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Higher education in New York. List of top 35 institutions, description, prices and tuition fees, how to apply

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For you, we have prepared a list of top 35 educational institutions offering higher education in New York, where international children, teenagers, adults and students can study. You can choose the course you like (pay attention to the cost, rating and reviews), our consultans are ready to help you to make the right choice. FREE services for enrolling in partner institutions, the number of places is limited.

Higher education in New York. List of top 35 institutions, description, prices and tuition fees, how to apply

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Features of getting higher education in New York

The vast majority of countries have adopted a three-stage higher education system. The USA is no exception, where students can go through three stages from undergraduate through graduate to doctor of science. Higher Education in New York is the end of an undergraduate institution in undergraduate education programs. Further education is desirable, but not required - having a Bachelor's degree, a student may well begin professional activities in the area of interest to him.

After getting a Bachelor's degree, it’s quite popular to enter Master's programs in New York, and then receive a PhD.

For admission to the universities of New York, students must undergo mandatory testing in the English language (any exam that has international accreditation and is recognized as a standard is suitable: for example, GMAT, SAT, etc.). It is worth noting that the elite and sought after higher education institutions of New York have fairly high requirements for the level of English proficiency among applicants. Among other requirements, it is worth noting a mandatory essay, or a letter motivating you to enter this particular educational institution in New York.

Getting Bachelor's, Master's degree in New York for international students

As mentioned earlier, higher education in New York is a study in three main stages, each of which involves obtaining a particular scientific degree:

  1. Bachelor of Science;
  2. Master of Science;
  3. Doctor of Science .

In order to successfully enter a Bachelor's program at any higher educational institution in New York, applicants must first graduate from high school and receive a certificate of complete secondary education - a document of almost any standard is suitable. Bachelor's degree involves studying for four years, deepening the study of a number of specialized disciplines in the second or third year of study, as well as studying a number of additional subjects of choice.

Higher education in New York City in the direction of Master opens to students the way for research activity, allowing students to receive not only a Master's degree, but the primary knowledge and skills needed for further research and study in graduate school. One way or another, a Master’s higher education is more specialized than a Bachelor’s, so it can be argued that a master’s degree allows students to become even more competitive in the international labour market.

Higher education in New York in the direction of graduate school is a higher education for those students who aspire to research, who want to devote themselves to science, becoming a real scientist or teacher at the university. This level implies 4-6 years of study, after which students get PhD.

The cost of higher education in New York, list, reviews, rankings

You may already know that higher education in New York, as in the USA as a whole, is always paid for international students. At the same time, the cost of educational services in higher education institutions in New York can reach fabulous rates. Undoubtedly, investing in your own future is the best investment that will pay off many times afterwards. The fact is that graduates of higher education institutions in New York, having a sought-after diploma of higher education, may well, after a student's bench, immediately fall into attractive positions in leading international corporations.

Financial issue is best resolved in advance. The average cost of 1 academic year of study at higher education programs in New York is from 30,000 USD .

At the same time, it is necessary to note the existence of special programs of financial support provided to students from various countries of the world during their higher education in New York:

  • Firstly, students who have distinguished themselves during their studies can apply for a scholarship;
  • Secondly, various universities in New York hold competitions for grants - the conditions for such events can be clarified on the pages of relevant higher education institutions;
  • Thirdly, some New York universities practice financial exemptions provided exclusively for international students.

These opportunities can be used to significantly reduce the financial burden on the family budget, because this financial assistance can cover a significant part of your expenses.

Key Benefits of getting Higher Education in New York

In the case of a decision to graduate in New York, students acquire a number of advantages, which we will discuss in this section of this article. We note only the most obvious and applicable to the vast majority of applicants the advantages of studying at higher educational institutions of New York:

  • The prestigious and elite universities of New York employ exclusively professionals with a huge experience working with foreign students, research activities in relevant academic fields. Classes are structured in such a way that students improve their skills on an ongoing basis, coming to innovative solutions.
  • Universities in New York offer a high-quality education of specialists in the vast majority of qualifications in the international labour market. Most educational programs also involve internships in a real company, which allows students to get their first work experience.
  • New York higher education institutions can give a significant impetus to those students who wish to develop in various sciences - postgraduate studies, publications in scientific journals, research with experienced professors, and much more.
  • Students of leading universities in New York can take advantage of almost limitless opportunities for personal and professional development.
  • Companies and corporations working in international fields show increased demand for graduates of leading prestigious higher educational institutions in New York and the USA, because a diploma of higher education in New York indicates the exceptional qualifications of young specialists.

List, reviews, rankings of best universities in New York

Each year, the most sought after and elite universities in New York are included in the lists of leading higher education institutions not only in the United States, but throughout the world. The secret to success is simple - New York universities provide students with a range of perspectives and opportunities:

  • A huge selection of educational programs by specialization and professional grounds;
  • Unrivaled infrastructure, the latest technical developments in the field of education;
  • Great opportunities for research work;
  • Almost limitless career opportunities for students - there are many options for internships, practice, etc .;
  • Very promising and useful relationships with professionals and experts from various fields with real experience;
  • Higher education diploma in high demand among employers around the world;
  • An incredible experience of living and studying in a foreign country, in one of the most famous megalopolises of the planet, as well as unique prospects for a career and life!
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