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The best universities in the world - the rating of the top universities in Europe

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The best universities in the world - the rating of the top universities in Europe

Study abroad is a popular destination among students from all over the world, and getting higher education in the best universities in the world has always been considered very prestigious.

Study abroad provides a number of advantages for students:

  • the ability to travel
  • acquaintance with a new culture
  • expansion of the circle of communication
  • the opportunity to obtain a work permit after the end of an international university
  • training on the most effective methods of teaching
  • best teachers
  • obtaining an international diploma, certificate.

Children and schoolchildren who want to study in popular higher education establishments start training from school, earning educational loans and high scores, because top universities make high demands on entrants. To study in the best universities of the world there is an opportunity for any student, if his academic and linguistic knowledge will meet the conditions of enrollment.

What are the directions chosen by Russians and foreigners to study in the top universities of the world?

Each university is unique in its programs - there is a wide range of directions, of which the most popular:

  • business
  • right
  • finance
  • medicine
  • engineering
  • management
  • art
  • fashion and design
  • humanitarian sciences.

Education abroad, types of programs

Most often Russian and foreign students come to foreign universities to obtain a bachelor's degree, but the master's, doctoral, MBA and other degrees are equally in demand.

If a student does not have enough knowledge of a foreign language to enter a foreign university, the student can enroll in language courses in advance or attend linguistic classes in parallel with academic ones.

And for those students who do not have enough points for admission, there are preparatory academic programs that additionally help to adapt to life and study abroad, get acquainted with the principles and methods of foreign education. But this does not mean that the student loses 1-2 years on the pre-university program: most courses after the end offer a transfer immediately to the second year of the university for a bachelor's program.

Getting a residence permit, work permit

Practically in any country, students are allowed to work no more than 20 hours per week during their studies (this restriction is withdrawn during the summer holidays). After graduation at the university, the graduate can stay in the country for a period of 2 months to 2 years (depending on the country) to find a job. If he manages to find an employer for a long period, then foreign students have the right to stay in the country, and after several years of continuous residence get a residence permit.

Which universities fall into the TOP

The following indicators influence the rating of universities:

  • the quality of teaching
  • indicators of research activities
  • involvement in international activities.

As a rule, the top universities employ the best teachers who have their own effective teaching methods, the campus camps are equipped with modern equipment, their own libraries and have a large amount of resources for self-education.

How to enter a top university abroad:

  • pass the language exam: TOEFL , IELTS , SAT
  • have an active after-school activity
  • to have high academic achievement.

Additionally, you may need:

  • Interviewing
  • essay writing.

In the top 10 universities in the rating of the authoritative magazine Times Higher Education are the universities of the United States , Britain , Switzerland :

The best universities in the USA

The USA is an absolute leader in the number of elite and prestigious universities - the education system has its own teaching methods for effective teaching. After the end of the American university for students, there are many opportunities in the international career: according to statistics, more than 80% of Nobel laureates were trained in the USA.

Of particular note is the association of eight American universities: any university belonging to the Ivy League can be considered one of the best in the world for education.

"Ivy League" includes:

Popular destinations are:

  • medicine
  • art
  • engineering
  • political science
  • business
  • right
  • finance.

Among the teachers of the famous eight there are popular political and cultural figures, Nobel laureates and other outstanding personalities who have achieved high results in their professional activities.

The best universities in the UK

In England, two popular university campuses were founded: Cambridge and Oxford, a favorite place for students. The top universities of the world are located here, and the rich university life promotes the development of personal qualities and excellent pastime among like-minded people. Here the best students gather, wishing to achieve high results in life. Both towns visually still belong to the Middle Ages: they can boast of a chic old architecture, but this does not prevent universities from equipping their campuses with the latest technology for the comfort of students.

Universities in the UK offer not only academic studies, but also additional language classes, sports or creative activity. For example, among the pupils of Cambridge or Oxford, rowing is very popular, regular competitions among students.

Required destinations in England:

  • humanitarian sciences
  • medicine
  • Social sciencies
  • modern technologies.

The most popular European countries with a large number of top universities:

The choice of professional directions in these countries is so great that the student can easily find a suitable program for training.

Lists of top universities in the world

Examples of elite universities in the US:

  • Cornell University (Ithaca, New York), tuition fees - from $ 19750 / semester, popular areas: agriculture, engineering, architecture, art, science
  • Yale University (Yale), tuition fees - from $ 20250 / semester, popular areas: political science, history, economics (business), psychology
  • Columbia University (New York), - tuition fees from $ 22,645 / semester, popular areas: applied sciences, engineering, humanitarian disciplines.
  • Harvard University (Cambridge), tuition - from $ 28000 / semester, popular areas: social and human sciences, biology, engineering
  • Stanford University (Stanford), tuition fees - from $ 19,300 / semester, popular areas: anatomy and biology, engineering, information technology, international relations, economics
  • Princeton University (Princeton), the cost of training - from $ 18500 / semester, popular areas: science and art, engineering.

Examples of prestigious universities in the UK

  • Cambridge University (Cambridge), tuition fees - from 3940 £ / semester, popular areas: natural sciences, engineering, medicine, science (mathematics), law, history, economics, modern languages, psychology, political science, sociology
  • Oxford University (Oxford), tuition fees - from 6170 £ / semester, popular areas: humanities, mathematics, physics, biology, social sciences, medicine.

  • Istituto Marangoni Milano (Milan, Italy), price for one academic year - from 14455 €, in demand directions: school of fashion, school of design
  • ESSEC Business School (Paris, France) - higher school of economic and commercial sciences, price per academic year - from 10800 €, topical areas: administration, marketing, management, logistics
  • Barcelona School of Management (Barcelona, ​​Spain) for international students offers a master's program in English and Spanish, direction - management, the cost of training - from 16800 € / year
  • Geneva Business School (Geneva, Switzerland) - Geneva Business School, tuition fees - from 11750CHF / semester, popular areas: finance, business administration, management
  • Prague Language Institute (Prague, Czech Republic) offers short and long-term language courses in English and Czech for Russian and foreign students, pre-university programs.
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