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2018-07-30 11:57:13

Study in Portugal for foreign students

Study in Portugal for foreign students

Getting education for students in Portugal is an excellent choice for those who are looking for options for combining high-quality educational services with reasonable prices. In the largest cities and luxury resorts you can find short-term programs and educational options for a long period of time.

The advantages of studying in Portugal for foreign students


  • According to reviews, here are some of the best living conditions: Portugal is located along the ocean coast and fascinates with picturesque mountains and sandy beaches. The cities are not far from each other, and the universities have a flexible schedule - due to these factors, traveling here will be very comfortable with minimal damage to study
  • A welcoming atmosphere allows you to adapt quickly and easily to a new environment
  • Any student will be able to afford lunch in a restaurant, going to the movies or going to a concert. In grocery stores you can find fine local products at the most affordable prices. Housing prices are significantly lower than other European countries: renting an apartment will cost about 300-500 per month, transport costs will be around 100 + for products about 100 € 
  • Foreign students can receive free bachelor's education at state universities: in this case, it is necessary to pay only the registration fee in the range of 500-900 per year
  • When enrolling in universities and during studies, students are loyal - it is not so important formalities, there is no strict academic atmosphere at first in the university: teachers allow foreign students to get used to the new environment and settle.

Up-to-date information for applicants to schools and universities in Portugal

  • Education in Portuguese schools is mainly in Portuguese, but English programs are widely distributed in private and international boarding schools, universities. In universities you can find an English-language program at all stages of study: bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies. Especially popular are the programs of technical specialties: computer science, design, science, engineering and construction. In business schools, courses in English are also popular.
  • Admission to higher educational institutions of the country takes place on a competitive basis: a special exam is taken to determine the level of academic preparation for the university. To study at a state university you will need a high level of knowledge of Portuguese, because all examinations and tests will take place on it.
  • Among foreign students, the programs of middle and high school are very popular. In private boarding schools, you can find British GCSE and A-Level programs that have proven themselves as high-quality courses for future university students.
  • In high school, students study a wide program of subjects: biology, chemistry, physics, English, literature, information technology. Students can choose one or more of the following subjects: French, Thai, Chinese, Spanish, history, economics, geography, economics, art, music.
  • The result of education in private boarding schools will be a certificate of completion of secondary education of the British model. High school students take the exam to choose - Cambridge or Edexcel. The following subjects for specialized study are offered: biology, business sciences, English literature, geography, graphic design, drama, history, exact sciences, Portuguese.
  • Students from universities abroad can work during their studies, but no more than 4 hours a day. There are student aid centers in the universities - they can find options for work on the campus and outside the university. Advantage can be a good knowledge of English. During the holidays, foreign students are arranged by rescuers or sent to neighboring countries for a higher-paying job.
  • After graduating from a master's program, students from abroad can extend a student visa for 6 months to find a job. In Portugal, chances are good to find work for graduates of the faculties of informatics, construction, engineering, medicine and the exact sciences. The diplomas of Portuguese universities are recognized by all European countries, and the learned Portuguese language can be an advantage when you are employed. 

Leading educational institutions in Portugal: programs and prices

City and name

Features of the educational institution

Brief information and cost of programs


International School of Algavre

This prestigious school is located in the warm province of Alhavre, where there is always a pleasant mild climate and a refreshing breeze from the sea.

"English + summer holidays for students" - this course for students 12-18 years old will allow children to immerse themselves in the international environment, improve their language skills and have a great rest. The educational part of the program is perfectly complemented by the entertainment component - barbecue, film screenings, outdoor games, competitions and a rich excursion program. From 2,000 for 2 weeks.


Village Camps

The language school is close to the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz and offers the most popular programs for students

The course "Summer English + Adventure" is perfect for active, inquisitive and athletic students 10-17 years old. This is a real adventure camp, in which a special program is developed combining language learning and sports activities (mainly water sports). From 2,600 for 2 weeks.


Home Language International

The world-famous program offers to study Portuguese in its solar homeland. The uniqueness of the course is that the student lives in the teacher's family. Thanks to this variant of accommodation, the student has an excellent opportunity to look at the culture and life of Portuguese families, immerse themselves in the language environment. The individual approach, which is applied by a qualified and experienced teacher, will help to select the most suitable teaching method. According to reviews all this allows you to achieve amazing results in the shortest possible time. From 1,270 per week.


Nobel International School of the Algavre

The International School offers balanced programs for students from all over the world. Classes here are in English, and Portuguese is studied in electives. Graduates of the school have excellent academic knowledge and enter the best educational institutions of the world.

The program of middle and senior classes is developed on the basis of the British educational model. Here the guys qualitatively master the subjects from the school list and pass effective preparation for admission to the university. From 27,800 per year.

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