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Summer schools in New York for foreign students

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Summer schools in New York for foreign students

New York is the largest city in the United States, an important financial, political, economic and cultural center of the world. In New York, a huge number of financial organizations, companies, government agencies, museums, galleries and historical monuments are concentrated. Megapolis is also an important center of education and science: many renowned universities, schools, colleges and research centers are located here. Annually about 10 million foreign tourists visit the city, and thousands of people come to receive education. In addition to basic educational programs, seasonal schools are very popular - educational institutions are happy to open their doors to foreign students. Summer vacation programs combine study and rest and can be an excellent summer plan for those who want impressions, and for those who want to tighten up their English.

The best summer schools in New York: features, advantages

The popularity of summer schools in New York is explained by several factors:

  • New York is a legendary city, one of the most beautiful and developed megacities
  • One of the best education systems in the world
  • Combination of studies and outdoor activities
  • A large number of offers
  • Available for children with poor language skills
  • High level of organization
  • Unique teaching methods
  • A busy extra-curricular life
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Security
  • Equipping schools with the best standards.

The summer school combines pleasant with usefulness - students learn the language and at the same time have fun, are engaged in their favorite sports, creativity and hobbies. Courses are held in June, July and August (sometimes seize part of May or September). Participants are divided into groups by age and by initial level of preparation, and also choose the type of lessons that are needed:

  • Level up
  • Preparation for the exam or test
  • A course with a bias in any sphere (for example, writing)
  • Academic (for example, entering universities).

Classes are held in small groups with the use of the latest developments: students constantly communicate in English, learn to make presentations, work in a team. Due to the high professionalism of the staff, students easily learn the material, do not hesitate to ask for explanations of difficult topics.

It is worth mentioning separately the academic courses, in the schedule of which general educational disciplines are included: mathematics, physics, chemistry, natural and humanities. These classes often serve as a serious help to those who plan to enter US schools or universities.

The second important component becomes extracurricular life - depending on the institution / course, different classes from the general sections are available:

  • Sport and physical activity
  • Creativity and art
  • Recreation and entertainment.

Students regularly study, travel, visit excursions, theaters, cinemas, music concerts - summer vacations every day give them new pleasant impressions. During the time spent at the school, students significantly improve the level of the language, learn a lot about culture and lifestyle and make new friends from around the world.

The host party takes care of all issues related to accommodation and meals.

Types of accommodation:

  • Residence is the most common type. Participants live on the campus of the institution in student dormitories, 1 or 2 people usually live in one bedroom. Employees are in the building around the clock, and help in resolving emerging issues. Meals are provided several times a day.
  • A family. Students live in the home of an American family, as a result of which they quickly adapt to a new society. Families are carefully selected by specialists. Meals are served both at home and at school.
  • Hotel / apartments. Some schools offer accommodation in a hotel or apartment. The set of amenities is different, the food conditions are negotiated separately.

The cost and prices vary depending on the chosen institution, intensity, additional tasks. The total cost, as a rule, includes:

  • Language classes
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Sport and creativity
  • Cultural and entertainment program
  • Academic subjects
  • Educational aids
  • Medical insurance (not always).

Separately paid flight, visa costs, pocket expenses, additional classes (if desired). Parents / representatives must take into account the fact that the demand for summer courses is very high and you need to take care of the reservation of the place in advance (especially for prestigious centers). The receipt process contains a few simple conditions:

  • Submission of application, submission of documents
  • Consent to comply with the rules adopted in the institution
  • Making a payment
  • Registration of visa and organizational issues.

Prestigious summer schools in New York for foreign students

Examples of summer schools in New York:

  • Pratt Institute. The Pratt Institute is one of the most famous and ranking universities of arts in the United States. It has at its disposal a well-equipped campus in Brooklyn. Every day there are excursions, parties, entertainment events, for 3 weeks the students attend a huge number of interesting places! There are 20 English lessons per week. From 5,490 $ a week.
  • Saint Peters University. The University was founded in 1872 and specializes in humanitarian disciplines and art. Standard course includes 20 language classes per week + many excursions, holidays, games. You can choose the duration - from 1 to 6 weeks. There are also special programs - the Academy of Basketball, Dancing and Drama; in each direction there are 12 professional classes per week. From 1,560 $ for a week.

  • Wagner College Summer Camp. The school is conducted on the basis of Wagner College by the famous international center of the Emerald Cultural Institute. Wagner College is located on the island of Staten Island and has a wonderful campus. The course is aimed at rapid and effective leveling; is available for students with minimal knowledge. Extra-curricular life (Multi-Activity) offers a choice of a large number of hobbies, sports and hobbies. From 2,580 $ for 2 weeks.
  • Rennert International Iona College. Rennert International is a well-known network of linguistic centers. Iona College, on the basis of which the school is held, is famous for its excellent classical education. Combined courses are available: Summer Plus, Summer Plus and Dancing, Summer Plus and Adventure. You can choose classes from the directions: Art and architecture of New York (classical and contemporary art, museums and galleries), Dances (ballet, jazz, hip-hop), Fashion (culture and style, work and history of designers, visual art, merchandising), Sports (history, legendary athletes, sports and culture), Cinema (genres, shooting techniques, 3D animation, special effects), Broadway (improvisation, monologue and dialogue), Leadership Academy (presentation creation and presentation, communication, leadership development). From 1,680 $ / week.
  • French Woods Camp New York. A well-known and popular camp for performing arts - students choose classes based on their preferences. The list is extensive: cinema, swimming, visual arts, horseback riding, accompaniment of theatrical productions, classical music, jazz, sailing, fitness, theater, water skiing, cooking, circus art, informatics, adventure, rock and roll, sports, choreography, tennis (other types are also available). A total of 30 lessons are held weekly. From 1,350 $ a week.
  • St. Giles International New York. Branch of the world famous network. Giles International, which for many years remains one of the leaders in the field of linguistic education. The summer campus is located in a picturesque suburb in a territory of 30 hectares. Note that the school operates one of the best programs to prepare for admission to US educational institutions. From 1,990 $ per week.
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