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2018-07-30 11:57:01

Summer camps in Barcelona for foreign students

Summer camps in Barcelona for foreign students

Barcelona is considered one of the most prestigious European tourist routes. Love and glory for the whole world went to Barcelona not by chance: this city combines the trends of modern European history and echoes of the distant past, whose roots go to antiquity. Traveler in Barcelona waiting for attractions such as the Old Town, which reflects the imprints of the life of ancient Romans, the grandiose Citadel Park, incorporating the architecture of the most talented masters, skillfully combined with the picturesque nature. Also here is the shipyard Drassans, which has been preserved since the XIV century, which is one of the most interesting architectural sights of Europe. Summer vacation in Barcelona will enrich the child's inner world, filling it with culture and spirit, expand his ideas about the world and, undoubtedly, will leave unforgettable impressions! And the Mediterranean climate with a damp warm summer will make staying in Barcelona as comfortable as possible.

Education and leisure in Barcelona during the vacation period offers the following options:

  • The summer program for foreign students includes living in the summer camp residence, learning English and / or Spanish, various leisure activities
  • Visiting morning classes and subsequent activities, accommodation is organized independently with parents (full-time form)
  • Visiting only foreign language lessons in the morning (part time studying).

Features of summer camps in Barcelona

  • The start of the summer language schools in Barcelona is at the end of June: this is due to the fact that Barcelona students also attend the city's summer camps at the end of the school year, which falls just at the end of June. Closure of camps occurs in early August. Summer vacation in the camps in Barcelona also enjoys fame among American and British parents.
  • For those who choose accommodation in residences, comfortable living conditions are provided: spacious rooms for 2-4 people, board meals, lounges, sports grounds, swimming pool and much more.
  • In Barcelona, not only children's programs have been developed, but also courses for young people who will receive professional knowledge for future independent life - undergraduate students or recent graduates. Summer courses will help students prepare for admission to educational institutions in Spain, which offer great opportunities for employment abroad.
  • Studying sessions for Spanish and international students are held in groups of no more than 12 people
  • Teachers in the camps are qualified teachers from Spain and Britain who have many years of experience in the camps
  • A favorable atmosphere allows students to quickly master the conversational skills, since the emphasis is on communicating students among themselves: this creates various creative group tasks that stimulate the development of communication skills, for example, the creation of a video in a foreign language
  • The average number of lessons per week is 20 lessons of 45 minutes, usually in the morning
  • For students who attend the day camp, the program is provided for the whole day: from 8 am to 8 pm (ie study + rest, language classes plus leisure activities - they do not fall out of the extra-curricular active life)
  • For those who attend only English lessons, the time spent in the camp is approximately from 9:00 to 14:00.

Linguistic programs in Barcelona

Organization of study and leisure during the holidays in Barcelona

  • For students there is at least one popular excursion for the whole day and several for half a day. Popular trips to the full day are trips to Sitges and Tarragona: in the world-famous Sitges resort, camp students can stroll through the medieval streets, as well as visit the church, whose steps are washed by sea waves. The oldest city in Spain, Taragona offers various attractions for tourists, among which students will surely like the huge aquapolis of Costa Dorada! Among the excursions for half a day are very popular park "Güell", "Tibidabo" and the museum "Spanish Village".
  • In addition to camps, there are comfortable conditions for mastering various kinds of sports: surfing and windsurfing, canoeing, football, basketball, tennis and many others.
  • Great attention is paid to acquaintance with the nature of Barcelona, famous for its mesmerizing sea and city landscapes
  • In their free time, various performances are prepared in the camp for students, in which they can take part directly, flashing their talents: musical and theatrical shows, talent contests. In the thematic days, the camp will be filled with the atmosphere of different historical epochs (for example, the themes of the Middle Ages or the style of the 60's).

The best camps in Barcelona and tuition fees

  • In Barcelona, the Agora private school for children offers programs for studying English or Spanish language and leisure from the age of 3 to 14 years. The private school of Agora is part of the international network of NACE, which is famous for its quality, professional education. The cost per week is 175 €.
  • The summer program of English combined with an unforgettable holiday for young people over 17 years is provided for the Barcelona Business School EU Barcelona. The cost of a three-week education will be from 3,000 €. Students will attend lectures in such areas as innovation and entrepreneurship, business communication. Another part of the program is filled with familiarity with culture, students are waiting for tapas tours and a trip to the city of Girona, as well as rest on the beaches, acquaintance with Barcelona cuisine and walking around the city.
  • Children's football camp Barcelona FC invites students from 5 to 15 years for the summer course "English + Football". In the camp conditions are created for constant speech practice. This is facilitated by various interactive: attraction of game elements, communication, various leisure activities. The cost of staying in the camp will be from 1,170 € per week.
  • Don Quijote Language School in Barcelona has developed a linguistic program for intensive acquisition of Spanish for students from 14 to 21 years. It provides a harmonious combination of summer holidays and study. The cost of 2 weeks of education will be from 1,500 €.
  • Summer Camp Enforex Barcelona offers a variety of programs, among them: Spanish language course, summer English, football / tennis and foreign language learning. The cost of the courses will be from 1,590 € per week.
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