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English courses in England, language courses in Britain with English learning

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English courses in England, language courses in Britain with English learning

English language courses in England are becoming more popular every year and at the same time more accessible. Learning English at courses in England is very prestigious and, most importantly, very effective. This article will focus on the peculiarities of language courses in England and the UK. In addition, here you can find out more information about the cost of courses, as well as to your attention a list of schools with ratings and reviews.

Language courses in England allow people from all over the world to learn English at the highest level, because English courses in England and the UK are a sign of high quality of language education. Language courses in the UK allow students to effectively and in a relatively short time learn English at one level or another, and the entrance level of English can be anything: from zero to free. In today's dynamic world, it can be confidently asserted that English courses in England are not only a profitable investment in your own future or the future of your children, but also a great way to have fun and a good time.

What is such an urgent need to learn English? It's very simple: we practically do not pay any attention to it, but every day we encounter tens and hundreds of cases of exposure of English to our lives: from everyday situations (instruction to the device, reading news and watching movies, listening to music in English) business negotiations with foreign partners, preparation for entering a foreign university, etc. The need for English is growing every year, and English language courses in England are designed to help anyone who wants to learn English. It is in England, a country with a very rich history, centuries-old traditions and high-quality education, you can learn real, traditional English, correct in grammar and pronunciation. At English language courses in the UK, anyone who wishes from anywhere in the world can, with due diligence and diligence, acquire not only British pronunciation, but also get a unique language spoken practice, meet new friends from around the world, touch the culture of Britain, etc. Language courses in England - it's not "boring and uninteresting, because it's study", it's a unique variety of study programs, professional teachers, age-old traditions of education and proven methods for years. Absolutely everyone can find English courses in England suitable for his age, goals, preferences and interests: these are summer language children's camps with English language training , and English courses in London and other cities, and a variety of programs for preparing for entering universities Great Britain and much, much more.


Language courses in England: the advantages of learning English in Britain

Today, English language education in England is very popular not only among students of schools and colleges, universities from around the world, but also professionals from different fields of activity, politicians, lawyers, teachers - almost any specialization can require knowledge of English. Certificates, diplomas, certificates of the British model, indicating the receipt of secondary, higher education or passing English language courses in England, are respected in the world labor market.

Many language schools in Russia that teach English, cooperate with a number of the best English language schools and colleges and offer Russian students and all comers a variety of educational programs with English language training in England - everything from small to large, from the student to the director of the enterprise, working with foreign partners, go to England to study English in the most comfortable conditions and with the best teachers.

Before the English language course, an introductory test is required to determine the initial level of English language proficiency, based on the results of which students are assigned to language groups. There are times when the test did not fully reflect the listener's ability to speak English: the group may seem improper to the student (either too hard or, on the contrary, it is easy) - in this case, at any time, students can take the test anew by contacting the teacher.

Another advantage of English language courses in England: teachers in the process of teaching English put equal emphasis on different sections of learning English: reading, listening, speaking, grammar, etc. In addition, many language schools offer specialized English language courses: the preparation for language exams (IELTS, TOEFL ), the preparation course for the Business English exam and others - everyone will be able to find the right language course for their taste.

And yet the most important advantage of teaching English in England is the highest professionalism of the teaching staff in language schools. They not only are native speakers of the English language, but also make up interesting and balanced educational programs and techniques adapted specifically for foreign students - therefore, listeners from different countries of the world will not have problems!


Features of English courses in England

Language courses in England are of all kinds - any student will be able to find a language course in English to his taste, based on his goals, interests and budget. For children of junior and middle ages, many summer language camps work in which they will have fun and carefree time, have a good rest before the new school year, and also bring up their knowledge of English. Older students can go on an exciting educational journey to London or another English city where language schools are located offering English courses in different orientations: one can prepare for enrollment in a high school in England , to pass an international test for the level of English, to enter a higher academic institution of Great Britain .

Thus, we can distinguish the following groups of English language courses in England:

  • Language courses in England of a common language are general curricula that provide a balanced development of all basic English skills: writing, reading, listening, etc.
  • Language courses in England for business men - imply training programs for English-speaking professionals. The emphasis is on business-related skills: negotiations, business correspondence, etc.
  • Language courses in England for academic purposes include preparation of applicants for admission to universities in England and the world, preparation for the passing of international examinations (IELTS, TOEFL ), etc.

