary. English from scratch, but also learn the rarest rules
  • Watch your progress - tests to determine your vocabulary level
  • There is no limit to the duration of the course. You can use the teacher's method course you purchased.

White Rabbit

  • Trial lesson: free of charge.
  • Courses: general course, tourist program, "Business", preparation for exams, certificates, interviews, intensive classes.
  • Cost: up to intermediate level - from $ 8 / lesson, above average - from $ 9 / lesson.

All classes and study institutions (groups of students), with attendance and homework. The schedule is filled out by the teacher. Student is notified by email and reminded to refill their account. The teacher's level of knowledge and experience is verified by credentials and certificates. The teacher sends the student learning materials electronically.

Conversation Club: date, time, and club topic are emailed in advance. Pre-registration for the club meeting is required. Between 4 and 12 people participate in the club meeting.

Benefits of White Rabbit Online School:

  • Individual program for each student
  • You choose your own schedule and duration of classes
  • Substitute teacher if necessary
  • Affordable prices, flexible discount system.
  • Your account manager works seven days a week
  • Free Talk Club
  • One lesson will last 45, 60 or 90 minutes.
  • Class schedules are coordinated between teachers, students (students in groups)
  • Cancellation and rescheduling of classes by agreement.


  • Trial lesson: free - determining the level of the language, a full lesson that fascinates the student.
  • Courses: English online for children ages 4-12, premium courses with a native speaker.
  • Cost: from $8/lesson.

Subscription type:

  • English: 8 lessons, subscription for 2 lessons per week = $8/lesson
  • Premium Course - lessons with a native speaker: 8 lessons, subscription for 2 lessons per week = $12/lesson.


  • Trial lesson: free of charge.
  • Courses: lessons with a native teacher on a personal program.
  • The cost - from 7 $/class.

VikiCenter's teachers will help you to overcome the language barrier and enlarge your vocabulary. VikiCenter offers classes and courses designed for each level of different types of goals, students work with individual program. VikiCenter also offers courses with native speakers of English (American and British) both individually and in groups.

Teachers are reviewed each year in the country of the language they teach. The school also prepares for international exams and interviews.

  • Course duration 1-30 lessons
  • Lesson duration 30-90 minutes.
  • The cost of a lesson with a native speaker is negotiated separately.
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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