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2019-08-14 16:48:44

Studying abroad for foreign students

Studying abroad for foreign students

It is worth starting with the fact that the attention of foreign students is offered about 800 educational programs that are available in 18 countries. When you decide to study abroad, you will receive a quality education, while revealing the internal potential of each foreign  student, helping to build a successful career and broaden your horizons.

Professional help from experienced professionals

Over the years, SMAPSE educational center has been providing its professional services for organizing studies abroad. Over the period of SMAPSE work, SMAPSE have established close cooperation with ranking educational institutions, boarding schools and universities in many countries of the world. The following are the reasons why you should get an elite education abroad with the help of SMAPSE specialists:

  • SMAPSE know how to surprise you - the period of SMAPSE work allows SMAPSE to offer you only the best options for studying abroad, so SMAPSE have selected over 800 educational programs aimed at foreign students of any age.
  • SMAPSE take care of all organizational issues - if you decide to study abroad at a leading educational center, college or top university, you don’t need to buy air tickets, look for accommodation options abroad, SMAPSE specialists will take care of these issues.
  • Taking into account your individual goals, preferences, ambitions and opportunities, the educational programs are selected, thereby, education becomes effective in the UK, USA, Switzerland and other countries of the world.
  • SMAPSE educational center conducts close cooperation only with foreign boarding schools and universities with an impeccable reputation - for example, SMAPSE specialists made personal visits to the predominant number of educational institutions.
  • During the period of study abroad, SMAPSE specialists supervise each foreign student - it is possible to receive advice on any issue or provide professional assistance.
  • Selection of educational programs based on your financial capabilities.

With SMAPSE educational center you will be able to study in such countries as the UK, Switzerland, Ireland, USA, Malta, Germany, Cyprus, etc.

Educational programs abroad in elite boarding schools

Regardless of age, classes can be held, both in small groups, and individually. In addition, a foreign student can go abroad to study during the school holidays in order to improve the level of knowledge of a foreign language and have a good rest. Thus, passing education and studying a foreign language on the basis of a top university or a children's theme camp, all the opportunities for creativity, sports and hobbies are created.

Advanced secondary education abroad

A wide selection of boarding schools and colleges with various specializations is offered in countries such as the UK, Switzerland and the USA. It is for these countries that high educational standards are observed, the most modern and advanced material and technical equipment, moreover, only experienced and professional teachers are involved in teaching. Also, upon completion of education, foreign graduates have great opportunities for elite higher education and successful employment.

Ranking education abroad for foreign students

If you have the goal of finding a profitable investment with a future perspective, then you should think about studying at an elite university abroad. Upon graduation, graduates receive an extremely high mark on the international labor market. It is education in a prestigious foreign university that creates excellent opportunities for self-realization.

Educational courses abroad for businessmen and managers

It is impossible to argue with the fact that success in a career and effective management of your own business is determined mainly by the level of education of a top manager. When making a decision on getting an education in the field of business, you will be able to master a foreign language at the level of an indigenous native speaker, as well as gain knowledge in accepted international business standards. As for the cost of education, it is determined by the type of educational program chosen and its duration. Studying abroad in the framework of business courses is carried out in the following areas, such as law, medicine, economics, marketing, etc.