Each of the above types of language courses is further divided into subgroups depending on their intensity: there are standard language courses, intensive and superintensive. The main difference between them is the number of academic hours of English classes:

  1. Standard English language course in England = 20 ac. hours of English lessons per week;
  2. Intensive English language course in England = 25 ac. hours of English lessons per week;
  3. Superintensive English language course in England = 35 ac. hours of English lessons per week;

The most common duration of language courses is four to five weeks, although you can take both more and less (at least two weeks). With regard to the season of the work of language schools, schools and centers offering language courses in England function all year round. Despite this, the summer period is the most popular time of the year for visiting English language courses in England.

It is also possible to divide the language courses in England into individual (tutoring) and group. More expensive, of course, individual lessons, but at the same time it is the most useful and effective way to master English in a relatively short time. More budgetary are the language courses in England, involving training in small groups of 4-15 people.


Types of accommodation at language courses in England

In the language schools that conduct English courses in England, the placement of students in one of several options is organized. The most common are the following types (located at a high cost):

  • Accommodation at the hotel or hostel;
  • Accommodation in a rented apartment or room;
  • Accommodation with a British family in their home;
  • Accommodation in a hostel for students.

The most expensive option is the hotel (the hostel is relatively cheaper). Accommodation in hotels will cost you in the amount of 60 pounds per day, the upper limit is difficult to call. More economical option - hostel, it will allow you to save significant money due to the specifics of living in such institutions: in hostels, residents are provided with only a bed in common rooms designed for several people (from 5 to 20).

A cheaper, but still quite costly, option is to rent an apartment or a room, best of all - together with someone else. This option is most like people who are used to living independently, freely. In apartments or rooms during the English language training, the English courses in England are mostly adult and independent, responsible children. The daily living in an apartment or room will cost you from £ 50.

Living with a British family in their home is the most popular and productive option of living while teaching English in England for English courses . The most suitable for young children, parents are afraid to let one go to a foreign country. Families keep in touch on a regular basis - so the child will receive all the necessary care and support. In addition, in this case, the degree of immersion in the cultural and linguistic environment will increase many times.

Finally, there is a variant of living in the home of the teacher and his family, which will favorably affect the effectiveness of teaching English at language courses in England. The teacher will closely monitor the development of the child in the field of English.

Student hostel is the most budgetary and standard option for children living while studying at language courses in England. Here, the guys will meet many new friends, live, as in any hostel, fun, conversational practice will be in large numbers. Living in a hostel is a classic experience for everyone who comes to England to study English.


Children's language camps with studying English in England

Language courses in England can take place not only as classes in the classrooms of language schools or universities. All children in summer have a vacation time - most, of course, want to rest and not think about school at all, but what if there is such a place where you can learn English and have fun and chat with friends, play and relax? And there is such a place - English language courses in the UK in summer language camps for children ! English courses in England in the form of children's camps provide children from all over the world with an excellent opportunity to visit a new country for them, explore new places, visit world-famous sights, immerse themselves in local culture and, of course, English, meet new friends, their national characteristics and traditions, and most importantly - significantly improve their level of proficiency in English. The main and indisputable advantage of the summer language camp for children with learning English in the UK is an effective combination of recreation and activities: the child does not just have fun and plays, he uses his time with advantage. At the same time, English classes are conducted in a completely different manner, rather than on standard English language courses in England. Professional and experienced teachers have developed many different training programs so that each child can feel himself in a warm and welcoming place, where he is well and calmly, where he can rest. Almost every language children's camp offers several training programs for learning English of different intensity and different levels of English language proficiency. In addition, there are also unique joint training programs designed for parents and their young children. In addition to direct activities, children are offered various creative circles of interest, sports sections, which will reveal the talents of the child. At the same time, the kinds of sports that children can deal with are colossal: there are football, volleyball, different styles of dances, rugby and even equestrian sport. Of course, many contact sports are offered only for reference and are carefully monitored.

