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2018-07-30 11:56:46

Admission to universities in Switzerland: terms, cost, requirements.

Admission to universities in Switzerland: terms, cost, requirements.

The requirements for foreign applicants in Swiss universities differ depending on the canton in which the institution is located. In order for foreign students to enter the state university of Switzerland, it is necessary to know German, French or Italian and show proof of training for at least 2 years for a similar specialty in the university in their home country. If there is no certificate confirming the required level of language proficiency, Swiss universities assign an entrance exam to a foreign student.

When entering Switzerland, it is important to take into account age limits: for public universities, a bachelor's degree is 18 years, a master's or MBA degree is 21 years. Private universities in Switzerland set the following limits: bachelor - 17.5 years (at the time of practice - 18 years), master's and MBA program - 21 years.

After completing three years of university studies in Switzerland, the student receives a bachelor's degree, after which he has the right to continue his education in a master's program designed for 1.5-2 years. You can apply for a master's degree after graduating from college in Switzerland. This scheme is considered by many students to be more acceptable: college education lasts 3.5-4 years, but it is much easier to enter there than at the first year of the University of Switzerland. However, the knowledge obtained within the walls of the college is quite enough to find a highly paid job not only at home, but in any other country in the world.

Studying at Swiss universities in doctoral studies lasts 3 years: holders of master's degrees can enter there, they show outstanding abilities in the process of obtaining an education in the chosen specialization (the advantage is available for students who have graduated from universities in Switzerland).

The admission of documents to public universities in Switzerland is carried out twice a year, with the beginning of the autumn and spring semesters. The beginning of studies is mainly possible only from the fall semester in September.

Deadline for most state universities *:

- for the fall semester - until 30 April;

- for the spring semester - until November 30.

* The deadline for submission of documents may vary depending on the canton and from the educational levelI. And Information on each of the universities in Switzerland needs to be clarified.


If an applicant for higher education in Switzerland can not produce a certificate confirming the level of language proficiency, he is assigned an internal language exam, which takes place in August. For admission to the exam, you must pay a one-time examination fee (about CHF 90).

The exam in universities in Switzerland consists of several parts, which are tested reading, grammar, the ability to catch the language and understand the texts by ear, as well as the oral part. The student passes the exam in the event that he scored the required minimum or more points.

If the applicant shows a low score, he can start anew the whole process of enrolling in the universities of Switzerland, retake the exam next time (only one retake is allowed) or pass a German for a certificate of knowledge of the language.

When entering Switzerland's universities in the Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology, most universities also recommend submitting the results of a GMAT or GRE test, which significantly increases the chances of the entrant to be enrolled in the program.

In public institutions of higher education teaching is conducted in German or French, and in the universities of Switzerland, under the programs of tourism and hotel business, as well as business schools - in English.

For teaching in German:

For teaching in English (estimates vary depending on the program and university):

  • IELTS at least 5.5-6.0
  • TOEFL at least 65 (online version of the test)
  • Cambridge Proficiency
  • Cambridge Advanced Certificate

For Trainingto French :

  • The certificate of DALF C1, DELF B1-B2 or the results of the exam taken at the university of the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

For teaching in Italian :

  • From the B2 level on the CEF scale, or the results of the exam taken at the university of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

The cost of the programs must be specified at each university separately! The average cost of programs in Swiss universities:

1) To obtain the degree of Bachelor :

  • public institution CHF 500-1000 / semester,
  • private - 15000-30000 dollars / year.

2) To obtain the degree of the Master:

  • public institution CHF 500-1000 / semester,
  • private CHF 25000-40000 / year.

The list of main universities

Universität Zürich (in German), abbreviated as UZH

Universität Basel (in German), abbreviated as UZH

Universität Luzern (German), Université de Lucerne (f.), Università di Lucerna (ital.)

Universität Bern

Università della Svizzera italiana (ital.), Abbreviated USI

Université de Lausanne (French), abbreviated UNIL

Université de Genève (f.), Abbreviated UNIGE

Universität St. Gallen (German), abbreviated HSG

Université de Neuchâtel (French), abbreviated UniNE

Université de Friborg (french), abbreviated UNIFR

É d é cole polytechnique 999.285] rale de Lausanne (French), abbreviated EPFL

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (in German), abbreviated ETH

The advantages of studying in Switzerland (statistically and qualitatively)

1. The Swiss education system offers a rich selection of academic programs in four main languages: English, German, French and Italian. In parallel with the study of basic subjects, students have the opportunity to master foreign languages ​​─ as a rule, two, and sometimes more.

2. Centuries of experience and tradition. Modern education in Switzerland has absorbed the most productive principles of German pedagogy, as well as Anglo-American and French schools. Effective methodology of teaching in Swiss universities is aimed at developing high motivation of students, personal interest in the result.

3. Studying at a Swiss university is practical, often with a first-year training course, internship is an indispensable condition for successful education. In addition, the internship is paid.

4. Favorable ecological conditions, healthy food, clean air. Universities in Switzerland are a healthy way of life and mastering several sports at a professional level.

5. In international rankings of the best universities in the world, Switzerland traditionally occupies 4-9 positions, behind only the United States, Canada and Great Britain.

6. The Swiss model of education and Swiss university in the sphere of hotel and tourist business is considered the standard.

1. Specialists in the field of hotel business and tourism.
2. Representatives of the field of information technology and computer systems.
3. Engineering professions, in particular, machine builders.
4. Specialists in the field of banking and insurance.
5. Representatives of the health care sector, namely, nurses.

The cost of services

  • The basic package of services is € 1150
  • Search and book accommodation (apartment / hostel) - € 500/250
  • The execution of documents - € 499
  • Escort in Switzerland - € 1050
  • Full package of services - € 2699


Enrollment in the Swiss state university with SMASS

SMASS offers a full range of services to support the enrollment process for any of the educational programs in one of the educational institutions German-speaking countries, i. In Austria, Germany, Switzerland.

The distinctive characteristics of the company's work are:

  • an individual approach to each client;
  • free provision of information at the first stage of communication;
  • competent selection of the program by qualified employees;
  • obtaining the optimal solution according to the request;
  • orientation in their work on the result;
  • online support for 24/7 of each client;
  • provision of up-to-date and verified information obtained from personal experience by our managers;
  • accompanying the entire enrollment process for the selected turnkey program
  • the cost of services does not exceed the average established price in the market of services to support and organize the process of enrolling in educational programs in educational institutions in Austria, Germany, Switzerland.

SMASS during its activity successfully and actively develops all kinds of educational directions within the German-speaking space, i.e. In Austria, Germany, Switzerland. Today we can organize support in the following areas:

  • higher education;
  • secondary education;
  • studying foreign languages ​​at courses;
  • Family and children's recreation.
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