The benefits of secondary education abroad for foreign students

  • Profitable investment in the future - the acquired knowledge and skills meet the highest modern educational standards and the requirements of well-known employers of the largest international corporations. Obtaining a diploma from a ranking university abroad is an excellent basis for the prospective construction of a successful career abroad.
  • There is an opportunity for further residence abroad - in many cities abroad there is a shortage of qualified personnel, thereby foreign graduates can occupy this niche. It is worth noting that the EU and other countries create excellent conditions for the work of graduates of local prestigious universities.
  • Comprehensive personal development is ensured - the goal of educational programs of the best educational institutions abroad is to visualize and conduct experiments. As part of the educational process, the harmonious development of logical thinking among students takes place; at the end of education, graduates are able to put their skills and knowledge into practice. In addition, educational programs are focused on the education of an independent, responsible and thinking person.
  • International orientation - in the framework of studying abroad, students gain useful and extremely valuable experience in intercultural communication and interaction. In the walls of the best boarding schools and universities abroad, students who are representatives of the most different countries of the world study, thereby creating excellent opportunities for close acquaintance with the traditions, languages, culture and mentality of different countries of the world. Thus, there is an expansion of horizons, communication skills, creativity, tolerance, as well as goodwill develop.
  • The widest selection of educational programs - in the walls of foreign advanced boarding schools and colleges, all conditions have been created for obtaining high-quality secondary and higher education, improving language skills as part of vacation or year-round education programs, as well as preparing for successful admission to the best foreign universities, undergoing education in direction of graduate business education. Everyone will be able to choose their preferred educational program from their own individual preferences and goals.

Tuition abroad

For children's language courses, tuition starts at 200 £ a week. When planning a foreign language study abroad or getting a secondary education, the question arises regarding the cost of education. So, the cost of studying abroad consists of the following parameters, namely:

  • Countries of advanced foreign education;
  • School prestige;
  • Number of students in language groups;
  • Training time, since a higher price is typical for vacation educational programs;
  • Duration of study, educational program intensity;
  • Foreign student age;
  • Conditions of stay for the period of study;
  • Additional costs.

In most cases, as practice shows, buying air tickets, arranging transfers, arranging insurance, expenses associated with organizing guardianship - all these components cost 2-4 times the very price of getting an education abroad.

In addition, the quality and degree of popularity, demand among foreign students determine and influence the cost of studying abroad. So, the price of a classic English language program focused on foreign students lasting 1 week will be about 165 £. If your goal is to effectively prepare for the successful passing of the IELTS international language exam, then get ready for the fact that it will cost twice as much as the standard language program.

Adult study abroad

SMAPSE experts note such a pattern that the longer the duration of education, the lower its cost. Thus, you can get great financial benefits from long-term study abroad.

It is worth noting the greater accessibility of educational programs for adults in comparison with children's courses. Agree that usually adults choose language courses, not often the goal is to receive postgraduate education. A fairly high cost of education is typical for specialized educational programs and individual lessons. The extremely high cost of education is set for educational courses, the target audience of which is teachers, the same situation is observed for business programs. So, when making a decision to undergo education in this area, get ready for a higher cost of education, which exceeds 1.5 times the classical program of study abroad.

As for individual lessons, the price starts at 60 £ per 1 academic hour.

The cost of studying in euros varies from 300 to 400 per week of study abroad, in particular, these can be classic language programs in the best schools in Germany or in Malta. If consider education for 1 academic year, then the price can go up to 10,000 , the cost includes tuition and accommodation for 32 weeks.

If we consider studying in elite US boarding schools, the price starts from 400 $ per week, the cost of education throughout the school year can reach 18,500 $.

Despite the high cost of education, you are provided with the highest level of quality educational services, you can rest assured!

The cost of studying abroad for foreign students

The country of study has a direct impact on the cost of obtaining prestigious secondary education abroad. In Malta, for example, the cost of language courses is two times lower than in advanced UK boarding schools. As for the United States, the cost of education in the framework of leading American nursing courses aimed at foreign students is one and a half times lower if compared with England. The highest cost of language programs is typical for Switzerland, in addition, it costs at least six months before the expected start of education to reserve a place.

Taking into account the prestige, impeccable reputation and deep-rooted centuries-old traditions, getting an elite secondary education in the best boarding schools in the UK and Switzerland is expensive, for example, the cost of education starts at an average of 20,000 £ per year, and in Switzerland the cost can reach up to 74,000 Swiss per year of study.

If you want to receive top academic education abroad, in addition to the main amount of education, it is worth considering the mandatory deposit in a bank in the country of study, the size of which, as a rule, reaches the price of one semester in a foreign school or university, as well as the costs associated with guardianship. Regardless of the child’s stay abroad, at the official level, the foreign student must be patronized by a resident from the country of study.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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