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TOP-100 universities in the USA where foreign students can get the best Higher education

Education information

Nowadays, the USA is the leading country among foreign students wishing to get high-quality and advanced education abroad. SMAPSE offers more than 100 best US universities that provide a great deal of courses and studying programs available for foreign students. The opportunity to obtain higher education in the USA is provided to everyone who is ready to invest in their own future - universities are open to students from all over the world.

Higher education, like secondary education in the United States, has several distinctive features that attract international students. First of all, top-quality US education. It is also worth noting the social, legal protection of foreign students, high-quality medical care, and comfortable accommodation conditions. One of the main features of the system of higher education in the USA, which is noted by all applicants, is a variety of opportunities: in addition to academic preparation, students get optimal conditions for creative, physical development, campuses have everything necessary for effective studies and pleasant rest. In addition, studying in the USA allows to adapt to the life in the country, to get acquainted with local culture and traditions.

AQctually, a foreign student will need help in planning the admission to a US university. It's important to examine transitional studying programs. It's recommended to pay much attention to the choice of the preparatory pre-university programme, since American universities provide different requirements for admission of foreign studentss.

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What documents are required to apply for US university?

In general, all Graduate Admission Offices in the USA will require the following documents from foreign students:

  • Application for admission to the university (written or sent by e-mail);
  • Motivation letter (a comprehensive answer on the question "Why am I worthy to study at this university?");
  • A receipt for payment of the registration fee (usually 90 USD – 150 USD, non-refundable);
  • School certificate or report card with grades from a university in your home country, if you have already passed a part of the education course;
  • Certificate for English language proficiency – either TOEFL or IELTS;
  • Sometimes results of SAT or ACT exams are required (exams that graduates of high school pass in America);
  • Diploma of a Bachelor's degree in almost any other country + an application with grades (if you are applying for a Master's degree course);
  • Recommendation letters from teachers, curators, rector, employers, etc. - the more you present, the better.

All documents must be translated into English and notarized.

Note: if you are just transferring from a university to an American institution or enrolling in a programme with Bachelor's degree - you will certainly use the procedure for the nostrification of your diploma. The Graduate admissions Office examines which disciplines you have already studied and which points you got for the exams, and decides which of them can be counted as a passed course at the US University. It often happens that the diploma is nostrified with a decrease in the year of studies: for example, you wanted to enter a Master’s degree programme, however, the Graduate Admissions Office authorized you only to repeat the final year of studies on a Bachelor’s degree programme. However, have no worries: this is due to the global differences in higher education between foreign countries and the United States.

All American educational institutions take into account the personal qualities of the entrant. When enrolling in higher education programs in the USA, it is required to fill out a general questionnaire. There are several questions about the plans, attitudes and goals of the applicant. Short answers in the form of essays help a person to reveal his potential and convince the university that the education will serve the public interests. Most often you can encounter the following questions: “Why did you choose our university?”, “Why do you need a profession?”, “What are your plans for the future?”, “Why do you seek higher education in the United States of America?”.

The Graduate Admissions Office of each university pays attention to the essay not only in regards to the ambitions and career plans of a person, but also in what concerns the literacy level, consistency and accuracy of constructing answers. It is important for the entrant to persuade the Graduate Admissions Office committee in the ability to think analytically and write competently, and in readiness to receive higher education in the USA.

However, it is worthwhile to be more cautious with the selection of creative conclusions: if the question indicates the requirement to bring three arguments in favor of the profession, you do not need to get carried away and list all 33 reasons. In this case, the commission will consider that the student simply did not understand the question. Apparently, the prospective student cannot figure out the peculiarities of writing an essay independently. Therefore, the preparatory courses will help to take into account all the complexities of forming a package of documents for admission, to practice to answer tricky questions in an essay.

A great advantage of taking pre-university courses is the provision of teachers with letters of recommendation. Such documents specify educational achievements and personal characteristics, sports achievements and creative achievements, hobbies and special talents. In American universities the applicants who demonstrate readiness to constantly work on themselves are always welcome. Purposefulness and ability not to stop at what has been achieved are considered the necessary qualities for successful studying.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In the United States, colleges and universities provide equal high-quality educational services. The main difference between the two types of educational institutions is the number of years of studying and the kind of degree obtained. If a student enters a 2-year college, he will eventually receive an Associate Degree and still be able to continue his Bachelor's degree.

A 4-year college education will allow the student to obtain a Bachelor of Science or Arts degree and become a certified professional.

