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The Spire of Dublin

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The Spire of Dublin

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The Spire of Dublin

In the 21st century, the symbols of old historical centers began to change. Previously, the city authorities influenced the choice of the symbol of the city, placing their images on the coat of arms or other official signs: as a rule, it was the oldest building in the city, a cathedral or a tower. In the third millennium, a huge number of tourists move from object to object, all take pictures and share views on social networks - and the symbols of the city with a well-chosen angle can become a modern building, fountain or barge.

The Spire of Dublin is a modern monument, built in 2003, which has gained great popularity, including because it serves as a spectacular backdrop for photographs. A very simple form of an elongated cone, height 121 meters, lining with reflective materials that make it shine in the sun - this is the new symbol of Dublin. It has a diameter of 3 meters at the base and 15 centimeters at the top, which is why it is compared with a needle.

The architectural firm Ian Ritchie gave its creation the official name, Monument of the Light. According to the authors, the monument symbolizes the entry into the new, bright millennium, not only of Ireland, but of the whole world. The new building has gained many enthusiastic admirers and outraged opponents, its strengths and weaknesses were vigorously discussed in the press. But the guests of the Irish capital liked the monument: they must visit it, they take excursions here.

Until 1966, a monument to Admiral Nelson stood at this place in the center of Dublin: it was a tall column, which was crowned with the figure of Nelson, leaning on a cane. The monument was erected in 1808 and was popular with the inhabitants of the city, but in the XX century it was blown up by militants of the Irish separatists. At the beginning of the XXI century, the Dublin authorities decided to “reset” the historical part of Dublin, to add fresh energy to the city. Since the place of the blown up monument remained free, a competition for design projects was announced, which will be replaced by the Nelson Column. The competition was won by the Monument of Light, the Spire of Dublin that pierces the sky over Ireland.


O'Connell Street

Dublin's main street, on which the Monument of Light is located, is called O'Connell Street. The street is older than its name, which received in 1925 in honor of the national leader of the Irish at the beginning of the XIX century. This street also houses the Daniel O'Connell Monument at the opposite end of the Spire of Dublin, as well as the O'Connell Bridge, a bridge over the Liffey River.

It is here that the fancy-dress processions on St. Patrick's Day are held, events on Easter Sunday, which is for the Irish the day of remembrance of the victims of the uprising. In 1916, there was an Easter rebellion in Dublin, which caused many casualties and left traces of destruction on O'Connell Street.

On O'Connell Street preserved buildings (or their elements) of the XIX and early XX centuries. Tourists compare this street with the Champs Elysees in Paris - it also retained its historical charm. Here stands a building with columns of the former Dublin Post Office (1818), there are monuments to prominent Irish politicians who were also restored during the reconstruction of the beginning of the XXI century.

The street is wide, it is convenient to walk along it, there are many benches for relaxing. There are numerous cafes, restaurants, shops on both sides, and tourist buses run along O'Connell Street.

Nearby Attractions

Within a radius of 1.5 km from the Dublin Needle are tourist sites that are important not only for Dublin, but for the whole of Ireland:

  • Temple Bar
  • Trinity College
  • Grafton Street
  • Dublin Castle
  • Cathedral of Christ
  • National Museum of Ireland
  • Bridge Matthew
  • Park St. Stephens Green.
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