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Aquarium in Barcelona - the largest aquarium in the country

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Aquarium in Barcelona - the largest aquarium in the country

Plunge into the underwater world, learn from the inside all about its inhabitants and see them with your own eyes - all this can be done in the Aquarium of Barcelona, which is considered the largest oceanarium in Europe. It is important that this is not only an entertainment, but also an educational project: on the basis of the oceanarium there is a center for the study and preservation of the fauna of the Mediterranean Sea. In 25 years of operation, the Aquarium of Barcelona has been visited by almost 15 million people. The Oceanarium is popular not only among tourists, but also among residents of Spain: experienced travelers will tell you that if locals visit an institution, then it really deserves attention.

Oceanarium: help

The Barcelona Aquarium was opened in 1995. The building is located on Las Ramblas, almost in the center of the city. The Oceanarium today is:

  • 35 aquariums
  • 11,000 animals belonging to 450 families
  • Underwater tunnel 80 meters long
  • 6,000,000 liters of water.

In addition to enjoying and exploring the underwater world, an extreme activity is offered in the aquarium - diving with sharks. This entertainment is quite popular, so it is worth booking the time in advance.

Barcelona Aquarium - L'Aquàrium de Barcelona. Spain in Russian ...

Internal structure

The Barcelona Aquarium is divided into 3 zones: Aquarium, Planeta Aqua and Explora!

The main feature of the aquarium is an 80-meter tunnel, the conveyor of which will take you along the seabed, along the way acquainting you with its inhabitants. Here you can see not only fish, sharks and rays, but also octopuses, seahorses and sea dogs. The aquarium is divided into 14 sections, each of which reflects a specific climate and the species of sea creatures that exist in it. Ponds and landscapes familiar to the inhabitants have been recreated.

The second floor is dedicated to water in general and all forms of life that inhabit it. With the help of interactive tools, the history of the origin of life on earth has been recreated, food chains, environmental conditions of all aquatic inhabitants are reflected.

The third zone is Explora! - an entertainment and educational complex for children. Here you can:

  • Take a photo with the inhabitants of the seas and oceans
  • Sit in a bathyscaphe and feel like a real "sea wolf"
  • Visit the slides and attractions - the cost is included in the ticket.

Interesting Facts

  • On the basis of the aquarium there is an interactive for teenagers "Night with Sharks", thanks to which they can spend the night in the aquarium and learn a lot of interesting things about the life of sharks. The price includes excursion, meals and overnight stay
  • One of the favorite types of entertainment for visitors to the aquarium is watching the feeding of the inhabitants.
  • There is a cafe and souvenir shop inside the Oceanarium
  • During the tour, you will be photographed; if you wish, ready-made photos can be bought at the entrance.

The object belongs to the oceanariums.

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