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2022-04-01 02:00:15

TOP-20 popular countries for tourism and 20 most popular souvenirs

TOP-20 popular countries for tourism and 20 most popular souvenirs

When we travel around the globe, usually rarely anyone refrains from buying gifts for friends, relatives, and sometimes they want to buy something as a souvenir. Ideally, the gift should be memorable, useful and unusual, but most often it all comes down to traditional souvenirs from a shop at the airport or a set of local alcohol, rarely tea or herbal collections.

On the other hand, if you do not succumb to the charm of banality and do not get a miniature metal figure of the Eiffel Tower, which in great numbers and variety are sold at great price by Parisian gypsies, at one point it may seem that you have not been there at all.

And what and from where is it generally accepted to bring as souvenirs from distant countries?

  1. Russian nesting doll. What it is is common knowledge. Several wooden intricately painted dolls, made in the same style and inserted one into another. You can buy such toys in different countries, although most people agree that their homeland is Russia (there is, however, a rather convincing "Japanese" trace).
  2. In addition to figurines of various netsuke gods, sculptural images in the form of athletes of the national Japanese sumo wrestling are very often brought from Japan. You can buy such a souvenir there at almost any step.
  3. A very popular Romanian souvenir are figurines or mugs with the main national hero of the Wallachian historical epic – Count Vlad the Impaler, nicknamed Dracula. Is it any wonder that all the souvenir stalls are filled with this goodness for the most part?
  4. From China,  it is customary to bring home thermometers in the form of the main attraction of China - the Great Wall. You will be able to show guests that you have visited the Celestial Empire, and at the same time be aware of all weather changes.
  5. From the Vatican, which is not only a papal residence, but also the world's tiniest state with international recognition, its own armed forces and currency, they carry things related to the person of His Holiness. These can be portraits, figurines, or even openers for beer bottles.
  6. Papyrus gizmos, miniature pyramids, all kinds of sphinxes, statues of pharaohs and gods are transported from Egypt. Leaving the country without hiding at least one in the bowels of a suitcase will not work.
  7. Brazil is also famous for one of its statues, namely the thirty-meter statue of Christ the Redeemer, which stretched out its hands in the sign of the cross over Rio de Janeiro. This is one of the most important Brazilian attractions, and it is not surprising that almost everyone is trying to get a miniature copy of it to take home.
  8. The golem is a character from Jewish and Eastern European folklore. In appearance, the statue of the golem - the creation of one of the rabbis who lived in the XVI century in Prague - slightly resembles a sumo wrestler. These strange figurines, along with Czech absinthe and tinctures, are the most popular souvenir.
  9. As we have already mentioned, from the banks of the Seine it is customary to bring miniature copies of the main attraction of Paris, built by the engineer Gustave Eiffel at the end of the XIX century. In those days, public opinion considered the building too ugly and large for the capital of France, but now it is a recognized visiting card of the city. The most popular version is a keychain, and there are also bookmarks or flavors for the car interior.
  10. From California, electronics are usually brought with an "apple" on the back side. Another common souvenir is the air, or rather, the fog from under the arch of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  11. In addition to world-famous landmarks like the Tower of London, the largest Ferris wheel on Earth or Her Majesty's Palace, the British have something to inspect, capture on camera, and also take with them to their homeland in the form of souvenirs. There are even two such things: miniature copies of red telephone booths and double-Decker buses of the same color.
  12. In Switzerland , there are many things that are not found anywhere else – from chocolates to products of an amazing and original watch industry, not to mention the unparalleled multifunctional knives and the most reliable banks in the world. But for souvenirs, in addition to chocolate, a decorative neck bell is best suited - like those worn around the neck of local cows.
  13. From Mexico, alcohol and decorated skulls are usually brought - either the same, but made of glass or crystal. This is one of the most common souvenirs south of Texas. It is associated with one of Mexico's traditional festivities, the Day of the Dead, a bizarre mix of Catholic traditions and local pagan beliefs. Interesting to the point of creepiness!
  14. From Thailand, Vietnam and similar countries of Southeast Asia, you can bring a traditional headdress - a straw hat.
  15. But from the United States, or rather, from one of the American states, South Dakota, they bring quite strange things. The fact is that despite the fact that the state is not popular with tourists visiting the country, there is one of the most famous attractions - Mount Rushmore. If you suddenly happen to be here, you can buy a poster with a mountain or a lamp in the form of the heads of presidents.
  16. And the most famous, popular and best Austrian souvenir, associated, in addition, with the name of the great Austrian composer and musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is marzipan sweets "Mozartkugel". They are made of marzipan, dark chocolate and nougat.
  17. This country is just the right place to start collecting elephant figurines with a random souvenir! There are a lot of them, both alive, flesh and blood, and made of ceramics, bone or plastic. Of course, we are talking about India.
  18. From Malta, the ancient stronghold of the ancient knightly order of St. John of Jerusalem, also known as the Hospitallers or the Order of Malta, stone crosses made of white limestone are carried.
  19. Despite the fact that sailors and wars from Scandinavia never wore horned helmets in war and raids, these gizmos have become a wonderful and very popular example of souvenirs that can be dragged to the big land from this small country with a rich naval history.
  20. Hawaii is an amazing place, glorified by artists and poets. Here, the splendor of blue waters meets the whiteness of the beaches and the bright sun, and among all this, girls in wreaths of flowers dance hula. Why not grab one home? Of course, not a real one - only a statue, but very detailed and diligently executed.
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