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6 best colleges in Canada for international students

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International colleges (or Six-form Colleges, Tutorial Colleges) are educational institutions for high school students, that help prepare for enrolling in a selected university. Among the educational institutions of Canada international colleges are becoming more and more popular every year. Due to the list of 6 best international colleges in Canada, you can find the best option.

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Several facts about studying in Canadian colleges

  • International colleges usually accept children 15-16 years old (after 9 or after 11th grade)
  • Flexible and intensive programs. There is practically no leisure and entertainment programs. It is assumed that to the senior classes students have already learned to behave and have mastered key social norms - an emphasis and the main attention is paid to linguistic and academic preparation
  • Students can take a large number of individual classes and subject electives in the top priority disciplines. Each student can devote maximum attention to the core disciplines important for admission and study at the university
  • A democratic atmosphere, more loyal rules. Students and teachers communicate with each other more informally, there is no uniform. However, strict monitoring of academic performance and visits is strictly prohibited, smoking, alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited, and boys and girls are co-located in the bedrooms (these blocks are always separate at the college residences)
  • Minimal groups for classes - a maximum of 6 people, usually it is even classes for 2-3 people
  • Practical, modern and relevant programs. If you are preparing to enter the university - you will be offered the most effective courses that fully meet the requirements of the university admission commissions. If in college you want to get a working specialty and professional qualification - internships and working practices will become an integral part of the educational process. Thanks to this approach, a very high level of successful admission to universities (over 90%) is presented
  • More affordable price: the cost of getting Bachelor's, diploma and certificate programs is 1.5-2 times lower on average than on similar specialties at the university. At the same time, the value of diplomas is not lower: prestigious international colleges, included in the national and world rankings on high positions, are respected among employers around the world
  • If you decide to transfer from the programme to the programme - as a rule, you will not need to pass many additional exams: it will be enough to confirm your good academic performance and a high level of English (report card with grades and a certificateTOEFL / IELTS ). Moreover, this pattern works in transfers within the college (for example, with a certificate for a diploma programme), and at partner universities (admission immediately to the 2-year Bachelor's degree or guaranteed enrollment for the first year).

Main programs and courses offered by international colleges in Canada

  • Advanced academic studying (2-6 months): an excellent opportunity to deepen knowledge of priority subjects (usually 1-3 subjects) before enrolling in a university
  • University Foundation ( 8-9 months) - complex pre-university programme: subject training + intensive course of academic English
  • GCSE (usually 1 year): a programme for completing a course of incomplete secondary education, usually in Britain, school children finish it by 15-16 years
  • A-level (usually one and a half years, sometimes two): the gold standard of British education, which gives the opportunity to enter the best universities of the planet without additional entrance examinations and tests. An in-depth, complicated study of 3-5 selected subjects practically at the university level
  • Certificate or diploma (32-52 weeks): ordinary or advanced level (Advanced). It allows you to start working right after graduation - it's very convenient for specialties that do not require deep theoretical knowledge (like medicine, jurisprudence, architecture, etc.)
  • Bachelor's degree (3-4 years) - the first stage of higher professional education, which gives the opportunity to work not only in junior positions (as a certificate or diploma), but also to qualify for rapid career growth.

5 tips to choose the best international college in Canada

If you decide to enter Canadian international college, SMAPSE experts have prepared for you a small list of rules.

  • Think and decide, what kind of specialty do you want to study in the university, in which field and sphere do you want to pursue a career
  • View the ranking of educational institutions - both international colleges and universities (SMAPSE expert will be able to find the most relevant information). It often happens that the most suitable is not the most ranked and expensive university, but the less known, but with more practice-oriented programs in your chosen field - do not rely exclusively on big names
  • Check the availability of partnership programs between selected international colleges and higher education institutions - such courses are often available for business lines. Perhaps, you will have the possibility of guaranteed enrollment or transfer immediately to the second year of the Bachelor's degree (of course, with excellent academic performance)
  • Maybe the chosen international college provides programs of professional preparation, advanced studying and working specialty (diploma, certificate, Bachelor's degree)? Do not refuse such an opportunity! The cost of studying will be significantly lower, and diplomas of respected international colleges are valued at least as much as university ones
  • Do you want to study at a public or private international college? Private ones, as a rule, provide better conditions and more modern infrastructure, a wider choice of programs, but state ones are significantly cheaper.

Top 12 best schools in Canada 2021

1 Brookes Shawnigan Lake
2 Rosseau Lake College
3 Albert College
4     Columbia International College
5 Ridley College
6 St Andrew's College
7 Brentwood College School
8 Pickering College
9 Bodwell High School
10 Trafalgar Castle School
11 Fulford Academy
12 Shawnigan Lake School

Top 21 best boarding colleges in England 2021

Cost of living in Canada

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 294 376
Food 239 416
Transportation 54 144
Communications and utilities 81 89
Clothing 19 71
Sports and leisure 23 84
Total 711 1,179
Accommodation in Canada USD/Month.  
Shared room outside of centre 297  
Shared room in city centre 380  
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 539  
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 690  

Top 35 best universities and colleges in Canada 2021

1 University of Toronto
2 McGill University
3 University of British Columbia
4 University of Alberta
5 Simon Fraser University
6 Montreal University
7 University of Windsor
8 York University
9 University of Guelph
10 McMaster University
11 University of Manitoba
12 University of Waterloo
13 Royal Roads University
14 Vancouver Film School
15 Kwantlen Polytechnic University
16 University of Calgary
17 Dalhousie University
18 Fanshawe College
19 University of Ottawa
20 Laval University
21 Sheridan College
22 University of Regina
23 Brock University
24 Thompson Rivers University
25 Humber College
26 Vancouver Island University
27    Mohawk College
28 Centennial College Toronto
29 Niagara College
30 Capilano University
31 Seneca College
32 Algoma University
33 Saint Clair College
34 Douglas College
35 LaSalle College
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