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TOP-30 Swiss prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Switzerland where international students can get excellent higher-education

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Switzerland has become a symbol and a synonym for precision, high quality and prestige. In addition, the country has one of the highest living standards in the world, is famous for its security, and higher education in Switzerland is one of the best in the world. Especially it concerns the schools of hotel business and hotel management, which graduate highly qualified specialists. Such institutions include the world-famous hotel schools of the hotel industry, including: 

Due to the list of TOP-30 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Switzerland where international students can get excellent higher-education, you can find the most appropriate option. 

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6 main directions of higher education in Switzerland

As it was mentioned, in Switzerland one of the most developed areas in the sphere of education is tourism, hotel and restaurant business. In this country there are about 25 higher schools. It can be no exaggeration to say that the curriculum in Swiss universities is a reference for educational centers and institutions from a similar industry around the world. The most ancient university in Switzerland was founded in 1899 - the management university Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne.

Here students from all over the world can get education in a variety of professions from running the restaurant business to organizing various events and many other educational programs:

1) Hotel management

One of the most common educational courses, which is in every specialized university of the country. Within the framework of this programme, students study such disciplines as personnel management, event management, marketing, accounting and finance, hotel room management and many others. In addition to vocational subjects, students can acquire academic writing skills and improve the level of knowledge of foreign languages.

2) Management in the field of tourism

The curriculum for the specialty dedicated to the subtleties of management processes in the tourism sector also includes compulsory subjects: accounting and finance, applied statistics, law, marketing strategies, foreign languages and so on.

Following universities offer such specialty for foreign students:

  • European University Business School Geneve
  • Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland
  • International School of Tourism Management
  • International Management Institute Switzerland
  • VATEL International School of Hotel and Tourism Management
  • State Tourism and Hotel Management School (SSAT).

3) Sports management

Today, this industry is developing at the highest rates, so the demand for specialists and managers is growing every year. Students of this direction will have an excellent opportunity to associate their professional activities with sports, but not as an athlete, but as a person, "backstage" - they are organizers of major events, competitions of different scale, as well as heads of sports centers and clubs.

Such specialty is offered by the following Swiss universities:

  • European University Business School Geneve
  • Glion Institute of Higher Education
  • International School of Business Management (ISBM).

4) Culinary art

In this course, students will get acquainted with the disciplines that a real professional of his business needs to know: the fundamentals of food safety, the basics of culinary operations, cooking techniques, the design of menus and food, as well as the basics of business correspondence and, of course, foreign languages. In addition, the curriculum includes subjects related to the specific specialization of the student: the art of making desserts for confectioners, the technique of making chocolate for chocolate, the compatibility of wines with different dishes for sommeliers and so on.

Such specialty is offered by the following Swiss universities:

  • Business and Hotel Management School Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
  • International Management Institute Switzerland
  • Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland.

5) Restaurant management

This specialty is received by those who would like to acquire the skills of a professional restaurateur: competently work with personnel, control quality of service, and regulate the production and trade process. In the process of teaching the restaurant (or culinary) business, students of Swiss universities study the necessary disciplines such as general management, culinary skills, administration of food and beverage expenses, hygiene and cleanliness lessons, organization of thematic events, production, marketing and strategies, and much more. .

There is no special higher school in this direction, but you can get such a profession in the following universities in Switzerland:

  • Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland
  • Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)
  • Swiss College of Hospitality Management - SHML.

6) Event management

Graduates of such an educational course are unique specialists who can organize events of any scale and complexity from a posh wedding or merry corporate to major forums and international festivals. To achieve this result, the students undergo the following disciplines here: planning and organizing events, personnel management, marketing and business research, profitability strategies, management of drinks and food products, and so on.

Such specialty is offered by the following Swiss universities:

  • Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland
  • International Management Institute Switzerland
  • Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS).

With regard to the cost of studying at Swiss universities of service and hospitality, the price of studying here will start at 25000 Swiss francs per year. The total cost of educational services is formed on the basis of the chosen educational institution and course. Also, students will need about 15-25,000 local francs to pay for housing, food, transportation and other small expenses for one academic year.

Higher education in Switzerland: 30 best business schools in Switzerland

It should be noted that compared to business education, the price of obtaining the main specialization is not so high - on the MBA course, the acquisition of specialization in the hotel business will cost around 60,000 Swiss francs.

Suitable specializations for foreign students can be found in:

  • Business and Hotel Management School
  • École hôteliè rede Lausanne
  • Hotel Institute Montreux
  • Glion Institute of Higher Education
  • Les Roches
  • International School of Hotel Management and etc.

For example, the business and hotel management school BHMS (Business and Hotel Management School) is located in one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland - Lucerne. The peculiarity of this higher school is that you can get a Bachelor's degree in 18 months of study + 18 months of practice, while in other universities studying takes 24 and 12 months, respectively. This approach to the educational process gives students a small advantage, because they are six months earlier begin to gain mastery in real conditions.

