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2022-02-12 14:24:09

TOP-5 best destinations for shopping tourism

TOP-5 best destinations for shopping tourism

In recent years, we have learned that in addition to tourism, there are a number of areas, for example, trekking tourism, ecotourism, beauty tourism, and finally, shopping.

The decision regarding the choice of a target for shopping is influenced by many different factors. This can be a special flavor of the target country, the possibility of a VAT refund, seasonal discounts or offers timed to fashion shows or presentations of new products discounts or sales.

We have made for our readers a selection of optimal solutions for overseas shopping, along with a short list of recommendations for accommodation in local hotels, best suited for a shopping trip and leisure between forays into local shops, boutiques, supermarkets and markets.

New York

"Big Apple", a place where continents and countries converge. Chinatown here is adjacent to Little Italy, within which there are Sicily and Calabria, Sardinia and Piedmont, Parma and Tuscany. Fashionable boutiques here coexist with what we call "European secondhand", and ruins with replicas of cool brands can hide genuine treasures, accidentally squeezed during the purchase of schmot "by weight".

For a shopaholic, this city is a diamond of pure water. The opportunity to stroll along the famous, glorified by writers and screenwriters Fifth Avenue, to look into the boutiques of "Sykes", "Tiffany" or European fashion houses is worth a lot! And if you want to save money, you can always stuff your suitcase in one of the New York outlets with millions of discounts and promotional offers.

There is no tax free in the country, but purchases up to 110 bucks do not need to be declared (you can not declare others at your own risk, but then how lucky).

In the department store "Maysis" for tourists from abroad there is an additional discount line of 20%: it is enough to show a ticket or passport of a citizen (which is sometimes shamelessly used by holders of a second citizenship permanently living in the United States).

You can stay in one of the countless hotels near the shopping capital of the world, the aforementioned Fifth Avenue, where a person can feel the heartbeat of the fashion world, absorb New York chic and brilliance. It will not be cheap, but the feeling is unique.


Devoted fans of high fashion are convinced that in Europe the center of fashion trade is located in Amsterdam: this is the recognized capital of shopping tourism of the old world. Here you can find everything that a soul longing for beauty needs: antique things, jewelry and jewelry, old books, vintage shoes. All this and much more can be found in the picturesque quarter of Nine Streets, where microscopic shops are interspersed with equally small cafes and bars.

For those who like more relaxed and methodical shopping, we can recommend the central pedestrian highway of the city, Calvertsrat, where the dazzling glow of department stores shades cool boutiques and expensive restaurants. Those who, after all these adventures, will have a couple of euros in their pockets should look at the turbulent and lively Haarlemmerstraat, where there is a market with farmers' products, there is an active street trade, and popular designer shops offer collections of the year before last at bargain prices.

In addition, the good news will be that with acquisitions priced more than 50 euros it will be possible to return a ten percent tax: a trifle, but nice.

You can stay in one of the hotels of the old town; Swissotel Amsterdam is especially good, with a magnificent view of the palace of the rulers of the Netherlands and Dam Square. From here it is equally convenient to get to both the commercial quarter and the legendary Red Light District.


Georgia is famous for its delicious wines and a variety of local cuisines, as well as hospitable, kind and honest people who are ready to take off their last shirt for the sake of a complete stranger if he is in trouble.

In addition, there is a very pleasant and profitable shopping.

  • Clothes and shoes, jewelry and jewelry from modern masters and masters of Georgian design can be found in one of the stores More Is Love, Dots, Matériel, Chardin one.
  • Works of painting, folk crafts and contemporary artists should be found at the flea market on the Dry Bridge.
  • In addition, the art art quarter "Fabrika" in the Chugureti quarter deserves attention, where shops of fashion designers, such as "Hazelnuts" or Flying Painter, coexist with sites where closed parties are held "only for their own".

There are many hotels! Both the old, offering the Soviet level of comfort, slightly brightened up by modern service, at affordable prices, and new, built with the latest technology and striking the imagination, if not by the number of stars (there are not enough accredited hotels here yet, the time has not yet come), then by the brilliance of uniforms and the aroma of dishes in restaurants and cafes on the first floors.


It is the German capital, and not Paris or Tokyo, that should be considered the heart of the trade in vintage shoes and things in the style of techno. The whole of Europe has known this for twenty years, so with enviable regularity rushes to Berlin in search of inexpensive sales of something interesting.

If you want to join their ranks, pay attention to Das Neue Schwarz or YUU Berlin. On Sunday – after the wave of the "corona" descends, of course – you should pay attention to the spontaneous collapses in Mauerpark, Boxhagener Platz or Arkonaplatz.

If you prefer traditional purchases, then the well-known trading house "Ca De Ve" is at your service. Haven't heard of it? It can't be! This is the center of shopping in its pure form, made in the form of a seven-story building, stuffed with fashion brands and big names of the fashion world. On the top floor, where you should climb on foot, you will be poured wonderful champagne (such stubbornness should be rewarded, shouldn't it?)

You can live anywhere – from designer hotel complexes to microscopic apart-hotels or solutions such as rent or "live for help". Almost any of the options is available in the historic center, where there are hundreds and thousands of attractions, as well as berlin's largest shopping center "Alexa".

Hong Kong SAR

The same paradise for shopaholics, only not in the West, but in the East, in the middle of communist China. There are almost more establishments of trade, markets and ruins than residential and commercial real estate! Some markets are more than fifty: among the more or less familiar meat, fish and vegetable there are, for example, jade, the market of fake things, jasper and others, whose products are unusual and amazing.

It is worth visiting here for the sake of a leisurely walk through the shopping arcades (they are truly endless) and the pleasure of bargaining for some trinket with a colorful Chinese.

Shopping centers are already devoid of color, but take gloss and chic. Like everything here, they built on a grand scale. The first two meet travelers at the gates of the city - aviation and sea. In every residential area, you can find a shopping center stuffed with popular and cool brands of the first echelon - both authentic and in the creative processing of local rukasty sages.

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Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
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