Also, students can continue studying at a university and complete a Master’s degree or even higher Doctorate studies.

Admission to the university at the first stage of higher education will greatly simplify these transfers and will allow the student not to waste time adapting to the academic and linguistic environment and processing documents.

Tuition fees for gettiing higher education in the USA

The price of the programme is determined by several factors (specialization, university ranking, the need for scientific research in the learning process, etc.). Practice shows that foreign students in the United States pay quite huge amounts of money: the cost of a studying year at prestigious universities equals to at least 30 000 USD. It's worth noting that graduates of American universities have competitive advantages in the labor market and in 98% of cases they are able to find high-paying jobs during the first six months after graduation from the university.

At the same time, you can save money and get a scholarship – scholarship funds in the United States are huge and very developed. Students who are successful in academic, creative spheres or sports can claim scholarships (which can cover up to 100% of the cost of education!).

You can also significantly reduce the cost of studying by entering community colleges. They are significantly cheaper than universities – on average a year of study in such colleges will cost you around 7 000 USD – 10 000 USD. Such educational institutions also have more loyal requirements for foreign students. In the community college you can study for two years: after obtaining the Associate Degree, a foreign student will be ready to complete another two years in a classical college or university and get a Bachelor's degree.

Everything about preparatory programs in the USA

To start with, there are two types of preparatory programs in the USA: programs offered by universities and programs offered by the national centers of pre-university education.

The University curriculum is developed by university teachers; therefore, students know in advance the requirements of the university and higher education in the USA. Most often, prospective students have a great opportunity to obtain necessary amount of knowledge and get acquainted with the structure of the university even before the admission. During a year applicants are immersed into linguistic environment and independent student life. Students of pre-university programs live on campus, take part in student activities and learn more about the rules and traditions.

You can choose one of the TOP-100 universities in the USA on SMAPSE website that will meet all your requirements.

Typical programs of national education centers and institutions of higher education allow to choose any educational institution for obtaining higher education in America without reference to the place of the preparatory programme. Applicants study subjects according to the recommendations of national centers, so preparatory programs are versatile.

Another advantage of a preparatory programme in national education centers is the active assistance of such institutions in providing the amenities for the future student: lawyers and consultants from national centers will not only help solve any visa-related and housing problems, but also select the most suitable universities.

Both types of pre-university programs provide 3 mandatory blocks:

  • Preparation for SAT examination
  • English language courses
  • Adaptation programme

Many applicants for SAT tests begin to prepare several years before the admission to an American university, because exams require excellent knowledge of the language and subjects of the school course in English. A high score on SAT can be obtained due to brilliant knowledge of mathematics, three specialization subjects, and English grammar. An important component is significant vocabulary and the ability to understand spoken language. The "adaptation programme" helps students to get used to the cultural environment; it forms skills of independent organization and motivation for self-learning. Students learn using the latest technical capabilities; they learn how to effectively use the library, and so on.

Education in the USA

5 main kinds of preparatory programs in the USA

Higher education institutions are divided into colleges and universities. US universities as well as US colleges provide high-quality education, universities offer modern laboratories and ample opportunities for practicing different kinds of sports. Student campuses of universities can consist of residences of all kinds, and students can choose the most suitable one for them. Studying at an American college often involves obtaining only a Bachelor's degree (which implies 4 years of study), while at the university the student can continue studying and get a Master's degree or even finish higher Doctorate studies and become a Ph.D.

Actually, foreign students can enter an American university and graduate in the US in several ways:

  • pass the pre-university programme after school;
  • transfer from a home country university to a lower course of a university in the United States;
  • enroll in a Master's degree programme or Higher Doctorate studies after graduation from the university in the home country.

Universities of America

All these possible ways of studying in America provide different courses and include a variety of requirements. For each category of students there are their own rules and a unique set of necessary documents. The adequate selection of the programme will help foreign prospective students to save both time and money.

University Pathway programme

Pathway is one of the most popular studying programs. Pathway programme, implying 1 or 2 semesters of intensive studies at American college or university, gives the opportunity to enroll at the first or even second course of a US university. In order to participate in the Pathway programme, it is required to have a school certificate with good grades and IELTS certificate 5.5 or higher (or 61 - 79 points for TOEFL test).

University Preparation in the USA

University Transfer Programme

This programme is an analogue of the British IDP (International Diploma programme) which offers foreign prospective students one-year preparation for entering the 2-year Bachelor's degree course. At the same time, this programme allows students to save a whole year, as well as helps them to get accustomed to the life in a foreign country. Many colleges and universities in the USA offer this programme for international students, and SMAPSE experts are ready to help you choose the best variant from 100 best universities and colleges in the USA.

