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TOP-8 strangest festivals in the world

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TOP-8 strangest festivals in the world

Festivals are a popular pastime. But what if this is not just a series of concerts, an ode to beer or painting, but a feast of monkeys, throwing burning rags or a coffin race? Discover the world's weirdest festivals!

Monkey feast

  • Where? Lopburi, Thailand
  • When? Last Sunday in November.

Monkeys living in Thailand are very lucky - they have their own feast. The history of this holiday dates back to a legend from an ancient epic: once a villain kidnapped the wife of God Rama, and Hanuman, turning into a little monkey, saved a woman. God Rama for heroic deeds presented the monkey king - Hanuman - lands. According to legend, it was on these lands that the city of Lopburi, the kingdom of monkeys, was founded. Since then, the last Sunday in November is a tribute to the monkeys: people come, bring them treats, among which there are quite unusual ones - blocks of frozen fruits in ice. After the feast - a carnival, costume dances and fun.

Fireball festival

  • Where? Nepaha, El Salvador
  • When? August 31.

Every year, on the last day of the summer, Nepach is home to the Fireball Festival. There is no single version explaining the origin of this event, but some argue that the festival is being organized as a tribute to the memory of a powerful volcanic eruption that occurred 100 years ago. The bottom line is that people throw balls and rags dipped in gasoline at each other. Preparation begins in 2 months - shells are being prepared. On the day of the battle, the participants are divided into 2 teams, wearing suits with skeletons and garden gloves. Burning balls fly like snowballs. The festival is "guarded" by doctors and policemen. After the battles, concerts take place and the real fun begins.

Coffin race

  • Where? Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA
  • When? 27th October.

The history of the festival is as follows: Emma Crawford is a young girl who lived in Manitou Springs. In 1891, shortly before her wedding, she dies of tuberculosis. Before her death, the girl ordered to bury her on the top of a red rock - the failed husband and several of Emma's friends fulfilled this promise, but in 1939 due to bad weather the rock was washed away and the coffin with Emma's ashes rolled through the city. This is how the tradition of organizing coffin races in honor of Emma Crawford was born. In addition to the coffin races, festival participants take part in contests for the best Emma, the best coffin design. At different times, the winners were coffins in the form of a shark, a baby carriage, a submarine, etc.

El Colacho

  • Where? Castrillo de Murcia, Spain
  • When? May June.

The festival originated in 1620 in the form of a strange ceremony: every year a man, dressed in a red and yellow suit and symbolizing the devil, jumps over ... babies spread out at regular intervals on the asphalt. If you find this strange, think that the Spaniards consider it an important and necessary ritual: it is believed that all the evil, all the troubles and sins that await babies in life, will follow the devil, freeing the babies.

Oil fight

  • Where? Edirne, Turkey
  • When? January.

The history of the festival began in the 13th century. Forty of the strongest warriors from the Sultan's guard decided to find out who of them is the most agile and strong. In the final, there were 2 warriors who were never able to beat each other - both died of dehydration and exhaustion. An important feature - before the fight, the soldiers were smeared with olive oil. Today, of course, no one is trying to earn primacy in the guard of the Sultan: the battle of seven centuries ago became the prototype of the Oil Wrestling festival and gave rise to a new type of wrestling - guresh.

100 fighters take part in the battle annually. The fight takes 30-40 minutes. For the entire period of the festival, 500 liters of olive oil is used to lubricate the fighters. During the battle, there is an announcer in the arena reciting poetry - it is believed that in this way he tunes the fighters in the right way.

Coopershield cheese slide

  • Where? Gloucester, UK
  • When? Last Monday in May.

This strange festival is taking place in the UK, and despite attempts by the authorities to ban it, it is gaining more and more popularity. The bottom line is this: ahead of Gloucester cheese descends from the mountain, the task of the participants-to catch up with him and catch. At first it seems like a lot of fun, but in fact it is traumatic, so there is always an ambulance on duty at the foot of the mountain.

Washboard music festival

  • Where? Logan, Ohio, USA
  • When? June.

Recently, a washboard - a washboard - has been officially recognized as a musical instrument! No wonder he so quickly gained fame and even received a festival in his honor! The location of the festival, where the main character is the washboard, was not chosen by chance: it is in Logan, Ohio, that the factory for the manufacture of this item is located. Just imagine an ensemble playing this unusual instrument!

Camel Cup Lasseters

  • Where? Alice Springs, Australia 

The camel race is the main event in the life of Alice Springs. For 40 years this event has existed, in which the main characters - camels - gallop, making a comic ride. All festival participants will enjoy fairs, beauty contests, unusual races and a lot of fun.

It is unlikely that you wanted to visit at least one of these festivals. And if all the same "yes", then you can safely call yourself an unusual person who prefers non-trivial and sometimes even strange entertainment.

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