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TOP-15 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Wales, England where international students can get high-quality primary, secondary and higer education

Education information

Wales is an extraordinary, beautiful and picturesque country, one of the four main parts of the United Kingdom. This is the edge of boundless lakes, melodic songs and a persistent Nordic character, stunning coastal landscapes and mysterious fogs. In addition to its unique historical, cultural and tourist value, Wales provides an opportunity to get a high-quality, prestigious education. Studies in Wales are becoming more popular with foreign students every year, the country has many advantages.

The structure of education in Wales

Secondary and primary education is compulsory for all citizens from 5 to 16 years old. Traditionally, educational institutions are divided into public (usually free) and private (paid). Studies are conducted both in English and in Welsh - the choice is made by the student. The peculiarity of studying in Wales is the high variability of the programs, focus on the practical application of the acquired knowledge, personal approach to each student. 

What is the structure of education in Wales? 

1) Kindergartens and nurseries, preparatory classes for children from 0 to 5 years.

2) Elementary schools are divided into two stages: 1-2 grades (5-7 years, KS-1) and 3-6 classes (7-11 years old, KS-2)

3) Secondary schools are also divided into two stages: grades 7-9 (11-14 years, KS-3) and 10-11 classes (14-16 years, KS-4 ). At this stage, the compulsory (incomplete) secondary education (GCSE) is considered complete.

4) Sixth Form and final grades, colleges - 12-13 (16-18 years): for students who plan to continue their studies in universities and higher schools.

Admission to the university requires an A-level certificate - this programme is common to all UK universities.

As for higher education (there are approximately 20 universities in the country), studying in Wales is divided into following stages:

  • Bachelor's degree (takes for 3 years)
  • Master's degree (+1 year)
  • Postgraduate studies, Ph.D. (+3 years)

Tuition fees, studying conditions for foreign applicants in TOP-15 schools and colleges in Wales 

It is legislatively established that foreign students living and studying in Wales can pay a maximum of 1,255 pounds per year for studies. There are also subsidies for students who have chosen Welsh as the main language of studying.

The state hospitably welcomes foreign students - the choice of studying areas is quite wide, and requirements are quite standard. It will be required to provide a school certificate (or a Bachelor's / specialist diploma if you are applying for a place in a Magistracy), all international certificates, and confirm good language proficiency by passing a profile exam.

Despite being a member of the United Kingdom, a small coastal state carefully preserves its national identity and uniqueness. The official language here is not only English, but also Welsh. It is very melodic, smooth, beautiful and pleasant - in particular, this explains the popularity of the song genre and Welsh opera all over the world. Welsh is a unique example of how historical, ancient language is actively used and developing in the modern world: many residents of remote villages even do not understand English well. On the streets of the capital Cardiff, Welsh can be heard everywhere. 


TOP-15 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Wales, England where international students can get high-quality primary, secondary and higer education

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