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2018-07-30 11:56:43

Dictionary of the Oxonian language

Dictionary of the Oxonian language

Oxford and Cambridge have their own language, preserved from the Middle Ages. To understand it, you need a dictionary explaining the Latin roots of the terms accepted up to the present time

Andergreduite is the name of students who have not completed a three-year training program and have not received a bachelor's degree.

BA Bachelor of Arts ) - The Bachelor of Arts is the first, lowest scientific title. For outstanding research is awarded a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc). Higher degrees are masters and doctors.

Vice-chancellor - head of the entire university administration. Previously, he was elected head of college for two years. Now it is appointed for seven years by the meeting of the administrative council.

Dean is the head of the church chapel responsible for the religious life in the college.

Don - (from Latin dominus - lord) - teacher or Administrator in Oxford and Cambridge.

Isis is the name of the Thames in Oxford.

The Chancellor (Chancellor ) is an honorary, lifelong position elected by the University Senate. In the past, the Chancellor was the head of the university. Today he visits the university once or twice a year, his functions are reduced to the representation and growth of university funds.

Commemorability - celebration of the end of the school year, including balls, boat competitions on the Thames in honor of the founders of the university and its beneficiaries.

Common Commons or Combinations of Rumas - special A room for a student meeting (JuniorCommonRoom- JCR), or for teachers (SeniorCommonRoom). The latter visit her exclusively in gowns.

The congregation is a meeting for awarding degrees that takes place in Cambridge in the Senate, and in Oxford at the Sheldon Theater.

Coort (in Cambridge) And quad (quad) in Oxford - the inner space of the courtyard in college.

Master is the head of the college, elected by all the fellows. In some colleges, the term "Dean", "Principal", "President", "Rector" or "Warden" is used instead of the word "master."

Matriculation (from Latin matricula) - Registration of students at the university, which takes place in October.

Oxon (from the Latin Oxanians) is the name of students who received a degree in Oxford. Oxonian - means belonging to Oxon, i.e. Oxford. Also the name of the suburbs of Oxford.

Postgradred - students who received a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA).

Professor - in Oxford and Cambridge professor is called only the head of the chair (chair) or faculty. Other types of teachers (as they grow) are a reader, a lecturer, and a senior lecturer.

Regius Professor - the title awarded by the head of the department or professors, the invited king. It was first founded by King Henry VIII in 1540 to highlight the most significant professions of teachers (theology, civil law, medicine, Greek and Hebrew).

Resident - student or fellow living in the city.

Supervisor - tutor title in Cambridge.

] Town and Gown (Town and gown ) - the name of the university and the city. In the Middle Ages, the relations between students and the urban public were very tense, sometimes leading to fights and clashes.

The term - the academic year is divided into Oxford by three terms, each for eight weeks: Michelmas ( From October to early December), Hilary (from mid-January to March), Trinity (from April to mid-June). Vacation between terms is called "wake up".

Tripos - examination for the title of Bachelor of Arts. The name comes from a tripod chair, sitting on which verses were recited in the Middle Ages.

Tutor is a teacher responsible for a small group of students who attend and report to him about their work once a week. These meetings are called tutoring or "they are tiny."

Fellow (translated from the Latin word "socius" - companion) members of the college relating to leading elected positions. As a rule, they have the privilege of living in a college. In addition, there are fellows - VisitingFellows, Fellows, Research Fellows, TutorialFellows Honorary Fellows. Fellows can, but do not have to teach in college.

Fresher - first-year student.

High Tab (HighTable) - in the Middle Ages the master, fellows and guests dined on the platform that towered Over the student tables in the dining hall.

Hilary - the name of the spring classes in Oxford, which arose from the feast of St. Hylarius (January 15) - See the term

The hall - a room for a joint meal of students and teachers.

Enkenia )- a holiday on the occasion of graduation from the school year and the receipt of diplomas.

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