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The best colleges in the world, the best colleges in Europe for international students

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The best colleges in the world, the best colleges in Europe for international students

International colleges open new opportunities for students to enter the best universities in the world : most colleges are designed for foreign students, so in addition to the academic program will offer academic courses to improve the level of knowledge of a foreign language. The most common language of instruction is English , but in Switzerland , for example, French is no less popular, and in the Czech Republic the Czech curriculum is often used.

Advantages of foreign education:

  • comprehensive development of children
  • obtaining high-quality academic knowledge
  • training in modern and effective teaching methods
  • Acquaintance with representatives of different nationalities
  • increase the level of knowledge of a foreign language
  • a successful career in the future
  • the opportunity to travel and immerse in the cultural environment of a foreign country
  • bright and busy student life
  • the value of an international diploma or certificate
  • the opportunity to stay abroad with a work permit and obtain a residence permit.

Education abroad is a valuable investment in the development of children: students who have experience of studying abroad, achieve high results in life, and also speak fluently in a foreign language.

Educational programs in colleges of the world and Europe

For students with different levels of language knowledge, there is a wide choice of academic programs in different areas - a number of colleges guarantee the subsequent enrollment in the university, sometimes even 2-3 courses of the undergraduate program! Popular preparatory programs:

  • University Pathway - after graduation, you can transfer to the university for 1 or 2 courses, duration of training is 1-2 years; the cost of training from $ 6300 / semester ( USA , Canada )
  • University Transfer program - usually the program lasts 2 years, and after the end the transfer is possible for 3 courses at once; Tuition fees from 5100 € / semester (USA, Canada, Spain )
  • International Foundation Year - the program helps foreign students to obtain the necessary academic and linguistic skills for admission to the university; duration - 1 year, the cost of training - from 3500 £ / trimester ( UK , Scotland, Australia, New Zealand)
  • A-Level - the preparatory course of the British education system in-depth study of core subjects: in many universities, with further admission to the university, students are exempt from admission tests. The total duration is 2 years (there are accelerated programs), the cost of training is from 2800 £ / trimester (UK, Switzerland, Spain, Wales, UAE, Malaysia)
  • IB (International Baccalaureate) - duration of study according to the program - from 1 year (duration depends on the level of academic and linguistic knowledge); allows students to prepare for admission to universities, the cost of training - from 7550 £ / trimester (Great Britain, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand, Argentina).

How to prepare for study abroad?

Preparing for admission to a foreign college must begin in advance: in advance to apply to the college, if necessary, pass a language exam or pass an interview, collect the necessary package of documents, get a visa, find accommodation and organize a flight.

For the arrival of Russian and foreigners you may need:

  • Certificate of secondary education or report card with grades in recent years
  • certificate of passing the language exam
  • interview.

Organizational moments take quite a lot of time - the company Smaps helps its customers when solving any organizational issues. And if you have not yet chosen an educational institution abroad or a program, Smups employees will help you make the right choice, contact the representative of the college and help you enter the course: enrollment is free of charge for our clients and the commission is not withheld, as we work with international colleges on partner agreements .

Language courses before the beginning of studies in Europe

The higher the level of proficiency in a foreign language, the easier it is to understand an academic program, so students are encouraged to attend language courses at colleges, language schools and training centers. In linguistic studies, students can prepare for the passing of a language exam, the results of which are necessary for admission to most colleges: TOEFL , IELTS , SAT , GMAT .

The selection of training centers around the world with courses in preparation for language exams is very large: the duration of study will depend on the level of the student's preparation and the desired results (usually the duration of the course is from 2 weeks). Training in language schools abroad will accelerate the learning process (compared to the course in one's native country) thanks to effective methods and daily practice with native speakers.

Accommodation and tuition fees in the College of Europe and the World

Types of colleges depending on the type of residence:

  • full board
  • half board
  • day visit

Among Russian and foreigners, the most actual residence in the system of a full boardinghouse - a pleasant bonus will be a regular stay in an international environment and communication with representatives of different countries. It is worth noting that the accommodation in the campus of colleges is very comfortable: the territory has everything you need for living, studying, entertainment, sports and creative activities.

Examples of top colleges for foreigners

  • Queen Ethelburga's College (York, United Kingdom) is one of the best boarding schools in England: the children of world-famous lawyers, politicians, diplomats are being trained here. For high school students, A-Level and GCSE programs are available, and additional professional rugby training is organized. The cost of studying on an academic program is from 14560 £ / trimester.
  • College Du Leman (Geneva, Switzerland) - is one of the largest authoritative schools in Switzerland. Training is provided in English and French, available pre-university programs: A-Level, International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate, Swiss Federal Maturite. The cost of training is from 41500CHF per semester with accommodation.
  • Ridley College (St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada) is one of Canada's most prestigious schools: in 11-12 grades, students can choose a sophisticated program that provides an international IB Diploma together with a high school diploma (Ontario Diploma). The cost of training is from 63700 $ CAD / year.
  • Schule Schloss Salem (Zalem, Germany) is one of the largest boarding schools in Germany where International Baccalaureate or Abitur programs are available for senior students. The high school campus occupies a part of the coastal lake territory; the cost of training is from 14800 € / trimester.
  • Seattle Central College (Seattle, USA) is a popular community college of the USA among foreign students, fully equipped for comfortable living and studying. Available pre-university programs: University Pathway Program and High School Support Program. There are also professional programs designed for 1-2 years, to obtain secondary specialized education in the areas of: culinary arts, web programming and design, graphic design and nursing. The cost of training is from 6730 $ / 3 months.
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