International Foundation programme

American version of the Foundation programme differs from British one mainly by its orientation on language education rather than acquiring complex knowledge on a number of subjects for admission. For one year students improve their academic English skills and prepare for language examination. The applicants will be asked to present a home country school certificate and pass IELTIS to not less than 5.0 (as an alternative it is possible to pass TOEFL with a success of 70-80 points).

Preparing to enter America

International Baccalaureate (IB)

In the United States, six subjects are intensively studied in this international studying programme. The course takes 2 years. Successful completion of the International Baccalaureate programme allows to enroll not only in universities in America, but also in other prestigious educational institutions of the world. The programme is designed for foreign students who have provided a certificate of graduation from secondary school with high marks and passed IELTS for 5.5 and higher (or TOEFL – for 40 - 45 points).

Pre-Masters or Pre-MBA programme

This programme is designed for those who would like to study on a Master's degree or higher Doctorate studies course. All that is necessary to take on this programme is to present a foreign diploma of higher education. Foreign students can apply for these courses after receiving a Bachelor's degree in any foreign university. An obligatory requirement is a Bachelor's degree and IELTS at 6.0 (or TOEFL 550 PBT / 213 CBT / 81 IBT). The programme can last for 6 or 9 months depending on the level of English of the students. Note that admission to the Pre-MBA programme requires at least 2 years of working experience on managerial positions.

Higher Education in the USA

Actually, foreign students can easily choose a decent and high-quality educational institution for receiving higher education in the United States, because every college and university care about the reputation and therefore offers only the best teachers and the latest technology for studies.

Applicants from all over the world are looking forward to studying in America as they want to get higher education in the United States, to obtain the necessary profession and build a brilliant career in the future. Prospective students often choose well-known institutions that lead the world's ratings as a prestigious universities. However, this is not a very rational approach, as in order to enter Harvard or Yale, foreign students need to make great effort and continue preparatory education for several additional years. A more pragmatic approach is to choose not well-known universities, but sufficiently high-quality educational institutions which offer a good level of education at a reasonable cost.

University entrance in America

As a rule, when enrolling in higher education programs in the US, entrance examinations are not required, as it is enough to pass SAT with school-level questions. Students can receive Bachelor's degree after 4 years of studies. Each subject is studied for a semester, and during the third year students undergo detailed courses in their chosen specialization.

The main feature of the American system of education and higher education in the United States is the opportunity to choose a course for studying according to student’s own preference and interests. Thus, a student can choose technical subjects and study theatrical art, master finance and work in a university newspaper at the same time. A wide selection of subjects is great for those who decided to get a second higher education in America, since it will allow them to study a specific narrow specialization. Foreign students may also be interested in the possibility of obtaining a Doctorate degree. In the United States, a doctorate degree can be obtained after 5-6 years of studying.

Business programs are very popular among foreign students. The MBA diploma is considered to be a guarantee of building a successful career. Therefore, despite the high cost of such programs, every year many foreign students choose to get an MBA. Graduates of top business schools can easily ask their top-managers about an increase in the salary of 10 – 30%.

The system of Higher education in the USA

Higher education in the USA provides foreign students with a wide range of disciplines within a particular specialization. The system is represented by educational institutions of 4 categories:

There are universities in the country that include several faculties or colleges that graduate bachelors, masters and doctors.

Also for foreign students, there are colleges. Here the education lasts for 4 years, as well as at the Bachelor's degree.

Technical schools offer a wide range of programs. The duration of the education is from six months to four years.

Municipal colleges in the country graduate qualified workers. After 2 years of education, students can go to the classical college for a 4-year educational programme.

Study in the USA

Bachelor’s degree and Master's Degree in the USA

The American Baccalaureate lasts for 4 years. This stage ends with the degree of undergraduate. The graduate get a Bachelor's degree in science or art. On average, the undergraduate course includes 30 disciplines for study within the chosen specialization of the student.

The next level allows to get a degree of graduate and a Master's degree. Education lasts for 2 years (most often). The Master's degree programme corresponds to the specialization studied during the undergraduate programme. The course includes specialized subjects and provides for in-depth study of certain disciplines. In order to get the aforementioned degree, a student has to write and defend his Master's degree thesis.

Foreign students who wish to continue their academic development can apply for higher doctorate studies.

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