Let us dwell in detail on the disclosure of the peculiarities of the construction of language programs in English language camps for children. The smallest pupils from the first day get a huge motivation for learning English, craving for new knowledge, because experienced teachers give educational material in the form of games, competitions, telling or reading tales, etc. Thus, children do not even think that they are learning something! In addition, the educational material is most easily remembered and settles in the minds of children when they are terribly interested. In British private schools, where summer camps are organized for children with learning English, teachers conduct interesting and fascinating lessons, sometimes in nature, they find an individual approach to each of the children. As a result, the guys get rid of the language barrier in a short time, learn to talk more or less freely (as far as the level of English proficiency allows).

In many summer camps with the study of English for children in England , several different study programs are offered, differing in the requirements for students: different courses are designed for children with different levels of English. Therefore, the children's language camp, according to their taste, will be chosen as a beginner who wants to have fun and carefree time, simultaneously receiving a language base, as well as children with a more or less advanced level of English. It should be emphasized that the knowledge received by children in such camps is of high quality, and many children after such trips are excited by the desire to enter later in England's high school, and then into the university. The country captivates them with its traditions, atmosphere.

In the capital of Great Britain and in its environs, there are many diverse summer language camps for children, while the most popular are children's camps in the suburbs of London - this is where pupils from 8 to 15 years old like to come. London - a large and bustling city, in which not all children will be comfortable to rest and engage, and the suburbs and small villages in the vicinity of the capital of Great Britain offer a quiet and calm atmosphere, a much higher level of safety and comfort. In addition, the beauty of local nature favors children's recreation. Typically, language courses in England based on summer camps work on the basis of the infrastructure of private boarding schools , colleges or universities , which for the holidays are accepted for training those who want to learn English in England from around the world. Course listeners, and in fact - resting children - live in hostels for students located directly on the territory of the educational institution, beyond which children are forbidden to go out alone - only accompanied by teachers or educators.

It is important to understand that, as a rule, studying English at language courses in a summer children's camp in England costs a little more than a regular English language course of the same duration and content, held in a language school or college. The matter is that in the case of a children's language camp, additional attention is needed from educators and teachers who are constantly present alongside children, giving them proper care and care. In addition, they need a license for this activity. In the case of a language school (not in the form of a camp), educators are no longer required, since classes take place as in a regular school, and after lessons children go home.

There is a special option for the youngest children - living in a house of the British family. In this case, English language courses in the form of a summer children's camp will be even more expensive, but for children living in a foreign country will be less stressful, because they will be monitored and cared for by host families.


Language courses in England for teens: features, types.

In general, the vast majority of English language courses in England include both an educational language program, and a variety of activities, excursions, hiking, trips and entertainment, creative hobby groups, sports sections (football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, equestrianism and even yachting) - thus, learning is fun and useful. A specific list of activities included in a language course in the UK should be specified in advance, because each of these activities is paid by you, and then they can not be canceled.

In terms of the fullness of the group coming to the course, there are two types of English language courses in England: individual and group. This parameter differs from the number of people in the training group, in the class; in this case we are talking about the number of students from one country (Russia). Having gone on an individual trip to English language courses (which in this case is possible at any time of the year), the child himself gets to the place where the language school staff at the airport meet him, at which the language courses take place. The student will fall into a completely new cultural and linguistic environment, and this will have a favorable effect on his education and language development: not having friends from Russia who went with him, he will need to speak only in English, which will allow him to the shortest time to overcome the language barrier and hone the skills of speaking and listening to English speech. As a rule, accommodation is offered in the house of the host family, but there is an option to settle in the student hostel (if there is such a type of residence on the school grounds). When choosing for your child English language courses in the UK with a trip individually, you can carefully select all the necessary parameters and conditions of residence, training and cultural program.

In the case of a group trip to study English at courses in England, you can save a little by having children go to the UK in an organized way. At the same time, you need to understand that it's not always possible to go to school at the time you want, because you first need to form a group of children. In addition, while already in the UK and studying English on language courses , children within the group will speak mostly in Russian, because they will be taught in the same training group. And yet, despite this, the advantages of this type of trip are quite weighty: it is the economy of the budget, and the fact that an experienced educator necessarily goes with children on such trips. In addition to this, these types of trips are perfect as a first trip of your child abroad, especially if he is shy or not sociable - on a trip he will in any case be liberated and get acquainted with new friends from different countries of the world.


