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2018-07-30 11:56:47

Dictionary of secondary and higher education abroad. The terms

Dictionary of secondary and higher education abroad. The terms

In this article we have tried to collect for you an alphabetical list of the most common terms - the so-called glossary, which is used to obtain secondary and higher education abroad , and explain the essence of these concepts. We hope that the article will help you better understand the twists and turnseducation abroad - if something remains incomprehensible to you, please contact our managers!


Special British two-year course allowing graduates to qualitatively prepare for entering universities (even in such prestigious places as Cambridge ] And Oxford ).

The final exam and certificate of the same name for schoolchildrenGermany , Estonia and Finland, which makes it possible to submit documents to higher educational institutions.

  • Advanced Placement

Widely distributed in USA ] Subject exam system: after passing AP, the student is considered to have attended the appropriate course in college. Points awarded to an AP can be credited when applying for an undergraduate program at a university.

Special application for the form of a certain school, college, University or courses of additional (linguistic or academic) education. This is an indispensable attribute of the admission process: most often it includes questions about your choice of specialty, as well as graphs for entering personal data. This is one of the basic documents of any entrant's package.

  • Application fee

The monetary contribution of the established amount (it varies depending on the institution), which must be paid for when applying.

  • BSc

Abbreviation for the designation of bachelor's programs(short for Bachelor degree).

  • Clearing

Clearing, or clearing is an excellent opportunity to get a higher education in British universities for those students who could not enter the examination (did not score passing points). Clearing consists in booking a place for students, instead of having someone who has already received a place refused it, changed his mind about coming for some reason.

  • Community

This is an integral community, which includes graduates, teachers and students of a particular institution (and sometimes a particular educational program). But community - the concept as a whole is quite broad: at the university there can be a sports community, artistic and creative, academic, community of excellent students, etc.

  • Conditional offer

An invitation to study, which the university sends to the applicant if certain conditions are met. Requirements can be different: good recommendations, specific academic or language level, certificates and certificates, etc.

  • Credit

Educational credit unit for studying each subject. In order to obtain a degree in one or another specialty (or for the training course to be included), the student must receive a certain number of credits - in each educational institution and in each direction this parameter is established independently and is unified for all students.

Examination of knowledge of the French language. It has much in common with DELF (see below), but is much more complicated: DALF is usually needed for admission to French and French-speaking universities.

  • Deadline

The literal translation of this phrase is the 'dead line': this is the deadline for submitting documents, submitting papers and applications, protecting the research project, etc. [ 999.97]

  • Defferal

Opportunity to transfer the invitation from the university for the next year and begin training one year later.

Examination of knowledge of the French language; Is usually assigned to foreign nationals who plan work or training on the territory of France . Controlled by the Ministry of Education, conducted by the International Center for the Study of French.

  • Distance learning

Literally - 'distance education': training, which is conducted through audio and video means, Skype, etc., without personal Presence of the student in the classroom.

  • Diversity

Literal translation - 'diversity'; In this context, this is a list of requirements that educational institutions show in relation to the number of foreign students who meet the introductory standards.

  • Early admission

Early application to universities, is conducted in October-November. Ideally suited to those students who are exactly confident in the specialty, university and faculty, where they want to learn. An early application shows your ardent desire to learn exactly in this direction and is capable of increasing the chances of successful entry.

  • Extended proramme

Special courses and programs for continuing education: these are not diploma courses, but all students who attend will receive certificates that can help in further education and employment.

  • First class honors

Diploma of the first degree: to receive it you need to have in the diploma 6 or more marks above 70 points on the 100-point system.

A popular and popular program for admission to bachelor's programs in the UK is designed for 1 year. On the one hand, the Foundation is very convenient for students who can not enter foreign universities right after leaving school - the Foundation gives a 100% guarantee of enrollment. On the other hand, some of the most prestigious and top British universities (for example, Oxford and Cambridge) do not accept students after the end of the Foundation, because they consider it academic insufficient.

A widespread international test for knowledge of English and mathematics. Most often it is required for students who enter the Master's and MBA programs, especially in finance and business. The maximum score that can be obtained on the GMAT is 800, the passing score is usually not lower than 500.

  • Grade 2: 1/2: 2

The designation of a bachelor's degree and a diploma is practically a synonym of second upper / second lower degree. A diploma of this degree can be obtained by earning 6 or more grades from 50-60 points or higher (with a 100-point system).

  • Graduate Program

Title for Postgraduate Programs Education, following the bachelor's degree It is often used as a synonym for master's programs.

An internationally accepted exam for the level of analytical thinking and the ability to express one's opinion in English. GRE is a more humanitarianly directed exam than GMAT, which tests the level of mathematical knowledge. It is very common in the US education system.

International program for graduates who plan to receive higher education in world and European universities. The IB diploma is recognized all over the world, it is listed in 100 countries of the world.

One of the most well-known and common international exams on English proficiency. It is usually required for students who want to study in European schools and universities.

  • Internship

Internships for university students.

  • Ivy League

Prestigious and privileged group of the best private American universities that are on the list of the best in the US and in the world. These includeYale University , Cornell University , Princeton University , Harvard University , Columbia University , University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth College, Brown University.

  • Letter of recommendation

Literally - 'a letter of recommendation.'

  • Mock interview

A trial, test interview, constructed as an interview between an employee and an employer. Allows graduates of the university to prepare for the real process of the device for work, future issues from HR and HR.

  • Motivation letter

The motivation letter written by the student himself : in it he describes in detail and argues his desire to learn on a specific chosen program, emphasizes his dignity And strengths, seeks to convince the admission committee that it is he who is worthy to take a vacant place on the course.

  • MSc

Abbreviation for the designation of master's degree programs.

  • PhD

The abbreviation for Philosopher's degree: this is an analogue of graduate school, a five-year program of postgraduate education.

  • Pre-masters

Preparatory programs for applicants for master's programs.

  • Sandwich course

Special programs British Bachelor's degree: the duration is 4 years, 3 of which are for training, and 1 year for internship and internship. Usually almost a year takes 3 courses.

General academic knowledge test for schoolchildren (American and foreign) who plan to enroll in High schools of the USA.

  • Scholarship

Scholarship to study.

The universal, Internationally accepted test for knowledge of the German language.

Well-known and respected international English proficiency testing Language (especially among foreigners, for whom English is not the mother tongue). The exam tests the knowledge of academic English; Is extremely common in US universities and is considered an analogue of IELTS, more common in the UK.


The short name of the best, most prestigious and top universities in the world .

  • Undergraduate program [ 999.302]

The pre-diploma program, a synonym for the Bachelor's program.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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