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Summer schools in San Francisco for foreign students

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Summer schools in San Francisco for foreign students

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the United States. All year round there is warm and clear weather, and the very atmosphere of the city is saturated with ease and freedom. There are many famous museums and historical places in the city; there are always festivals and music concerts. Most of the revenue comes from tourism, San Francisco is consistently among the TOP-5 most visited places on the planet. The famous educational institutions such as the University of California, the Institute of Arts and the Academy of Arts, the San Francisco Conservatory, Lowell High School, St. Ignatius College are also concentrated here. Annually schools, colleges and universities spend summer summer programs specially adapted for foreign students.

San Francisco Summer School: Features and Key Benefits

The summer school combines study and rest, contains academic and adventure aspects. The advantages of summer schools in San Francisco are numerous, SMAPSE experts give only the most significant of them:

  • Incredibly beautiful city with a warm climate
  • A lot of prestigious educational institutions
  • A wide range of courses and directions
  • Optimal combination of study and rest
  • Rapid progress in knowledge
  • Unique methods and manuals
  • Professional sports training
  • Serious academic programs
  • 100% security
  • Highly qualified specialists
  • Carefully designed educational system
  • Active and fun extra-curricular life
  • Participants from all over the world
  • A serious plus to the portfolio.

Schools are held in June, July and August, but sometimes begin or end in May or September. The standard duration is 2-6 weeks. Participants in the admission are divided into groups by age and language level, to each group special methods are applied. Age groups:

  • 3-6 years old (accompanied by parents or nanny)
  • 7-9 years old
  • 10-13 years old
  • 15-18 years old.

Language classes are divided into several types:

  • Raising the level (standard, intensive)
  • Preparation for exams and tests (TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT and others)
  • Academic English (before enrolling in US schools or universities )
  • A bias in a certain area (business, negotiations, writing talent and others).

Classes are held before lunch in a quiet atmosphere in classes of 8-12 people (the number of weekly lessons is 15-25). In the course of active work, questions of grammar, vocabulary expansion and listening are discussed. The skills of oral and written speech are actively developed, the barrier in communication is overcome, the emphasis is corrected.

Afternoon and weekends are devoted to sports, creativity and active recreation. You can find any hobby / interest in the interests, and combine them in various combinations. Professional sports training is available, for example, the academy of football or tennis. Mugs of engineering and robotics are very popular. In the course of extracurricular life, students learn to work in a team, defend their point of view, support each other.

You can also choose a program with a serious academic bias, where the disciplines are studied at will:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Engineering
  • World Languages
  • Natural Sciences
  • Humanitarian sciences
  • American and British Literature
  • World literature
  • Religion
  • Environmental Science
  • Modern problems of ecology
  • Computer science
  • Information Systems
  • Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering.

These courses are often used as a test of opportunities before entering the US schools or universities.

Students constantly go on excursions, and simply visit the sights of the city, among which:

  • The Golden Gate Bridge
  • Modern Art Museum
  • Cable trams
  • Museum of the Academy of Sciences
  • Pier 39
  • Fisherman's Wharf
  • Union Square
  • Twins Peaks Hills
  • Chinatown
  • Alcatraz.

The host party provides participants with everything necessary. Types of accommodation:

  • Residence. There is a bedroom for one, two or more people. there are living rooms and kitchen areas, in the building there are laundries, game rooms, rest rooms. The food passes several times a day.
  • A family. Participants are accommodated in the house of a local family and enjoy all the amenities. Family members help students adapt to their way of life and behavior. Students eat at home and at school.
  • Apartment / apartment / hotel. This type is not all schools, it includes different types of rooms, from simple to luxury. Nutrition is negotiated individually.

The cost varies depending on the course, intensity of other factors. The total cost includes:

  • Classes of language
  • Disciplines (if any)
  • Accommodation, meals
  • Sport and creativity
  • Educational aids
  • Entertainment and recreation.

Additional expenses:

  • Flights
  • Pocket money
  • Visa application.

To participate, you must apply, submit documents and pay for the course. Book a place better in advance, as the demand for education in San Francisco is great.

The best children's summer schools in San Francisco: list, ratings, tuition fees

Examples of summer schools in San Francisco:

  • UC Berkeley. The camp is held on the basis of the University of Berkeley - one of the most advanced, ranking and prestigious in the country. Participants can enjoy all the benefits of its campus. 15-20 English lessons are held weekly, a lot of time is left for rest. From 2,200 $ per week.
  • St. Giles International San Francisco. Located in the heart of the city, in the business district. A wide variety of programs, the possibility of combining classes and hobbies. In the classrooms there is a cozy atmosphere, students get a lot of impressions, and get acquainted with the American way of life. From 1,700 $ for a week.
  • OISE San Francisco. Located in the heart of the city, on Market Street. Gives an excellent opportunity to study and be in the thick of life, choosing for themselves the most interesting activities. It is taught intensively with an emphasis on communication and the academic aspect. From 3,800 $ for 2 weeks.
  • Squaw Valley Academy. The campus is incredibly beautiful and is located in the national park "Tahoe". Students live side by side with American students and actively communicate, learn for themselves a lot of new things. Much attention is paid to the development of oral and written skills, the correct and precise expression of their thoughts. Sports competitions are held, students visit cinema, museums, shops and other places. From 3,900 $ for 3 weeks.
  • Academy of Art University. The University is the largest private school of arts in the US and has a fundamental scientific and technical base. There are more than 20 destinations available: Acting, Advertising, Animation and visual effects, Architecture, Art education, History of art, Communication and media technology, Fashion, Visual arts, Game development, Graphic design, Illustration, Industrial design, Interior Architecture and Design, Jewelery Products and Watches, Landscape Architecture, Television, Music Production, Photography, Web Design and Media. Also, students play sports and rest.
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