Language courses in England: how to choose English courses in the UK?

Since the trip to England for rest and learning English for your child is, first of all, a fun event, in the process of which he hopes to receive not so much knowledge of English (however this is not always the case), how many simply have a good time knowing new people from different countries of the world and having got acquainted with the new culture, it is necessary to carefully study all possible variants of language courses. On the right choice depends on the effectiveness of the child's learning, and the quality of his rest. We bring to your attention the procedure for choosing English courses in England:

  • First, you need to determine the main parameters of the language course in England: the intensity of classes, the duration of the course and the type of residence for the period of study. All these parameters should be selected, first of all, based on your child's English language proficiency, his interests and preferences: thus, beginners will be most likely to take courses for beginners that introduce the course; Experienced in terms of grammar to children with a lack of colloquial practice (the most common problem in Russian schools) general English courses are either intensive or super-intensive (depending on the level of knowledge). However, one should be extremely cautious, because sending your child to courses too complicated for him, you risk depriving him of the desire to further study the English language - the growth should be gradual. As for the duration of the course, the most important thing here is to start from the budget. The standard course duration is two weeks, the most popular duration is 4-5 weeks. The type of accommodation also determines the cost of traveling your child to study English in England: family accommodation is perhaps the best option, but relatively more expensive; hotel or apartment rental - the most expensive and not the most useful in terms of English language study option; The student hostel is the best option both in terms of budget and in terms of the effectiveness of training.
  • Secondly, it is worthwhile to dwell in detail on the curriculum in each of the language schools in question and find out at what time classes are held: day classes in the first shift usually cost a little more than the evening classes.
  • Thirdly, not only the cost of courses depends on the location of the institution offering English language courses, but also the program of the child's rest, the list of trips and activities offered, etc. For example, studying English in London is the most expensive among the language schools in the UK, while quite near the center - in the suburbs of the capital - English language courses are much more accessible. When choosing language courses in England, it is necessary to pay attention to the prestige of this or that city, county, or region. In addition, large and well-known schools take enough money "for a brand," while less well-known, but offering a no less qualitative language education, are cheaper.

Prices, prices of language courses in England: list of schools, ratings and reviews

Since English language courses in the UK today enjoy unprecedented popularity, language schools offer language courses in England at different levels of cost and, accordingly, prestige. The general rule is that the more prestigious the institution offering language courses in England, the more expensive the education in it, which does not prevent, however, the demand for such elite educational programs to grow in proportion to the cost.

English language courses in the capital of Great Britain , for example, will cost you much more than similar language courses in educational institutions in the English outback. Depends on the cost of the services included in the course: if you purchase a language course for your child in England with meals organized on a full board basis (meals three times a day), you will need to pay more than for the same version of the course, but for adults . The fact is that for children in educational institutions there are professional staff, which provides proper care and care for children. Of course, the price of the English course in England directly depends on the intensity of the curriculum: the higher the intensity, the higher the number of academic hours, which means a greater employment of teachers and a higher fee. Finally, the final cost of the language course is not the last effect of the type of residence for the period of study.

Below, for information, the average cost of a weekly English language course with accommodation in a British family home is presented. Please note that this cost is for reference only and is subject to mandatory clarification when choosing a specific language course:

  • English course of 20 lessons (standard) - from 400 pounds sterling;
  • Course-intensity of English from 25 lessons - from 870 pounds sterling;
  • Course-intensive English with living in a teacher's family - from 870 pounds;
  • The English language course (standard), aimed at preparing for the IELTS international exam and consisting of 20 lessons - from 450 pounds sterling;
  • Tutoring English with a tutor - from £ 1,000 for a course of English from 15 lessons;
  • A group language course of business English from 20 lessons - from 600 pounds.

Prices vary from year to year, and it will be best in the process of choosing English courses in England to watch the exact cost on school websites. In addition, it is better to do this in advance, as the demand for language courses in the UK is high enough, and you will not be able to save on seasonality.

Thus, choosing a language course in English is now much easier. In addition, our specialists with a wealth of many years of experience in this field are ready to advise you for free at any time convenient for you - just leave a request at the bottom of this page. Welcome to the world of high-quality language education offered at the best English language courses in England !

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