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2018-07-30 11:56:38

Where is it better to get a Master of Business

Where is it better to get a Master of Business

After graduating from a higher education institution you will be hired by the best companies in the world, and after graduating from a business school with a large company owner you can get acquainted personally and he will buy a business idea from you. When it comes to choosing where to go, first of all you need to understand what skills you need to develop for successful business.

When you studied management in an educational institution, you most likely had to read the Harvard Business Review magazine, and perhaps you even looked through the book about corporate communication "Starbucks". All these publications have direct relevance to business, only the difference is that the Harvard magazine is just management advice, whereas "Starbucks" is a real story that the owner of the company has stated.

This library reminds everyone that business education should be approached from different sides. For one person, business is a game or art, and for another - a serious scientific activity. The choice of the institution is most often affected by who you see yourself in your career.

Recently Britain has become the most popular country among people who want to study in this specialty. Both in private business schools, and in universitiesyou can get a master's degree in different business aspects. But how to choose the right educational institution for the subsequent successful career of a businessman?

There are no non-executable tasks

Oxford , Cambridge , Bath , Manchester and other major British universities are research centers that train managers of the highest category and form a modern management style Company. These schools teach the future leaders to think broadly and do not depend on the scale of the enterprise. All training in them is built on self-discipline, on the management of the deadline and its time. Students who study inBristol University , argue that the master's degree is much quicker to master these skills than the bachelor's degree. There the atmosphere is most serious, and after the end of the program you can immediately go to the company as a professional, and not as an intern or graduate.

Universities with a great name often quote their professors and make their popularity through research activities. Teachers of state universities study business, while in private schools it is practiced. Therefore, we can conclude that only a private business school will help you become a real professional in your business, which will make a dizzying career. In such institutions, students are very busy and classes with short breaks last until darkness. You already at the beginning of the training will see what role you will have in the company, and you will understand how it is easier and easier to submit yourself in the most advantageous light.

During the training at a private school, a very serious business game takes place: various types of conferences, the development and printing of their business cards, frequent negotiations with businessmen who can quickly turn into a highly paid job with strong ties or into an amazing discovery while communicating with the business sharks.

Practice and theory

You can get a master's degree in a private business school and at a state university. Only the name will differ; For example, a dissertation on a specific specialty is written in order to obtain in the diploma such a formulation as the Master of Science. MBAis a "post-experience" program that is received by managers who have worked for a minimum of 3 years. Masters in International Business includes training and business practice.

From what will be the composition of teachers, depends on the receipt of the final language in the diploma. Private business practices teach in business schools, so if you have an enterprising character pool and a sea of ideas to implement them, it is better to choose a business school that, as a rule, builds all methods of learning in real situations (cases).

Cases appeared a hundred years ago, when they noticed that in order to pass to a master's in business, none of the existing benefits is suitable. After a conversation with several leading representatives of the world business and recording their actions, the teachers distributed case studies to all students. They had to prepare for the discussion of cases and offer their ideas, since cases are not used as immutable truths. Since then, the method of case studies has been used by classical universities and private institutions.

All employers today want in their companies to see specialists who can quickly accumulate and process a lot of different information. Therefore, the most visited university this year was namedWarwick University , since it is his graduates who are already three months after graduation are arranged in the largest companies in the world. And after three years, 83% of graduates have the highest annual salary among graduates of other universities.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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