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TOP-20 international colleges in the USA where foreign students can get prestigious education: Bachelor's, Master's programs, Pre-Master's courses, University Pathway, etc.

Education information

Actually, students wishing to enter universities abroad - including the USA - choose national private boarding schools. This is really an excellent option, especially if you have dealt with the issue in advance and have already finished secondary education in America. But if you are considering the possibility of studying in the USA after grade 9 or 11, after graduating from foreign school - do not discount international colleges. For foreign students, it is also an excellent opportunity to effectively prepare for admission to prestigious American universities.

International colleges (also often called Six-form Colleges and Tutorial Colleges) are aimed at effective and intensive preparation of foreign and American school students for admission to universities. American schools are divided by age - primary, secondary and high schools that are usually divided into different campuses. In international colleges usually study high school students 15-16 years - just after grade 9 or 11, after graduation.

Six-form Colleges programs are focused on academic preparation - this can be called a kind of analogue of paid courses and tutoring. In addition to the general education programme, the student can take almost unlimited number of profile lessons in the chosen specialty, as well as individual lessons. The programs of international colleges are very flexible, constantly updated - this makes it possible to take courses faster and with better results than usual. For example, GCSE in international colleges of the British model can be passed for a year (instead of two), and A-level - for one and a half to two years. Do not forget the Tutorial Colleges and intensive language courses: in addition to improving all key language skills, students will gain valuable academic knowledge, which can greatly facilitate their entry and studying in universities.

TOP-20 international colleges in the USA tend to be more democratic than boarding schools: teachers and students communicate more informally (of course, with subordination and mutual respect), and the uniform is usually absent. But do not think that the students of the Tutorial Colleges are allowed to do everything: strict control over academic performance and attendance, the complexity and intensity of the curriculum, and intransigence to alcohol and drugs are business cards of such institutions.

Since high school students study in colleges, there are separate residences for boys and girls, and children can be punished for sharing a room in one room: this encourages them to devote themselves to study without being distracted by external factors. A good international college will help solve the problem of adaptation to new educational, cultural and behavioral standards.

TOP-20 international colleges in the USA where foreign students can get prestigious education: Bachelor's, Master's programs, Pre-Master's courses, University Pathway, etc.

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5 advantages of studying in 20 best international colleges in the USA

  • There is no such rich and diverse extracurricular and leisure programs, as in traditional American boarding schools. At the head of the corner is placed precisely academic development, pre-university preparation - both in subjects and in English. This also applies to personal development, the upbringing of etiquette norms: it is assumed that high school students have already mastered the rules of behavior in society, can behave themselves in correct manner, take care of themselves and comfortably coexist with their peers.
  • Very small classes: an average of 6 people, mini-groups of 2-3 people in all. This helps to practice the most practical approach, give each student the most attention, which is so important during the assimilation of a complex high school programs.
  • Tuition fees: the average cost of studying at an international college in the United States is 1.5-2 times lower than at a university in a similar specialty (see below for details on available directions). Of course, this cost of studying is an important advantage for foreign students.
  • Practically oriented programs: all are compiled and regularly updated to meet changing requirements of the society, admissions offices in universities and potential employers, which increases the chances of subsequent employment, successful enrollment. Much attention is paid to the practical application of knowledge, internships and working practices, work in real production (if we talk about diploma or Bachelor's programs, certificate courses)
  • If you want to transfer from the programme to programme - you do not need to take a large number of exams: it will be enough to confirm high academic achievement (score card with grades) and a good level of English (international certificate TOEFL / IELTS ).

What programs are provided in TOP-20 international colleges in the USA?

In general, programs available for foreign students are divided into two blocks:

  • Pre-university studying
  1. British standards (GCSE, A- Level)
  2. the international undergraduate IB
  3. GRE / GMAT
  4. American Advanced Placement (AP) course
  5. University Foundation

Look at the list offered by your favorite college, and compare it with the requirements of your chosen university - so the choice will make it easier. Schoolchildren also have the opportunity to undergo accelerated academic courses: they usually take 2-6 months and are also aimed at improving the academic and language level.

  • Vocational studying

This can be a professional diploma or certificate (ordinary or advanced, advanced), a Bachelor's degree (takes 3-4 years). The certificate allows you to start working immediately, but usually from the junior positions, but the Bachelor's degree is valued in the same way as the Bachelor's degree of higher education, it is the first full-fledged level of higher education.

5 tips to choose the best international college in the USA

  • Think about what specialty you want to study at the university, whether it has special directions and which one is most interesting to you
  • View the ranking of American international colleges - SMAPSE specialists will help by providing the latest international ratings and a list of the best colleges. Choose not just the most famous, elite and expensive - pay attention to the profile of the university or faculty as best as possible matched the chosen specialty
  • Check to see if there is a partnership programme between a particular college or university - this greatly facilitates subsequent admission and transfer (especially in business areas)
  • If your chosen college supports vocational education programs (certificate, diploma or Bachelor's degree) - do not refuse from this opportunity! It will be sufficient for a full and successful work activity. We will only mention some areas: finance, design, tourism and hotel business, hospitality industry, make-up and fashion, accounting, economics, information systems, banking, management, international relations. Maybe you can find excellent professional development courses?
  • Decide what is more important for you - public or private college. Here everything is simple as the principle is the same as in boarding schools: private ones provide a more saturated and diverse infrastructure, but state ones cost significantly less. In general, the educational level is high in both options.

Among the international colleges of the United States, long and successfully established among foreign students, we can mention the educational institutions of the international network CATS College - for example, CATS Academy Boston. CATS standards are very high and are known all over the world - thousands of high school students with their help become students of the leading universities in the world. Especially it is worth noting specialized preparatory programs for specialties with the highest possible competition - for example, veterinary medicine, medicine, dentistry, pharmaceuticals. Together with SMAPSE specialists, you will be able to pick up other options - there are a lot of offers, and several of them are exactly right for you!

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Hello, is it possible to enter the International College of Canada or the United States with a certificate of completion of 9th grade? At the moment I'm 18 and I'm in my second year at the Polytechnic College in the specialty "Programming in computer networks." In the first year I took a 10-11 school program, would this have an effect on possible enrollment?
Hello! Can I go to the international college after 9th grade? And which states are cheaper to study?
Tory, good afternoon! Of course you can, for this you will need to collect the necessary package of documents (results of the last two years of study, recommendation from the teacher), pass entrance examinations (exams for knowledge of language and mathematics, as well as interviews with a school representative) and then pay the cost of education. It is difficult to answer the cost, as in different schools in one state prices may vary greatly, but on average, I would advise focusing on the cost of $ 45,000 per academic year (tuition, accommodation and meals). If you have any questions, please email us at corporate mail -
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