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Admission to universities abroad for foreign students: programs, tuition

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Admission to universities abroad for foreign students: programs, tuition

Admission to a prestigious university abroad

At the end of grade 11, most foreign students dream of entering a ranking university abroad. However, one of the main requirements for admission to an elite university abroad is the passage of a certified preparatory program by a foreign graduate due to the insufficient completion of the 11-year school program. In Western countries, a 12-year educational program has been established. Especially for foreign applicants interested in effective study abroad at the end of grade 10 or 11, pre-university programs have been developed, the choice of which is the broadest. Each academic course has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as specific characteristics.

Elite higher education abroad is possible within the walls of not only top universities, but also in colleges located in Canada or the United States. The main difference between studying at a leading foreign college is a smaller competition of foreign applicants for places and a lower cost of education. At the same time, SMAPSE experts draw attention to the fact that bachelor's programs in American and Canadian advanced colleges are recognized as higher education. In addition, when comparing with universities, in which educational programs for a specific specialization are developed, colleges focus on the practical part and the acquisition of practical skills. It is worth noting that in prestigious universities, it is possible to conduct labor activities with simultaneous immersion in research activities. To conduct scientific activity, a foreign student will need to undergo education at first in a master's program, and then go to graduate school.

Admission to prestigious university abroad - stages

To ensure the effectiveness of studying abroad , an accurate selection of the leading university is required in order to obtain excellent prospects for employment. Below is the procedure for selecting a foreign advanced university based on your individual goals, preferences and financial capabilities:

  • In advance, begin to choose the university and country of study, carefully read the proposed conditions of study in order to enter upon completion of education in 10 or 11 grade of a school
  • Make a personal visit to several campuses of the university to make the right choice regarding the institution
  • Improve the level of foreign language proficiency of the country in which you plan to receive higher education, as a rule, this is English
  • Successful passing of international language exams, while SMAPSE experts advise you to take preparatory language courses. As for the length of study, it depends on the level of your knowledge of a foreign language.
  • It is also worth deepening and tightening academic knowledge to the level required for successful admission to a preferred prestigious university abroad
  • SMAPSE experts advise you to receive several letters of recommendation from teachers in several subjects. If the letter of recommendation was correctly drawn up, then the applicant will show himself on the favorable side with respect to behavior and the level of knowledge in front of members of the selection committee.
  • It is worthwhile in advance, at least 6 months before the planned start of studies abroad, to begin collecting the package of required documents. So, it will take several months to translate documents into a foreign language and send them, also do not forget about negotiating with the selection committee of an elite foreign university. In addition, to obtain a prestigious higher education, you will need to obtain an academic visa and a foreign passport in case of absence.

Educational programs abroad for foreign students

The passage of academic programs of high school contribute to the successful entry of foreign applicants to top universities along with local adolescents. Thus, as part of the preparatory program, the necessary level of knowledge and skills for unhindered admission to ranking universities is achieved. Below are the most common options for studying abroad, which are chosen by foreign student at the end of grade 11 of a school.

  • A-level program - the results of this program are universally recognized by all leading universities without exception. Teaching is conducted in a predominant number of advanced senior boarding schools in the UK and private colleges located in the EU countries. Within the framework of teaching, the study of 4 disciplines at an in-depth level is provided. The selection of academic subjects for foreign students is based on the future direction of research and education within the walls of an elite foreign university. The duration of the A-level program is 2 years. As for the academic load on foreign students, it is at least 36 hours of classes per week. The target audience for this educational program is foreign students who have reached 16 years of age. One of the main requirements is a good level of English proficiency, which corresponds to 5.5-6.0 points of the international IELTS exam.
  • BTEC - is a British pre-university program, the key characteristic of which is due to the application of a practical approach to education. Having received the BTEC program certificate, its results will be recognized in more than 100 countries of the world. Three levels of the BTEC educational program are distinguished:
  1. BTEC 1 - Equivalent to GCSE Education Program
  2. BTEC 2 - correspondence of the level of the British A-level program
  3. BTEC 3 - obtaining this certificate indicates that a graduate has received primary higher education, which corresponds to the completed two courses of a local university.

The target audience for this educational program is foreign students who seek to gain useful practical skills abroad after graduating from the 11th grade of a school, thereby establishing useful business contacts that will be useful and necessary in the framework of long-term employment.

  • High School Diploma - creates excellent opportunities for obtaining a school certificate, which fully meets the requirements in the field of education of the American educational system. Within the framework of this educational program, a wide range of disciplines is taught, and at the same time mandatory intensive sports are conducted. The teaching staff also encourages the active participation of foreign students in the life of the school and class. A key characteristic of the High School diploma educational program is to provide full freedom for students in the choice of disciplines. At the end of the educational course, graduates can take standard exams or IB. The target audience for this educational program is foreign students aged 14 to 18 years. As for the required level of English, it is 103 CBT in TOEFL or 4.5 points in IELTS. The duration of the study is 6 terms.
  • Advanced Placement - at the end of the 11th grade of a school, within the framework of this education program, teaching of teaching material at the university level to senior students is provided. By deciding to undergo Advanced Placement education, you are guaranteed effective preparation for unhindered admission to a ranking university and a reduction in study time, thereby saving financial resources and time. In case of receiving high points for testing, a foreign student is assigned certain bonuses at a prestigious university, their differences are due to the chosen educational program of a foreign university. Teaching in the framework of this educational program is conducted at the best universities in Canada and the USA, thus, a certificate of its passage is recognized by branches of American and Canadian universities in different countries of the world. The requirements for applicants are the same as for the High School Diploma program.

Bachelor and Master programs in the USA and Western Europe - main features

By deciding to undergo education in the framework of bachelor's and master's programs, a foreign student will be able to obtain high-quality knowledge in those areas that interest the student. It is worth noting that foreign higher education allows you to gain invaluable experience in a new country, the development of communication skills, internships in the international environment. In addition, the diploma obtained at one of the leading universities abroad is quoted and highly valued in many countries, thereby creating excellent opportunities for promising employment.

Each foreign applicant will be able to choose for himself his area of interest from a wide range, in particular, bachelor and master programs provide for a specialty in the field of natural and exact sciences, pedagogy, business, medicine, as well as art.

Master's program is the second stage on the way to higher education, thus, only the student who has a document on the completion of the bachelor's program can enter. If a foreign applicant intends to study within the framework of a master's program abroad, while a bachelor's degree was obtained at home, he will need to undergo a preparatory program before being enrolled in a master's program.

The cost of higher education abroad

Be prepared for the fact that serious financial investments will be required to obtain an elite higher education abroad. If you intend to study at the top-ranked universities included in the TOP-100 list developed by QS-THES-200, get ready for a very high tuition fee. Even if you choose a foreign less top university, in any case, the highest level of quality of educational services is guaranteed. Choosing a ranking university, you pay more for the prestige of the institution. The table below shows the cost of education in several countries.

Country of study

Cost of education

Great Britain

From 10,000 £ to 30,000 £ per year


From 20,000 $ to 65,000 $ per year


From 3,000 to 60,000  per year

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