One of the most famous business schools in the country is Cesar Ritz Colleges, the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism. This educational institution with an excellent reputation and more than 30 years of experience is located immediately in two cities - Le Bouvre and Brig. Cesar Ritz is the only university in Switzerland that holds the "tedQual" certificate issued by the UN World Tourism Organization. The educational programme of this university is a harmonious combination of the traditional academic course, practical classes and paid internships, the passage of which becomes for students an excellent start to a successful career in the industry. In addition, the university includes not only Swiss institutions, but also several institutions in the US and Australia, so after completing the undergraduate programme, a student can go to an annual MBA course, say, the University of Washington.

School of Hotel Management IHHTI (Neuchâtel) - a representative of the list of the top ten international business schools in the hotel industry. From here come real professionals in personnel management in the hotel and tourism industry of international scale. IHHTI School of Hotel Management is part of the educational coalition of the leading Swiss schools of the Swiss Education Group.

Main advantages of getting higher education in Switzerland

Education received in Switzerland has a number of benefits for foreign students. Here, as in many countries abroad, the educational process is a competent combination of academic studies and outdoor leisure activities, which can include sports or hobbies. At the same time, the choice of activities is quite diverse - from classical team games (football, volleyball, basketball) to more status physical activities such as horseriding, mountaineering, fishing and so on. In addition, the Swiss universities have an excellent location: there is a magnificent climate, beautiful natural views and one of the highest safety indicators.

So, here are main advantages of Swiss education for international students:

  • High academic level

Switzerland is one of the countries in which the quality of education is under the scrutiny of the authorities, so the level of such services is not inferior to the famous banking or any other service in Switzerland

  • Variety of languages

Indeed, hardly in any other country can simultaneously learn at once so many languages - English, French, German, Italian and not only

  • Prestigious education at a budget price

Despite the fact that the overall standard of living in this country is high and requires quite considerable financial costs, education for students here can cost a bit lower than in the same UK or Germany. Therefore, if your budget for education has limits, do not rush to immediately weed out Swiss higher schools, as too expensive, it is better to first study the possible options. SMAPSE specialists will be happy to help you in this matter.

Also, let's not forget that high quality is always achieved by observing certain requirements that exist in Switzerland. For example, local universities are among the universities throughout Europe, which have the most strict conditions for study, in particular, at admission. For many students, especially from other countries, it is the stage of entrance exams that becomes the most difficult. And for universities it is an opportunity to select the strongest candidates in the ranks of students who have excellent academic performance and good reputation. Such strictness in the admission of students is due to the fact that the basis of the Swiss economy is production using high technologies, where only real professionals are in demand.

Higher education in Switzerland: major specialties

It is possible to obtain a higher education in Switzerland in almost any specialty, but it is also possible to obtain a double diploma. Among the leading directions of higher education in Switzerland can be called business, tourism and hotel services, management: these areas are very developed in the country, so students are taught by highly qualified teachers and professors, and diplomas of profile universities are incredibly highly appreciated all over the world. The business schools include Geneva Business School and European University Geneva: students know that the diploma of these schools opens the doors to the best European companies, provides huge opportunities for career growth and significantly increases career benefits.

Education in Switzerland

The hotel business is no less developed - and students from all over the world come to Switzerland for this specialty, choosing Cesar Ritz Hotel Colleges, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management and Glion Institute of Higher Education. The programs are maximally practical, students are constantly on probation in the hotels of the country, Europe and the world.

This is not only an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience, but also a chance to make useful acquaintances that will be useful in the subsequent employment. Many schools of hotel business in Switzerland offer students internships in all departments of the hotel - from reception and placement to the managerial staff.

A separate plus of higher education in Switzerland is the diversity of curricula: one can enroll in advanced courses or obtain higher education in Switzerland in a related profession, thereby expanding the level of their knowledge and capabilities, gaining significant competitive advantages.

Study in Switzerland

Admission to 30 best Swiss universities, tuition fees

Actually, it's quite difficult to enter Swiss universities as entrance requirements are quite high. It is necessary to prepare a package of documents:

  • application for admission
  • detailed autobiography
  • copy of the certificate and a certified description
  • copy of the language certificate
  • academic certificate with a list of credits
  • exams and the number of academic hours for each subject

Please note that you must complete the document at least 3 months before the expected start date.

It goes without saying that the cost of studying even in schools in Switzerland is quite high - from 30,000 Up to 75,000 Swiss francs per year. . But ambitious applicants remember that studying here is a powerful and useful investment in the future successful career: graduates not only find work easier, but also significantly increase the chances for a prestigious and highly paid position. Hardworking students who successfully graduated from the country's educational institutions, as a rule, pay back the cost of their education in the first year.

Higher education in Switzerland

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