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2018-07-30 11:57:03

TOP-4 best schools in Boston

TOP-4 best schools in Boston

Study abroad is distinguished by its quality and prestige, and secondary education, among other things, is gaining popularity. Thanks to studying in American schools, students have all the necessary conditions for comfortable adaptation to study in the international environment, obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills for admission to foreign universities. Boston is a popular student city: it is here that the universities of the celebrated Ivy League are located - Harvard University, Massachusetts University of Technology and many others. For foreign students, hundreds of balanced programs have been developed here. Boston is an excellent intellectual environment for the diversification of its knowledge and cultural education: there are many museums, art galleries and cultural and entertainment events.

Features of education in Boston schools, language of instruction, scholarships. Which program to choose?

  • One of the most popular programs is the American High School Diploma, where American and foreign students are studied. After graduation, students will receive a diploma of secondary education
  • For students of grades 11-12, there is an opportunity to attend the IB (International Baccalaureate, or IB Diploma) program. The diploma of this course is recognized all over the world and gives some advantage when entering the top universities of the world. The course is designed to provide the necessary education for admission to the university of any country in the world
  • Students 11-12 grades can choose one subject or several school subjects for education on a program of increased complexity: The Advanced Placement (AP). The program consists of 34 subjects, which are taught at the level of the first year of higher education. After completion, the student takes advantage of admission to the selected prestigious university.

On the day, students are engaged in school subjects for 5-6 hours. At the end of each academic year, students take exams to control the level of knowledge and transition to the next grade. School education perfectly prepares for higher education - usually graduates of private schools in the US are well prepared for entrance examinations to universities. Students are also waiting for a rich extra-curricular life: a wide range of creative and sports activities and a cultural program. With a diploma of secondary education in the US you can enter the best universities in the world!

Courses with English language, advantages of Boston schools

For foreign students, additional programs "English as a foreign language" are offered with the aim of improving the language skills. The advantages of American schools include small classes and increased attention to students.

How to choose a school, which school is better?

To choose a school and not to regret, it should be borne in mind that, along with the state in America, there are a large number of private schools that are distinguished by a higher level of comfort, equipment and quality of education. For foreign students, boarding schools are best suited: thanks to residence in residences, it is easier for foreign students to adapt to life in the country and make new friends.

In order to choose the most suitable place of study, you should look at the list of offered programs, the advantages of schools, and also pay attention to the rankings of the best schools in the USA. Below as an example, only a small part of the schools and the programs they offer are presented.


Best Boston Schools

  • CATS Academy Boston is an elite private boarding school, which operates on the basis of the Catholic school Trinity. The school offers foreign students high-quality educational programs in the US and Britain. The school is located in the picturesque town of Newton and has a high level of service. Education in the CETS Academy opens unique opportunities:

1. Learn from a program compiled by a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Uri Feldman. This program allows you to get a double diploma: the school diploma and the Certificate of Excellence in Global Business;

2. Students attend lectures at the best universities in Boston;

3. To pass online courses of various top universities, including Harvard.

Academic level of preparation in the school will allow students to enroll in the best universities in the United States. Foreign students are accommodated in a residence or in a host family. The cost of education per year will be from 17,750 $ per semester (1/2 academic year).

  • The Cambridge School of Weston offers effective programs for international students. The school is proud of its teaching staff: more than 80% of teachers have a degree. The high school program consists of modular blocks, allowing students to focus on the priority subject. The education is aimed at obtaining practical knowledge: students spend a lot of time in labs, participating in various projects and studies. The cost of education will be from 59,400 $ per year.
  • The popular art school of Walnut Hill School for the arts specializes in a unique program that combines academic education and various arts. This school is ideal for gifted young people. 100% of art school graduates continue to successfully study in the best universities in the country. Students live in comfortable residences: in rooms for 2-3 people with all the comforts. The cost of education will be from 28,900 $ for a semester.
  • Phillips Academy Andover is the leading private school that is included in the TOP-20 best institutions of the country. The prestige of the school is based on:

1. the unblemished reputation of the oldest US school (founded in 1778);

2. A large number of subjects that are taught at the AP level;

3. numerous sports electives;

4. the number of students (more than 1100);

5. strict selection (only 20% of applicants receive an invitation to study).

The cost of education will be from 53,900 $ per year.


Rules of admission and prices

  • Academic requirements for applicants: for admission to 9-10 grades, you must have completed grades 8-9, as well as a positive average score of the certificate. For admission to 11th grade, you must have completed 10 classes and a positive average score of a certificate or time sheet with grades
  • Language requirements for applicants: For admission to 9-10 grades, it is necessary to take the international IELTS exam and get above 4.5 points. In grade 11, it is necessary to have 5.5 points for the IELTS exam
  • Duration of education will be from 2-4 years
  • The cost of education varies and depends on many factors from 35,000 $ - 50,000 $ per year.

In addition to studying, the cost, as a rule, includes all the basic nuances of studying abroad: accommodation, meals, textbooks, school uniforms, leisure activities, registration fee and insurance, English language courses, preparation for final exams. Additionally, you can pay for sports.

For admission to the school in Boston, usually a year before the receipt is required to provide a package of documents:

  • IELTS results, which confirm high language proficiency (no lower than 4.5), can be replaced by a TOEFL certificate with similar indicators
  • Recommendations from the class teacher and teachers
  • Report card for 2 years
  • It will be useful to attach those with insignia: certificates and medals for achievements in the field of sports and creativity.

Note that the portal SMAPSE developed by the British company Smart Products and Services Ltd and the company SMAPSE. The project is based on close interaction with well-established educational institutions and involves direct agreements on cooperation. Services for admission to institutions, consultations of SMAPSE specialists are free of charge.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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