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TOP-10 places to visit in the UAE

TOP-10 places to visit in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of Muslim countries that have enormous wealth from the oil trade. With virtually unlimited resources, they built cities of the future in the desert, cultivate gardens and parks there, and create artificial lakes and islands.

And all this must be the biggest, highest, most expensive, original. The Emirates are successfully coping with this task.

Burj Khalifa: an entire city in a tower

In 2010, Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai, opened a new building, which was to be called "Burj Dubai" - the Dubai Tower. The building was planned by the world champion in height, so its height was not announced in advance in case it was necessary to make changes to the project.

In his speech, Sheikh Mohammed announced that he was dedicating the construction of the tallest building to the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa, and henceforth the tower will be called Burj Khalifa.

The height of the tower is 828 meters (163 floors), there are observation platforms on the 142 and 124 floors. Burj Khalifa houses a hotel, restaurants, sports grounds, apartments, offices. There are different entrances for the business, residential and tourist segments of the building.

Floor 100 - apartment Indian millionaire (about 1500 m 2). On the 122nd floor there is the most "transcendental" restaurant in the world "Atmosphere". Residents and visitors are transported by 57 lifts. The air in the building is cleaned, modern technologies of moisture saving are working: condensate is collected and delivered through pipes to the storage tank. This water is used for irrigation.

Dubai fountain - water magic

The Dubai Musical Fountain is located at the foot of the Burj Khalifa. An artificial reservoir with an area of 12 hectares, during the day and in the evening, to the accompaniment of music, begins to throw out jets of water of a dizzying height - up to 150 m (50 floor of the building). Since the opening of the fountain in 2009, videos of the water show have been the most popular on social media. The fountain lighting, a huge number of water jets moving in a given direction, amazing musical compositions - this is an exciting show that can be watched for free 2 times during the day, and in the evening every half hour.

Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai: the United Arab Emirates has a past

The Al-Fahidi fortress on the shores of the Persian Gulf appeared in the 19th century: it served for protection in conflicts, as well as a prison. A fortress is made of shell rock and coral, the walls are very thick, there are 2 towers. In the basements of the fortress there is the National Museum of Dubai; in the courtyard of the fortress there are exhibited old ships and boats.

The museum displays the dwellings of the Arabs of past centuries, wax figures show national costumes. Modern computer technology offers an interactive study of the history of the UAE. The museum displays the tools of pearl divers, and with the help of interactive technologies you can visit the old pearl market.

Dubai Gold Souk: Oriental Excessive Luxury

The Gold Souk in Dubai, or the City of Gold, is a whole quarter of jewelry stores, the kingdom of gold, silver and jewelry. This is a traditional oriental market where bargaining is a must. In the City of Gold, all products are tested, there are no fakes, regardless of prices.

In addition to jewelry, collectible coins, dishes, just gold bars are sold here.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Abu Dhabi): Muslim Shrine and Visitor Center

The White Mosque in Abu Dhabi, like many things in the United Arab Emirates, is a champion in several nominations: the tallest dome of the mosque (87 m), the largest handmade carpet (6000 m 2 ), the largest chandelier in the mosque (9 tons). The mosque is faced with white marble outside and inside, the inner walls are decorated with precious stones.

The mosque can simultaneously accommodate up to 40,000 people. It has 2 women's prayer halls with a total capacity of 3000 people. Artificial reservoirs are arranged on the territory of the mosque. The White Mosque is not only a holy place, but also a tourist center: free guided tours are held here for everyone, you just need to take off your shoes and bring your clothes in line with Muslim traditions.

Al Ain Flower Park (Abu Dhabi): Flower Carpet in the Desert

The Paradise Flower Park is also the largest in the world: its area is 2 hectares. There are hundreds of flower beds, hanging flowerpots, flower sculptures, and labyrinths on this square. There is an alley of hearts where newlyweds and lovers come to walk together holding hands. Flowers were brought from different countries, bright patterns are made of them. The entrance for tourists is free.

Mount Jebel Hafeet near Al Ain: Observation Deck and Ancient Mound

Mount Jebel Hafeet is composed of soft rocks, so over the millennia winds have contributed to the formation of caves in it. People settled here long before our era: burials of the 3rd millennium BC were found on the southern slope of the mountain. The tombs contained skeletons with bronze and pearl decorations.

Tourists love to explore the caves, and the top of the mountain offers great views of the desert and the city of Al Ain. An automobile route has been laid to the top, observation platforms are built at each turn. At the foot of the mountain, there is a natural oasis; locals come here to relax.

Historical and Ethnographic Village in Abu Dhabi: Caring for the Preservation of Folk Crafts

In Abu Dhabi, an ethnographic museum was made from an ordinary village. During the working day, employees “live” in houses built in a traditional way, doing the usual village activities: making pots out of clay, grinding flour and baking cakes, which are treated to tourists. Traditional ancient technologies of weaving, fabric dyeing and carving are being revived here.

Dubai Mall Aquarium: 30,000 species

Not far from Burj Khalifa there is a shopping center "Dubai Mall", where 3 floors are occupied by an oceanarium. The aquarium has an imitation of the seabed; thousands of species of fish and marine animals live here. The pride of the Dubai Mall is stingrays and sharks. You can look at the inhabitants of the aquarium not only through glass: tourists are offered to go down to the aquarium in a steel cage or swim from above on a boat with a transparent bottom.

Ferrary World Abu Dhabi: all about racing

Ferrary World theme park occupies a huge territory and is covered with a dome resembling a racing car. Any information about races, all kinds of racing cars await visitors here. Many themed rides will take those who are not afraid of speed with a breeze.

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