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2021-11-16 22:51:46

TOP-5 professions that are more profitable abroad

TOP-5 professions that are more profitable abroad

There are two ways to ensure your well-being. One is to work more, the second is to increase earnings. It often happens that you plow to the fullest, give your all in the board, and the salary is not enough even for the implementation of basic needs.

In our review, we will tell you about five professions, whose representatives outside our homeland are valued several times higher than within the country.


Hotel Manager

The top manager of the hotel is responsible for literally everything in it - from the condition of the roof to the contents of the deepest basements. He has to deal with administrators and the catering service, technical support services and accommodation. It has a budget, numerous and very diverse negotiations, control and audit responsibilities and the definition of a development strategy.

The owner reaps laurels, but if something turns out to be wrong - the entire burden of responsibility falls on the shoulders of the manager. He is also forced to act as an arbitrator-ambulance, if the guests are dissatisfied with the quality of the services provided.

If you believe the portal, their North American counterparts have a minimum of 50-60 thousand,and if you are lucky e luck to get a job in a large network in large cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or San Francisco - and all 200 thousand a year.


In the left hand - "Snickers", in the right - "Mars". These people are responsible for the image of the organization to the outside world, partner organizations, competing firms and the state. Their responsibilities include conducting promotional events, preparing releases and maintaining social networks, which will give any business a modicum of humanity.

In small organizations, a single employee is in charge of all such issues, but in large corporations there is always a specialized public relations department, almost any task can be delegated to subordinates. Or outsource: some enterprises and organizations minimize their own non-production structures and entrust everything to highly qualified specialists from the outside.

But even in this case, the state should have a person responsible for communication with such a specialist. Statistics show: 80% of specialists of this profile work on short-term contracts for mere pennies, only 20% receive any decent money, their wages sometimes reach 12-18 thousand dollars annually. There is nothing to be proud of and boast about: the average PR person in the States earns 3-4 times more. 

Marketing Director

The official duties of these people include the promotion and implementation of services and goods created by the organization. The director's functions include the analysis of market conditions, the preparation of marketing strategies, work with the brand and advertising companies.  The best specialists can sell snow in winter and the sun in the summer, and with the money they will hold a campaign to sell three times the price of sunglasses and sunscreen.

150-180 thousand rubles a month is the reality of life for a good specialist, but against the background of a similar amount in bucks for the year, everything ceases to seem so wonderful.

Tourism Manager

As their colleagues-"salesmen", the tour manager exercises total control over the movements of a person - what he has concluded an agreement with the company. They also search for and come up with new routes, choose hotels and cafes, negotiate with nervous guides and harmful museum workers. In general, when you travel, the manager is responsible for ensuring that your tickets and reservations are up to date.

These hardworking people are agitating us to relax. In France or the United States, earnings reach 5-8 thousand per month.

Art Director

To lead a team of creative people, you need to think, breathe and live like an artist, an artist, a movie star. Depending on the field of activity, our hero may be responsible for the concepts of finished products, ticket sales, control of photo shoots, layout or proofreading, development of modern design solutions, advertising campaigns and stylistic solutions. Often all this flies to hell, and the director has to rule the chaos.


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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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